Best Galaxy Note 20 Deals in the US: Amazon, Best Buy, Samsung, Verizon & more!

Best Galaxy Note 20 Deals in the US: Amazon, Best Buy, Samsung, Verizon & more!

After months of leaks and speculation, the Galaxy Note 20 is here, and as you might expect, a flagship specs list means a premium price tag. The regular Galaxy Note 20 starts at $999 in the US, while the Galaxy Note 20 Ultra starts at $1399. However, as with every Samsung launch, there are also some deals to be had if you place an early pre-order so below, we’ve rounded up all the best deals for the Galaxy Note 20, including ways to save on multiple devices and the best postpaid deals we can find as well.

Where to buy the Galaxy Note 20

One of the biggest phones of the year is going to be available through every major carrier and most major retailers across the world.

Best Unlocked Galaxy Note 20 Deals in the US

The unlocked Galaxy Note 20 is available at three major retailers: Amazon, Samsung, and Best Buy. They all offer different deals, check them out below!


Thinking of grabbing the Galaxy Note 20 at Amazon? If you have the Amazon Prime Rewards Visa, you can sign up for an 18-month payment plan. Of course, while you’re there you can also pick up a Galaxy Note 20 case (and we’ve summarized the best ones!).

    Samsung Galaxy Note 20
    If you want the easiest check out possible, and the safety of ordering through your existing Amazon account, look no further. You can also sign up for a payment plan if you have the Amazon Prime Rewards Visa.


If you have a recent phone to trade-in, you’ll want to get your Note 20 from Samsung. Get up to $550 off with a trade-in, bringing the phone’s grand total down to just $450. Normally you can only get up to $400 off. Also, for the holidays, you can get a special red version of the Galaxy Note 20, exclusively from the Samsung Store.

    Samsung Galaxy Note 20
    Forget the rest of the deals – if you want to save a bundle on your unlocked Galaxy Note 20 and have a recent phone, Samsung's trade-in offer is the best. You can get up to $550 in credit with the right trade-in, making the Note 20 highly affordable.

Best Buy

Best Buy’s deal are actually pretty lacking right now. You can save $50 on an unlocked phone by activating today, but their carrier deals are non-existent at this time. Still, Best Buy isn’t a bad retailer to go with!

    Samsung Galaxy Note 20
    Now that Black Friday is over, Galaxy Note 20 deals are sparse at Best Buy.

Best Carrier Galaxy Note 20 Deals in the US

Of course, each major carrier is also selling the Galaxy Note 20. Here are the best deals for each of them:


Verizon usually has a ton of promotions to take advantage of with their phones, and the Galaxy Note 20 is no exception. Here are just a few of those offers:

  • Buy one phone, get a second for up to $1,000 off with a new line
  • Get up to $550 off with a trade-in
  • If switching from another carrier, get a $250 Verizon e-Gift Card on select Unlimited plans
  • Free Verizon Stream TV
  • 12-months of PlayStation Plus and PlayStation Now for free

If you can stack multiple deals, you’ll save big on the Galaxy Note 20 at Verizon!

    Samsung Galaxy Note 20
    Get the full power of Verizon's 5G mmWave network and take advantage of the myriad of deals while you're at it. Whichever one you go for, expect great coverage and blazing fast speeds when you're in a mmWave 5G area!


AT&T Next lets you pay for your phone over 30 months, with the Galaxy Note 20 costing $33.34 per month on the plan. But, that’s without taking advantage of AT&T’s trade-in offer! If you’re switching to AT&T from another carrier, adding a line, or upgrading your plan, the Galaxy Note 20 will only cost $10/month! Additionally, you can save $50 on the Galaxy Buds Live if you bundle it and the Note 20 together.

    Samsung Galaxy Note 20
    If you've got a recent phone to trade in, and don't mind being on AT&T, this might be the deal for you. Bring your total down to just $10/month when you switch and trade in a phone!

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