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These are the best cases for Samsung Galaxy S21 in June 2021: Spigen, ESR, and more!

These are the best cases for Samsung Galaxy S21 in June 2021: Spigen, ESR, and more!

The Galaxy S21 series comes with a lot of generational improvements while also refining the rough edges of the S20 line. The standard Galaxy S21, while being cheaper, is no exception, featuring a 6.2-inch 120Hz display, 4,000mAh battery, and a Snapdragon 888 SoC (or Exynos 2100 in the international markets). All of this is encased in a relatively small package. If you’ve spent a significant sum buying this Samsung flagship, you need a case for your new Galaxy S21 to protect it from day-to-day mishaps.

We’ve compiled a list of some of the best Galaxy S21 cases currently available on the market. We’ve looked at everything from rugged cases that protect your device at the expense of thickness, to thin and light ones that just add a little bit of extra peace of mind without making it bulkier. So you can add extra protection to your smartphone for whatever price point you’re most comfortable with. Here are the cases we recommend for the Galaxy S21.

This article is only for the standard Galaxy S21 cases. Check out our Galaxy S21 Plus and Galaxy S21 Ultra case round-ups for those phones.

    Samsung Galaxy S21 Official Silicone Cover

    The official silicone case

    You can't go wrong with Samsung's official cases. They're sold in plenty of color choices to complement your phone's color scheme, and they provide basic protection against drops. They also make the camera bump flush!
    SUPCASE Unicorn Beetle Pro Series

    Complete protection

    The SUPCASE Unicorn Beetle Pro Series for Galaxy S21 provides enhanced protection from everyday accidents. Moreover, it has a textured grip, and packs a kickstand as well as a detachable rotating holster.


    Samsung Galaxy S21 Official Clear Cover

    Crystal-clear all day

    Samsung's official clear case is the most barebones one out of Samsung's official lineup of accessories, but it provides strong protection while also not adding that much bulk in your pocket.
    Samsung Galaxy S21 Official Rugged Case

    Plenty of protection

    Samsung's official rugged case not only comes with protection for all sides and corners of your phone, but you also get two different color options as well as a detachable kickstand. It also manages to look pretty good, even though it's a bit on the bulkier side.
    i-Blason Cosmo Series

    Stand out

    The i-Blason Cosmo Series case looks quite interesting and its back cover will certainly turn heads. The case is made of TPU for enhanced protection, and sports raised edges to safeguard your phone’s front.


    Samsung Galaxy S21 Leather Cover

    The choice of style

    The Samsung Galaxy S21 official leather cover provides a similar degree of protection to other official cases on our list while also managing to be stylish and feel nice to the touch with a leather finish. It's the most expensive one out of our list, but trust us, it's great.
    OtterBox Commuter Series

    Rugged protection, slim profile

    The OtterBox Commuter Series case is perfect if you are looking to add top-notch protection to your phone without too much bulk. It provides more than military-grade protection and has an anti-microbial coating.
    Spigen Tough Armor

    With the kickstand

    Spigen is well-known for its quality smartphone cases and this case is no different. It is made of TPU and polycarbonate for enhanced protection, and comes with a kickstand as well. Moreover, the case is certified for military-grade protection.
    Caseology Vault S21 Case

    Full body protection on the cheap

    This Samsung Galaxy S21 case by Caseology provides a full-body layer of shockproof TPU to protect your device, and comes pretty cheap compared to most options.
    Restoo Clear Case for Galaxy S21

    Cheap hard and clear

    Want a hard case and show off your phone's colors? Then the Restoo Clear Case has you covered with a clear, rigid design that's perfectly paired with one of the many gorgeous S21 colors!
    Weycolor Silicone Case for Galaxy S21

    Soft silicone option

    The Weycolor Silicone Case is a soft silicone case that provides full coverage for your phone and comes in various color options to help you stand out from the crowd!
    Restoo Rugged Case for Galaxy S21

    Rugged full protection

    Restoo is also providing a rugged option for the Galaxy S21, which manages to be slightly see-through while also serving its purpose as an all-terrain case that provides full protection.
    ESR Clear Case with Kickstand for Galaxy S21

    A cheap, clear case with a kickstand

    This case from ESR adds a kickstand to the classic clear, transparent case design (also available on a translucent black option) and also manages to be pretty cheap compared to other official options that also have a kickstand.
    Casetego Galaxy S21 Case

    Beautiful Protection

    Want good protection but also want your S21 to look good? Grab this triple-layer case from Casetego! It has a nice looking floral pattern on the back, and it'll still protect your smartphone from shocks and falls.
    Arae Case S21 Wallet Case

    Hold it All

    Wallet cases are great, and Arae Case has made one for the Galaxy S21! Store all of your cards with your phone, and you can use the case as a prop to keep your smartphone standing up, too. Just be sure to apply a screen protector so that your cards don't scratch your screen.

Our round-up consists of a number of case options for the Galaxy S21 for every price point. We looked at everything from Samsung’s official options to known third-party case makers such as Caseology and Spigen for the best cases. We’ve made sure to include our best picks for every type of case, from thin and light ones, to softer ones, all the way up to rugged cases that provide more-than-average protection. You can pick any of the options listed here, but if you’re still confused, the official cases — even though expensive — provide the best fit and finish.

Which case are you planning to buy for your Galaxy S21? Let us know in the comments section.

    Samsung Galaxy S21
    The Samsung Galaxy S21 is the starting point of the new 2021 flagship series, packing in a flagship SoC, along with a decent display and camera setup.

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