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Best external monitors for the HP Elite Folio: Samsung, ASUS, and more

Best external monitors for the HP Elite Folio: Samsung, ASUS, and more

We’ve reviewed the HP Elite Folio here at XDA, and found that it’s the best ARM-powered Windows laptop you can get right now. Using an ARM chipset comes with some advantages over Intel laptops, like always-on connectivity, instant wake, and long battery life. If you’re looking for a stylish device you can take on the road, it’s a valid contender against some of the best laptops out there. But what if you find yourself needing more screen space? That’s why we’ve rounded up some of the best monitors you can buy for the Elite Folio.

For all the advantages that come with using an ARM chipset, there are also some downsides. For starters, Thunderbolt is an Intel technology, so you can’t just use a Thunderbolt dock to connect to an external display. Plus, HP didn’t include HDMI or DisplayPort ports, so your only option is to connect via USB Type-C. This is pretty similar to the Surface Laptop 4, which also doesn’t have Thunderbolt. Thankfully, the USB ports on the Elite Folio come with DisplayPort 1.4 support, and there are a few monitors out there that support it. Not only that but there are a few portable displays out there. That means you can take them with you on a trip to get a dual-screen setup anywhere. Here are some of the best monitors we’ve found for the HP Elite Folio.


    Back to basics

    If all you need is a solid basic monitor, the HP E24u G4 gets the job done. It has a Full HD 24-inch screen and an IPS panel that goes up to 250 nits, so it's bright enough for office use. There's not a lot that stands out about it, but it's got solid specs and multiple inputs if needed.

    For creative professionals

    This 27-inch ASUS ProArt monitor has a Calman-validated display for color accuracy and covers 100% of the sRGB and Rec. 709 color gamuts. You may not do a ton of image editing with the Elite Folio, but this has you covered if you use other PCs with it.

    4K HDR for your viewing pleasure

    If you're looking for a great media viewing experience, the HP U28 has a lot going for it, including 4K support and VESA DisplayHDR 400 certification. Plus, HP uses recycled materials to make it.

    Productivity galore

    While you can connect two displays to the Elite Folio, sometimes an ultra-wide monitor is just simpler. This one has WQHD resolution and a 100Hz refresh rate, so you can also plug in your gaming rig when it's time to play.

    The ultimate viewing experience

    If color accuracy and image quality are everything to you, the 100% coverage of Adobe RGB, sRGB, and Rec. 709 on this monitor are probably pretty enticing already. Add in 4K resolution and VESA DisplayHDR 600, and you can't ask for much more.

    Huge display

    Sometimes you need a big screen, and sometimes you need a bigger one. There's really not much you can't fit on the 42.5-inch 4K display here, and you get a few ports for other inputs, too. The 350 nits of brightness should be enough for most indoor uses.

    The perfect on-the-go companion

    If you have to take the dual-monitor life with you everywhere, the Vissles-M is one of the best ways to do it. It offers a large 15.6-inch screen, it's 5.3mm thin and weighs 0.58kg so you can take it anywhere. It also has two USB Type-C ports so you can use it on either side of your laptop.

    Versatility with a battery

    Most portable monitors have to be powered by your laptop, which can affect its battery life. The ASUS ZenScreen Go has a built-in battery so you can use it for up to three hours with its own power, and one hour of charging gets you two hours of use.

    Best portability

    The Vissles-M may offer some more ports, but the ThinkVision M14 might be the perfect match for the Elite Folio. It has a similar physical size and it's incredibly thin at 4.4mm (excluding the kickstand). You can easily throw it in the same bag as your laptop and not even notice it.

Whether you need a second display on the go or at home, these are all pretty great choices and they cover a variety of use cases. All of these monitors should work with the Elite Folio’s limited display outputs, but many also offer connectivity options for other devices.

For home use, I’d say the LG 35″ UltraWide monitor strikes a great balance between productivity while also offering a higher refresh rate if you want to plug in a gaming rig. If a portable monitor is what you’re after, the Vissles-M has the most compelling features for its price, so that would be my personal choice. If you haven’t bought the Elite Folio yet but these options pushed you towards it, you can get it below.

    The HP Elite Folio is an elegant and premium-feeling ARM laptop. Covered in vegan leather, it feels good in the hand, and its always-on connectivity is great for working on the go. The Snapdragon 8cx Gen 2 chipset can handle most day-to-day tasks, too.

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