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Here are the best Galaxy S21 fast chargers you can buy now in April 2021!

Here are the best Galaxy S21 fast chargers you can buy now in April 2021!

You’ve purchased your wonderful new Samsung Galaxy S21, and you opened the box to find an unfortunate surprise–there isn’t a charger in the box! Companies justify this by stating that most consumers at this point have plenty of charging bricks at home. While this may or may not be true, it’s disappointing not getting a fast charger to go with your new, cutting-edge smartphone right out of the box. Well, you can try out one of these Galaxy S21 fast chargers below!

From first-party options sold by Samsung to third-party chargers made by accessory manufacturers such as Anker, we have a lot of options on the table for you to check out, taking advantage of the fact that the S21 series supports up to 25W wired charging as well as 15W wireless charging. Check them out!

    Samsung 25W USB-C Charger

    The official charging brick

    You can't go wrong with Samsung's official charging brick. It supports the full 25W charging speeds that are offered across the board on all Galaxy S21 devices, and it's just like the charger you would get in the box.
    Anker Nano USB-C Charger

    Anker's compact alternative

    Anker is a very well reknown brand of third-party chargers, and the Anker Nano retains compatibility with the newest Galaxy S21 smartphones, allowing you to charge them quickly and at a lower price point.
    RAVPower USB-C Charger

    A decent cheap brick

    Another 2-port alternative that comes at a cheaper price is one of RAVPower's USB-C chargers, which can charge up to 2 devices at 18W speeds. It won't max out the full 25W charging on the S21, but it's good enough!
    Anker PowerPort Atom III USB-C Charger

    2-port goodness

    If you want to charge your Galaxy S21 and another device simultaneously, then Anker's PowerPort Atom III will give you what you need, letting you to charge 2 devices at the same time.
    Samsung Official 15W Wireless Stand

    The official fast wireless charger

    Keeping it up with Samsung's official options across the table, there's their official wireless fast charger, which will charge the S21 with 15W speeds with no cables involved.
    Anker 10W Wireless Charger

    Slower, but way cheaper

    Anker's wireless charger can charge your Galaxy S21 up to 10W, which is a tad lower to what you will be able to find with Samsung's official charger, but also comes in way cheaper than the Samsung alternative.
    Anker 10W Wireless Stand

    A cheaper wireless stand

    This wireless stand from Anker provides the same functionality as the regular, pad-like wireless charging, including the same charging speeds, but it comes in a stand form similar to the official Samsung wireless charger. It's also way cheaper than Samsung's offering, too.
    Letscom 10W Wireless Charger

    Ultra-thin wireless charger

    This Letscom wireless charger has the fact that it's 'ultra-thin' among its selling points, but it can charge pretty much any wireless charging-compatible device, including the new Galaxy S21 series, at a price that doesn't break the bank.
    WJOY USB-C Charger

    3 ports + included braided cable

    This charger from WJOY comes with a lot of options, including the ability to fast charge the new Galaxy S21 series + 2 other devices at the same time with 2 USB-C ports and one USB-A port. It also comes with a braided USB-C cable out of the box.

Our list of the best Galaxy S21 fast chargers consists of official Samsung products mainly because they’re the most likely to charge at full speeds and give you the same experience you would be getting with a charger that comes in the box. However, Samsung’s official accessories also come at a premium compared to third-party offerings, so there are plenty of other options to choose from with this list.

In the case of the charging bricks, all of the ones in the list can fast charge your device in similar times to the official 25W charger, while the wireless chargers are a step down from Samsung’s 15W stand, clocking in at 10W: not much can be done here since we weren’t able to find a wireless charger that could actually charge these phones at their full speed.

If you would rather not buy Samsung’s official 25W charger – which is our top pick for the Galaxy S21 – we highly recommend Anker’s PowerPort Atom III USB-C charger, which will give you the speed you need while being versatile enough to charge more than one device at once! When it comes to wireless charging, you really can’t go wrong with Samsung’s official wireless charging stand!

    Samsung Galaxy S21 Ultra
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