Best deals for the new Samsung Galaxy S20 FE: Samsung, Verizon, and more!

Best deals for the new Samsung Galaxy S20 FE: Samsung, Verizon, and more!

Samsung has announced its newest flagship device, the Galaxy S20 FE. Coming in at a cool $700, the Galaxy S20 FE straddles the line between affordability and premium specs and offers access to 5G without needing to pay at least $1k for Samsung’s other flagship lines. Our Galaxy S20 FE review states that this phone “packs the best of the Galaxy S20 into a more affordable package”, and whether you get the 4G or 5G model, you know you are getting quality.

The Galaxy S20 FE shares a lot of the same features as its more expensive siblings including a gorgeous 6.5-inch Super AMOLED display with 120Hz refresh rate, Android 10 with One UI 2.5 (and One UI 3.0 down the line), a Snapdragon 865 processor, and up to 256GB of storage. In our iPhone 12 vs. Samsung Galaxy S20 FE article, we compared the two affordable flagships to find out which is better, and in terms of screen and battery life Samsung’s phone wins out.

While $700 is a fair amount less than most Samsung flagships, that’s still a solid chunk of change for most people. Don’t worry though, as we’ve rounded up the best deals including ways to save big by trading in or buying multiple devices. It’s also one of the most fun devices Samsung has launched recently, with lots of different colors for you to pick from! I’m partial to the orange one, myself.

Here are the best deals for the Galaxy S20 FE!

Where to Pre-order the Galaxy S20 FE

Right now in the US, you can pick up a Galaxy S20 FE from the typical retailers. If you’re looking for an unlocked Galaxy S20 FE deal, you can pick one up from Amazon, Samsung, or Best Buy. If being locked into a carrier isn’t a concern, you can also head to Verizon or AT&T for big savings.

Best Galaxy S20 FE Deals Unlocked

If you want to grab an unlocked Galaxy S20 FE, you have three solid options: Amazon, Best Buy, or Samsung themselves. All of them have their unique specials going on too, so pick the deal that suits you best!


Picking up a new device straight from the source is never a bad idea, and Samsung has some of the best Galaxy S20 FE deals around. First, you can bring the total price all the way down to $250 with the right trade-in. On top of that, you’ll also get six months of Spotify Premium and four months of YouTube Premium, completely free. Always a nice bonus.

    Galaxy S20 FE at Samsung
    If you want the best possible deal for an unlocked phone, Samsung will be your best option. Save big on a trade-in, with the right phone bringing the FE's total to $250, and also Spotify and YouTube Premium on the house.

Best Buy

Best Buy may not have the orange and white colors that Samsung and Amazon do, but you can save more on the Galaxy S20 FE by activating the phone with them. If you go with Sprint or AT&T, you’ll save $200 total when signing up for a monthly payment plan when activating today. With Verizon, the deal becomes even better, with a $250 discount. If you’re determined to go unlocked, you can save a flat $50.

    Galaxy S20 FE at Best Buy
    Save more without messing with trade-ins at Best Buy. By activating today, you can save up to $250 on the phone, depending on what carrier you go with!


As always, Amazon will have the most convenient way of getting the Galaxy S20 FE, with Prime Shipping available for select colors. Currently, though, there are no sales on the Galaxy S20 FE, so you’ll be paying for the Amazon convenience. If you have an Amazon Prime Rewards card, you can opt to pay $38.89 over 18 months.

    Galaxy S20 FE at Amazon
    Pick up your S20 FE at Amazon, and enjoy the benefits of Prime Release Day shipping. If you have an Amazon Prime Rewards card, you can also sign up for an interest-free payment plan. If you don't want any fuss with your new purchase, Amazon is the way to go.

Best Galaxy S20 FE Deals in the US

If you don’t mind being locked into a carrier, you can get some great Galaxy S20 FE deals by heading to Verizon or AT&T!


As always, Verizon has a whole slew of deals you can try and take advantage of if you’re looking to pick up the Galaxy S20 FE:

  • Save a flat $300 when opening a new line
  • Buy one Galaxy S20 FE and open up a new line, and save $700 on a second (as a 24-month bell credit)
  • Get up to $550 in trade-in credit with a qualifying device
  • If switching to Verizon, choose the Unlimited plan to get a $250 Verizon e-Gift Card
  • Finally, with any purchase, you’ll get Marvel’s Avengers and Verizon Stream TV for free

Head on other to Verizon’s store page to find out which ones you qualify for!

    Galaxy S20 FE at Verizon
    Verizon has all sorts of Galaxy S20 FE deals to take advantage of, depending on what you're looking for. From free goodies to savings for purchasing two S20 FEs, there is something for everyone. Head on over and see how you can save big!


At AT&T, if you have the right phone and are switching from another carrier, you can get the Samsung Galaxy S20 FE completely free. Can’t argue with that! Also, if you buy the Samsung Galaxy Buds Live at the same time, you’ll save $50 on the purchase. For some reason, though, AT&T is a bit more limited in their color options than the others, so you’ve been warned!

    Galaxy S20 FE at AT&T
    Have a recent phone to trade-in and ready to make the carrier switch to AT&T? Then you can have the Galaxy S20 FE on the house! Also, you can save $50 on a pair of Samsung Galaxy Buds Live. The colors are more limited at AT&T, but if that doesn't concern you, this might just be the carrier for you!

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