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The Best Ethernet adapters for your Dell XPS Laptop in 2022

The Best Ethernet adapters for your Dell XPS Laptop in 2022

From dongles to hubs, you have plenty of options

There are many options for excellent PC laptops, as we’ve highlighted in our best laptops roundup, but one lineup that has remained popular for years is Dell’s XPS series. Most XPS laptops have sleek designs (putting aside the brief time the webcams were below the screen), excellent keyboards, and top-tier performance. However, most XPS laptops only have USB Type-C connectors (just like many Ryzen laptops and 5G laptops), which means you have to break out the dongles for some situations.

If you need to use wired internet on a Dell XPS laptop, you’ll most likely need an adapter, so we’ve highlighted the best Ethernet adapters for your Dell laptop below. Some of them are strictly Ethernet-only, while others have additional ports on the same adapter. The multi-purpose dongles are typically more expensive, but at least you have multiple options to choose from. These adapters can also work with many Android devices, and if you have something with Android 11, you can tether the device’s internet connection over Ethernet with the right adapter.


    The cheap option

    This is one of the cheaper adapters that supports both USB Type-C and full gigabit Ethernet. It's a great option if you just need a stable Ethernet connection.

    Simple, but good

    This is another adapter that just handles Ethernet, and nothing else. It has a metallic finish that matches some Dell XPS laptops, and supports Gigabit.

    Ethernet with extras

    This is a pricier USB Type-C hub with multiple ports. In addition to Gigabit Ethernet, it has two USB 3.0 ports and HDMI.

    The ultimate hub

    This Type-C hub has two USB Type-A ports, Gigabit Ethernet, a pass-through Type-C connector, [email protected] HDMI, and an SD card slot.

    For older XPS laptops

    If your Dell XPS doesn't have a Type-C port, this Gigabit Ethernet adapter will work just fine.

    For older laptops, with extras

    Here's another option for older Dell XPS laptops with only USB Type-A ports. This has an Ethernet port and three additional USB Type-A connectors.

If you only need Ethernet connectivity and nothing else, a simple adapter like the above Insignia and Wallnew options are the most cost-effective. However, if you’re constantly running into other cables you can’t directly plug into your Dell XPS, a hub with multiple types of ports might be a better option. Hubs also have the advantage of only taking up one Type-C port, leaving the others free for charging and connecting other accessories.

None of these adapters come with their own Ethernet cables, so if you need the adapter for wired network connections and you don’t already have a few cables around your home, you’ll need to pick up at least one cable. Cable Matters sells an inexpensive pack of five Cat 6 Ethernet cables with a 5-ft length, which are perfect for just about any situation you might need a wired network connection.

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