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These are the Best Galaxy Note 20 Ultra Thin Cases: Supcase, Ringke, Spigen, and more!

These are the Best Galaxy Note 20 Ultra Thin Cases: Supcase, Ringke, Spigen, and more!

The Galaxy Note 20 Ultra is the last Note series phone from Samsung with the Galaxy Z Fold 3 taking its place. The S-Pen adds some useful features if you want to get serious work done on your smartphone. What this means is even with the Galaxy S21 series now being Samsung’s flagship lineup, some users may pick the Note 20 Ultra over the S1 Ultra for the S-Pen. Also, with the Samsung Galaxy S21 now being out for a few months, you’ll be seeing a lot of deals on the Note 20 Ultra, and even though the Galaxy Note 20 is no longer Samsung’s newest flagship, it’s by no means outdated.


Any smartphone is still an investment however, and you’ll want to protect it from the normal dings and falls of normal use. Maybe you don’t necessarily need the best protection, but just something to give it a bit of an extra grip in your hands. Some of the Galaxy Note 20 Ultra thin cases shown below will add a bit of protection without adding any extra bulk.

    Light as air!

    Why put a thick case on a thin phone like the Galaxy Note 20? Keep those sleek curves and guard against scratches with this minimalist case from Ringke, which protects without being too bulky.

    Slim case with bumper

    This is a slightly thicker than average case but has a transparent back and a solid bumper for drop protection.


    Sleek and fresh

    Otterbox is synonymous with tough. If you are looking for a case that protects with a hint of style, this is for you. This case is also available in black, clear, and light grey.

    Slim-line and mighty fine!

    When it comes to cases, you've probably heard of Spigen. The company has a lot of popular products, but the Liquid Air brings added grip and a beautiful symmetry and uniformity that really appeals to us.

    Prop your phone up anywhere!

    Being able to prop up your phone while you're out and about is one of the big selling points for this case. Others include a raised screen and camera bezels to protect against scratches, and additional grip.

    Slim yet protective

    Instead of a thick case, show off your phone's natural beauty while keeping it protected with this beautiful Caseology Skyfall case, which is available in 3 colors. I've used one before and it's a fantastic case!

    Also slim, also protective

    If all you want is a super-slim case, look no further. This won't provide you with a lot of protection against drops, but your phone will still remain sleek. It's also available in gorgeous Red and Blue colors.

    See-through goodness

    Another Spigen entry, the Spigen Ultra Hybrid offers good protection without compromising on the aesthetics of your device. Show off in style with this see-through protective case - without any of the bulk!

    Minimalistic and Grippy!

    Want a case with some grip that matches the color of your phone perfectly? Look no further than Samsung's official silicone cover, which comes in Black, White and 'Brown', which is actually Pink in color.

    Slim and Customizable

    DBrand is a trusted brand of cases and skins, and they have something most of the competitors don't -- the ability to customize your case. DBrand offers a bunch of different colors for your case back, while still keeping your device slim.

    Have Torras Prop You Up

    This Torras case can prop up your phone while providing a simple plastic shell to keep your Note 20 Ultra safe. It also has a three year warranty, so if anything goes wrong you can replace the case for free.

    Crave Some Color

    These cases have the unique advantage of being very colorful, and sometimes you just want something different looking. The Dual Guard Protection series has six colors available, is nice and slim, and is even PowerShare compatible.

Out of the cases above, there should be a Galaxy Note 20 Ultra thin case for everyone. Want to still see your Note 20 Ultra’s back design? Definitely grab the Spigen Ultra Hybrid, so you’ll get some protection for your smartphone while making sure it won’t get scratched up. Want something a little bit unique that you can use to prop your phone up? Grab that ESR Metal Kickstand case and use that S Pen without having to hold the phone yourself. If you just want to go with what Samsung has on offer, there’s nothing wrong with going with the Samsung Silicone Cover either. It’s not expensive at all and if you’re picking up your Note 20 Ultra from the Samsung Store, you can get them together.

    The Galaxy Note 20 Ultra is one of the last Note series devices with Samsung that comes with a large display and an S Pen.

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