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These are the best Samsung Galaxy S21 cases you can buy in 2022

These are the best Samsung Galaxy S21 cases you can buy in 2022

The Galaxy S21 series comes with a lot of generational improvements while also refining the rough edges of the S20 line. The standard Galaxy S21, while being cheaper, is no exception, featuring a 6.2-inch 120Hz display, 4,000mAh battery, and a Snapdragon 888 SoC (or Exynos 2100 in the international markets). All of this is encased in a relatively small package. If you’ve spent a significant sum buying this Samsung flagship, you’ll need a case to protect it from day-to-day mishaps. To help you pick the right case, we’ve selected some of the best Galaxy S21 cases currently available on the market. We’ve created different categories of cases to help you pick the right one, so be sure to explore all the options.


This article is only for the standard Samsung Galaxy S21. Check out our Galaxy S21 Plus cases and Galaxy S21 Ultra case round-ups for those phones.

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Official Samsung cases

Samsung makes some of the best cases for its Galaxy S series devices which is why we’ve added them front and center for you to check out. They tend to be a little expensive compared to other third-party options but they’re reliable and will potentially last you for a very long time.

    The official silicone case

    You can't go wrong with Samsung's official cases. They're sold in plenty of color choices to complement your phone's color scheme and provide basic protection against drops. They also make the camera bump flush!

    Crystal-clear all day

    Samsung's official clear case is the most barebones one out of Samsung's official lineup of accessories, but it provides strong protection while also not adding that much bulk in your pocket.

    Official Flip cover

    Samsung's official Flip cover for the Galaxy S21 is perfect for those who want full 360-degree protection for their device. The cutout on the front lets you do simple tasks such as answering the calls, controlling the music, and more.
    The official rugged from Samsung is made out of hard plastic to protect the device. It also comes with a kickstand at the back that supports 60-degrees or 45-degree viewing angles.

Clear cases for the Galaxy S21

Picked up the Galaxy S21 in your favorite color and don’t want to hide it with a case? Well, you can grab one of these clear cases to add some basic protection while showing off the beautiful colors and finishes.

    Clear and strong

    OtterBox cases are known for providing top-notch protection. This protection isn't just limited to rugged cases; even clear cases, like the Prefix Series, can safeguard your phone from drops and scratches. In addition, the Prefix Series is very slim.

    Crystal clear

    Spigen's Ultra Hybrid case comes with a TPU bumper and PC back for the best protection. It's also a clear case with which you can show off the color of your Galaxy S21.

    A cheap, clear case with a kickstand

    This case from ESR adds a kickstand to the classic clear, transparent case design (also available as a translucent black option) and also manages to be pretty cheap compared to other official options that also have a kickstand.

Thin and basic cases

Thin cases are perfect for those who don’t want to add a lot of bulk to their devices. They may not offer the best protection out of all the cases in this collection, but they also won’t make the device bulky.

    Thinnest cases around

    Spigen's Thin Fit cases has been around for quite sometime now and it's one of the thinnest cases you can buy the Galaxy S21.

    Camera lens protection

    This basic case from Cloudvalley for the Galaxy S21 is one of the thinnest cases out there. The best thing about this particular case is that it comes with camera lens protection too.

    Thin case with military-grade protection

    The Spigen Liquid Air Armor uses air cushion technology to offer military-grade protection to the Galaxy S21. It also comes with an anti-slip matte finish at the back for added grip.

    For better handling

    The Speck Presidio 2 Grip case comes with no-slip grips for secure handling of the smartphone. The case also offers up to 13-foot drop protection, and is coated with anti-microbial material to reduce bacteria growth. Moreover, there are raised edges on the case to safeguard the phone's screen.

    Made with 85% ocean-based plastic

    The LifeProof Wake case for the Galaxy S21 champions sustainability and uses over 85% ocean-based recycled plastic. It also comes with recyclable packaging. In addition, the case features a sculpted wave pattern that looks interesting and helps with the grip.

    Plant-based protection

    Care for your planet? Ditch plastic cases and pick this Incipio case that uses 100% compostable plant-based material. Environmentally friendly material’s presence doesn’t mean the case isn't strong. It can withstand up to 8 feet drops. The case also has raised edges to safeguard the screen.

    Full body protection on the cheap

    This Samsung Galaxy S21 case by Caseology provides a full-body layer of shockproof TPU to protect your device, and comes pretty cheap compared to most options.

    Soft silicone option

    The Weycolor Silicone Case is a soft silicone case that provides full coverage for your phone and comes in various color options to help you stand out from the crowd.

Galaxy S21 rugged cases

The regular silicone and thin cases aren’t enough to protect your device if you have an active lifestyle. We recommend picking one of the rugged cases mentioned below instead:

    Complete protection

    The SUPCASE Unicorn Beetle Pro Series for Galaxy S21 provides enhanced protection from everyday accidents. Moreover, it has a textured grip, and packs a kickstand as well as a detachable rotating holster.


    Impact protection

    UAG is known for its rugged cases, so you can’t go wrong with this protective cover from the company. The cover promises military-grade impact protection in a slim form factor. Moreover, it's made from polycarbonate, and comes with raised edges.

