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The Best Colorful Galaxy S21 Plus Cases: Samsung, Zizo, Case-Mate, & More!

The Best Colorful Galaxy S21 Plus Cases: Samsung, Zizo, Case-Mate, & More!

Brighten up your Galaxy S21 Plus with these colorful cases!

In January, Samsung launched three smartphones under its brand new Galaxy S21 range: the Galaxy S21, Galaxy S21 Plus, and Galaxy S21 Ultra. What makes the Galaxy S21 Plus particularly so appealing is the fact that it’s a larger phone than the standard Galaxy S21 and is more affordable than the high-end Galaxy S21 Ultra. Although the Galaxy S21 Plus may not be as expensive as the Ultra, it still costs an eye-watering $999. Therefore, if you were to buy it, you’d definitely want to protect your expensive investment by keeping it in a case.

Of course, cases aren’t just useful for protecting your phone from scratches, bumps, and other types of damage. With numerous cases available in many different colors, they’ll also let you add more style and personality to your handset. Considering that it is such a popular smartphone, loads of Galaxy S21 Plus cases are available, and many of the cases are available in a plethora of colors. So to help you choose one, we’ve rounded up the best colorful cases for the Galaxy S21 Plus.

    Official Samsung Galaxy S21 Plus Kvadrat Case

    Pretty in violet

    The Official Samsung Kvadrat Case offers a slim and lightweight design, access to every button and port on the Galaxy S21 Plus, and Qi wireless charging support. You can get it in violet or grey.
    Official Samsung Silicone Cover

    Simple and stylish

    Samsung also offers an official silicone case for the Galaxy S21 Plus. Available in purple, pink, grey, and black, it sports a compact design, access to every port and button, and raised edges to protect the display.
    Mandala Pattern Case

    Stunning patterns

    This Mandala pattern case is one of the prime colorful cases for the Galaxy S21. In addition to the design and colors, the case also sport a non-slip finish, access to each port and button, and raised edges for protecting the display and camera.
    Zizo Bolt

    All-round protection

    The Zizo Bolt is an excellent option if you want a robust Galaxy S21 Plus case that also happens to be colorful. Available in red, blue, and black, it provides military-grade protection, a built-in stand, a 360 rotating belt clip, a 40cm lanyard, a glass screen protector, and more.
    Zizo Revolve Series

    A firm grip

    The Zizo Revolve Series features a lightweight design, a ring holder that can also be used as a stand, and an inner microfiber lining to ensure your Galaxy S21 Plus doesn’t get scratched. You can buy it in either rose or black, too.
    Togestar MoonRiver Series Case

    A stunning marble design

    This case, from Togestar, has a slim and lightweight design, a stunning marble finish, raised edges to protect the screen and camera, drop-proof and shockproof protection, and precise cutouts. You can get it in pink or purple.
    Case-Mate Tough Plus

    Durable and colorful

    The Case-Mate Tough Plus offers a shock-absorbent design, drop protection of up to fifteen feet, antimicrobial protection, and wireless charging support. It’s available in a range of colorful styles, including Stardust, Ombre Stardust, Iridescent Swirl, Garden Party Blue, and more.
    Casetego Wallet Case

    A colorful wallet case

    The Casetego Wallet Case is a folio-style case that comprises a PU leather cover and a TPU shell. It provides a bright floral design, three credit card slots, a cash pouch, a magnetic closure, a wrist strap, and a stand function.
    Casetego Shockproof Case

    Shockproof protection

    Casetego also has an excellent shockproof case with a bright floral design. It’s not only colorful, but also offers impressive durability, raised edges to protect the display and camera, precise cutouts, and wireless charging support.

As you can see, there’s a wide variety of stylish and colorful cases available for the Galaxy S21 Plus. Any of these options will protect and brighten up your phone, but which should you pick? If you’re looking to keep things simple, we’d recommend the Official Silicone Case from Samsung. It might not be the most glamorous case out there, but it comes in multiple colors, protects the camera lens, and feels great to touch.

For anyone who wants something more stylish, the LoveCases Gel Cover or Case-Mate Tough Plus both come in a range of bright patterns. Meanwhile, the Zizo Bolt and the Casetego Shockproof Case are excellent options should you want a robust Galaxy S21 Plus case. Whichever case you end up choosing, you’ll be protecting your expensive Galaxy S21 Plus, and that’s the most important thing.

Do you own a Galaxy S21 Plus, and have you found a colorful case for it? Let us know in the comments section below! We’d love to hear your suggestions.

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