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These are the Best Galaxy Buds Live Cases in Fall 2021: Supcase, Spigen, Elago, and more!

These are the Best Galaxy Buds Live Cases in Fall 2021: Supcase, Spigen, Elago, and more!

The Samsung Galaxy Buds Live was Samsung’s first pair of TWS or ‘truly wireless earphones’ that came with Active Noise Cancellation, commonly known as ANC. It was succeeded by the Galaxy Buds Pro and more recently the Galaxy Buds 2 which are one of the best TWS earphones around. While the Galaxy Buds Live is already a generation old, it’s still quite popular as it has become more affordable thanks to the launch of its successor.

The Galaxy Buds Live is a good pair of TWS earphones you can still buy if you manage to crack a good deal. If you’re not a fan of the in-ear type design the Galaxy Buds Pro or other popular TWS earphones have, the Galaxy Buds Live is a good option. If you’ve got a pair already or are planning to get them soon, here are some of the best Galaxy Buds Live cases you can get to protect the case from scratches and drops.


Since the external case of the Galaxy Buds Live, or any other pair of TWS earphones for that matter, is made up of plastic, it can accumulate a lot of scratches with everyday use and can be quite fragile if you drop it on hard surfaces. So it’s advisable to use a case to protect it to increase its longevity, so you can continue using the earphones for a long time.

If you’re looking for a new smartphone to use along with the Galaxy Buds Live, we have a list of the best smartphones to buy or if you’re specifically looking for a Samsung phone, we also have a list of the best Samsung phones you can buy across various price points.

    Clear Protection

    If you want to show off the color of the charging case of your Galaxy Buds Live, this is the option to go for. It offers a decent amount of protection and a loop too.

    Rugged protection

    If you want the best protection for your Galaxy Buds Live, you can't go wrong with this one. It even has a carabiner clip.


    For a fun look

    This case from Elago adds an element of fun to your Galaxy Buds Live. It has a Gameboy-like look which makes it stand out compared to the other cases in this list.

    Added grip

    If you want a case that's reminiscent of the sandstone back on the OnePlus One, this case gives you exactly that. It adds a nice grip and makes it easier to hold.

    Looks like jewelry

    This case looks like a jewelry box and some may even confuse it to be a box containing a ring or a pair of earrings. If you like the look of it, this is a nice case.

    Clear and protective

    This clear case has geometric cuts that make it look like a diamond. It's protective, and offers good utility with the attached keyring.

    Strong and stealthy

    Another rugged case for the Galaxy Buds Live if you want the best protection. It even looks stealthy in black and has a nice carbon fiber trim.

    Funky design

    If you want to give your Galaxy Buds Live a colorful look, this is the best case for you. It's available in a bunch of colors and comes with a keyring too.

    Slim but protective

    Here's a rugged case that's slightly slimmer than the rest. Spigen makes quality products and this is no exception. The carbon fiber look is a bonus.

These are our picks for some of the best Galaxy Buds Live cases you can get to protect your earphones. TWS earphones aren’t cheap and when you’re spending upwards of $100 on a pair of earphones, it’s always wise to spend a little extra for added protection.

    The Galaxy Buds Live are Samsung's previous-generation ANC earbuds with a bean-shaped design.

The Supcase Unicorn Beetle is a great option if you want the best protection while the Spigen Ultra Hybrid is a good clear case. The VRS design Sandstone case adds a little bit of elegance while the Elago GB5 case adds an element of fun. Pick the one that’s best suited for your needs.

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