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These are the best Galaxy S21 Plus cases currently available in April 2021!

These are the best Galaxy S21 Plus cases currently available in April 2021!

With the announcement of the Galaxy S21 series, Samsung is taking its flagship line to the next level. These phones are, to put it plainly, amazing. You have the Snapdragon 888 (or the Exynos 2100 that international users will get), the cameras are amazing, and the battery should be able to put up a good fight. The Galaxy S21 Plus is the middle child of the pack, offering specs in between the two flagships. Basically, if you want something a little more powerful than the standard S21, but don’t want to pay those Ultra prices, this device is your best bet. But no matter your reason, you need to protect your smartphone with some Galaxy S21 Plus cases!

Going from thin and light cases to clear ones all the way up to thicker, full coverage ones and even rugged cases that sacrifice thinness for durability, we have both official options as well as third-party options that are also worth a look. There are options for every Galaxy S21 Plus user looking to grab a case for their smartphone. Read on to know more!

    Samsung Galaxy S21 Plus Official Silicone Cover

    The official silicone case

    The official silicone case from Samsung, which was also a good option for the S21, is also available for the Galaxy S21 Plus, providing drop protection and keeping your phone stylish while at it.
    Samsung Galaxy S21 Plus Official Clear Standing Cover

    Clear with kickstand

    The official clear standing cover with Samsung includes a kickstand that allows you to set your phone on a table to watch content easily, and also features a clear design that doesn't hide your device's flair and color.
    Samsung Galaxy S21 Plus Official Rugged Case

    Bulky, but functional

    Don't mind adding a little bit of bulk to your device? Then you should definitely consider the official rugged case from Samsung, with a textured back and sides as well as an included kickstand. Definitely one of the options most worth considering.
    Samsung Galaxy S21 Plus Kvadrat Cover

    Sturdy and stylish

    The Kvadrat case for the Samsung Galaxy S21 brings a textile back courtesy of Kvadrat, in a case that is pretty reminiscent of the ones we used to see with the Google Pixel phones back in the day. It also provides the same degree of protection as other cases in this list.
    Caseology Vault Bumper Case for Galaxy S21 Plus

    All-round, stylish coverage

    The Caseology Vault Bumper Case, which we've also featured for the Galaxy S21, provides a stylish design and plenty of protection, including an extra lip for protecting against drops, on a budget.
    Sucnakp Bumper Case for Galaxy S21 Plus

    Flexible TPU w/ shock absorption

    This Sucnakp case provides a very similar design to the previous Caseology case we showcased earlier, but comes in 2 colors, is somewhat cheaper, and comes in two colors---black and blue.
    Restoo Clear Case for Galaxy S21 Plus

    A clear, hard option

    Restoo's clear case provides a hard plastic shell that is also transparent and allows you to show off your phone's design while keeping it protected. It's also one of the cheapest options in this list.
    Restoo Rugged Case for Galaxy S21 Plus

    Rugged protection on a budget

    Restoo's rugged case, on the other hand, provides plenty of protection and an unique, clear design that also manages to be as tough as it looks, so your Galaxy S21 Plus stays good as new.
    PhuLok Galaxy S21 Plus Case

    Another tough budget option

    The PhuLok third-party Galaxy S21 Plus case includes a stylish and rugged design that should protect your phone from almost anything that comes across it. Like other options in this list, it also features a kickstand for viewing content completely handless.
    Caseology Parallax Case

    Cube Grips Look Great

    Caseology's Parallax cases make it in our round-ups a lot for a reason--they provide good protection while looking cool! The cube patterning on the back is for more than show, though--it actually functions as a grip!
    Hocase Clear Glitter Case

    Make It Sparkle

    Want to show that back of your S21 Plus, but want to still have a bit of flair? Pick up this glitter case! Your special smartphone color will come through, but also with some nice glitter speckling the case to give it extra oomph.
    WWW Wallet Case

    Store it in Style

    Why just get a wallet case when you can get a GREAT looking wallet case? WWW's wallet case mimics the look of a clutch bag, and it just looks great. You can store your cards and money in it too, of course. The only downside is that you can't use the flaps as a stand.

These are our top picks for the best Galaxy S21 Plus cases based on price point and what they offer, going from everything from Samsung’s own, in-house offerings to other third-party options from known accessory makers. Whether you just want something that provides a thin layer of protection so your phone doesn’t get completely ruined with a light drop all the way up to rugged cases that provide additional grip as well as substantial protection against drops and scratches, you can rest assured that you can get the ground going on day one of receiving your Galaxy S21 Plus in your doorstep, slap it on, and carry on forward.

Since the phone has just been released, we had to skip using our usual metric of ratings and reviews since there’s not a lot of them right now. but most of these case makers have raving reviews on their products for other smartphones. The official Clear Standing cover is a great choice if you have a phone with some color, while the Official Rugged Case will provide much-needed protection. We also recommend the Phulok Galaxy S21 Plus case which has a kickstand and also protects your phone!

    Samsung Galaxy S21 Plus
    The Samsung Galaxy S21 Plus is the middle child in the new 2021 flagship series, packing in a flagship SoC and a premium build, along with a decent display and camera setup.

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