    Simple and sturdy

    In addition to the Tough Armor case, Spigen also sells this Rugged Armor case for the S21. It looks exciting and features textured sides for a better grip. In addition, the case uses Air Cushion technology for shock absorption.

    The Poetic Guardian Case offers full body protection, thanks to a built-in screen protector. It’s also drop-tested to military-grade standards and features a scratch-proof clear back. In addition, you can buy the case in four exciting colors.

    Rugged protection, slim profile

    The OtterBox Commuter Series case is perfect if you're looking to add top-notch protection to your phone without too much bulk. It provides more than military-grade protection and has an anti-microbial coating.

    Dual-layer design

    The Crave Dual Guard case features a dual-layer design that includes a flexible TPU layer and a hard polycarbonate layer to provide enhanced protection to your phone. It also comes in six color options, so you have plenty of choices.

Kickstand cases

Kickstand cases are the ones that let you set up your phone on a table or any flat surface so that you can use it hands-free. There are a bunch of kickstand cases on the market but these are the ones that we think are worth considering:

    With the kickstand

    Spigen is well-known for its quality smartphone cases and this case is no different. It's made of TPU and polycarbonate for enhanced protection and comes with a kickstand as well. Moreover, the case is certified for military-grade protection.

    A cheap, clear case with a kickstand

    This case from ESR adds a kickstand to the classic clear, transparent case design (also available as a translucent black option) and also manages to be pretty cheap compared to other official options that also have a kickstand.

    3 ways stand

    The TORRAS MoonClimber is an excellent clear case for the Galaxy S21 which also doubles up as a kickstand case. It lets your phone stand in three different ways, making it more versatile than a lot of other kickstand cases.

Wallet cases

Most wallet cases add a significant amount of bulk to your device but they also protect your phone and let you throw in some credit cards and cash.

    Slim case to store cards

    The Spigen Slim armor isn't a full-fledged wallet case like some other options mentioned in this list. However, it comes with enough space to let you store two credit cards which is enough for a lot of people.

    360 protection with kickstand

    The TUCCH wallet is one of the best cases you can buy for the Galaxy S21 right now. Not only does it offer full 360-degree protection to your device, but it also doubles up as a nice kickstand case.

    Hold it All

    Wallet cases are great, and Arae Case has made one for the Galaxy S21. Store all of your cards with your phone, and you can use the case as a prop to keep your smartphone standing up too. Just be sure to apply a screen protector so your cards don't scratch your screen.

    The SnakeHive Vintage Wallet is a good leather folio-type case for the Galaxy S21. It includes slots to keep up to three cards and cash. In addition, the case can act as a kickstand when needed. Finally, you can buy it in seven exciting colors.

    Use as a kickstand

    The tech21 EvoWallet case covers both the front and back of your Galaxy S21 to protect it from all sides. It also packs two card pockets so you can carry your IDs or plastic money in the case itself. In addition, the case can turn into a kickstand for easier media consumption.

    Genuine leather

    The SnakeHive Vintage Wallet is a good leather folio-type case for the Galaxy S21. It includes slots to keep up to three cards and cash. In addition, the case can act as a kickstand when needed. Finally, you can buy it in seven exciting colors.

Stylish cases

The stylish cases mentioned in this collection are the ones that are available in fun colors and finish, and add a touch of style to your smartphone. The Galaxy S21 is already a pretty-looking case but these stylish cases make them look even better.

    Stand out

    The i-Blason Cosmo Series case looks quite interesting and its back cover will certainly turn heads. The case is made of TPU for enhanced protection, and has raised edges to safeguard your phone’s front.


    Beautiful Protection

    Want good protection but also want your S21 to look good? Grab this triple-layer case from Casetego. It has a nice looking floral pattern on the back, and it'll still protect your smartphone from shocks and falls.


    If you are looking for something colorful and interesting, this Case-Mate cover comes in eight exciting designs and patterns. The case can also withstand drops from up to 10 feet and includes an anti-microbial coating to resistant the growth of bacteria and other microbial life.
    If you don't mind rocking a bold and bulky case for your phone, then this is one of the best designer cases you can buy for the Galaxy S21. It comes with a ring stand holder and even a lanyard.

Our round-up of the best Galaxy S21 cases, as you can see, consists of a number of cases across various price points. You’ll find everything from Samsung’s official options to cases from known third-party case makers such as UAG and Spigen. We have made sure to include our best picks for every type of case, so there are plenty of options.

If you are looking for one specific recommendation for each type of case, we’ll recommend going for Spigen Rugged Armor if you want top-notch protection. The official Samsung Clear Cover is great to show off the phone’s design and color. SUPCASE UB Pro is perfect for kickstand lovers, and you’ll find the SnakeHive Vintage Wallet enticing if you need a leather or wallet case. Finally, Case-Mate case has several colorful designs.

    The Galaxy S21 is the starting point of Samsung's 2021 flagship lineup, packing in a top-of-the-line SoC, great display, and a 4,000mAh battery.

Which case are you planning to buy for your Galaxy S21? Let us know in the comments section. Meanwhile, we have also selected the best fast chargers for the Galaxy S21 if you want to get the top charging speed on your phone.

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