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These are the best Galaxy S21 thin cases right now

These are the best Galaxy S21 thin cases right now

So, you’ve purchased yourself a Galaxy S21. There’s something about holding a brand new device in your hands; the clean glass, cold metal. Samsung’s new device features one of the nicest designs around; it sure would be a shame for it to get buried in a bulky case. To help you preserve the device’s gorgeous design while ensuring it’s protected from everyday dangers, we’ve rounded up the best thin cases for the Galaxy S21.

    Samsung Silicone Cover

    Soft, lightweight and, more importantly, thin, the Samsung Silicone Cover is the perfect way to keep your Galaxy S21 protected without feeling like you’ve covered the device with a brick.
    Samsung Kvadrat Cover

    Speaking of soft and lightweight, the Samsung Kvadrat Cover is the perfect combination of thin and strong. Made of recycled materials, the case features a nice texture and a hook on the bottom, so you can attach a strap for easy carrying.
    Samsung Clear Cover

    The Samsung Clear Cover features a transparent design, so you can admire the Galaxy S21’s design while keeping it protected. It also includes a non-slip pattern on the sides for an extra secure grip.
    Meifigno Protective Case

    The Meifigno Protective Case features military-grade protection, raised edges to keep your screen and camera lenses safe, and a durable design with a nano oleophobic coating.
    Caseology Vault Case

    Caseology cases are built to last, and the Vault for the Galaxy S21 is no different. It features a shockproof design and materials that feel thin and lightweight, so the device won’t feel bulky in your hands.
    SQMCase Shockproof Case

    With soft, flexible edges and a hard back, the SQMCase looks made for the Galaxy S21. The case also features a cool pixelated design that gives Samsung’s new device some extra cool factor.

The worst thing that can happen to a new device is for it to get damaged. But you also don’t want to cover it in a massive, bulky case. A thin case will protect the Galaxy S21 while ensuring it remains svelte, almost as if the case isn’t even there. Many of our picks are similar in style, so it’s about finding the right balance of function and design that works best for you.

If you don’t mind your case being almost paper-thin, the Samsung Silicon Cover is a great option. This will give your device an extra layer of protection but also won’t add much bulk. If you simply want the most protection possible, but still want the Galaxy S21’s style to shine through, try the Caseology Vault Case. Either way, the thin cases in this lineup will keep your phone looking pristine, even after a couple of tumbles to the ground.

    Samsung Galaxy S21
    The Samsung Galaxy S21 is the starting point of the new 2021 flagship series, packing in a flagship SoC, along with a decent display and camera setup.

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