These are the Best Galaxy S21 Ultra Cases in 2021

These are the Best Galaxy S21 Ultra Cases in 2021

The Galaxy S21 Ultra is one of the most premium options in Samsung’s flagship series, and as you can see from our Galaxy S21 Ultra review, it’s pretty great! Even though it’s not too new at this point, it’s still one of the best Android phones out there. But with such an expensive smartphone, you’re definitely going to want to protect it with a case. However, keeping it protected can be a challenge, as the phone is a glass sandwich and it’s heavy. Luckily, we have you covered! Here are our top picks for the best Galaxy S21 Ultra cases available right now.

From thin and light cases to bulky and rugged ones (which will make the phone far more unwieldy than it already is), there’s a pick for everyone at every price point, whether you’re looking for the official options or you’re looking for third-party ones, both in the premium and affordable segments. There are some S21 Ultra cases with S-Pen support as well if you’re planning on getting an S-Pen with your phone.


Samsung Galaxy S21 Ultra Official Silicone Cover with S-Pen enclosure

    Feeling Note envy sometimes? You can grab the Silicone cover for the S21 Ultra that also includes an S-Pen holder and, of course, the pen itself, so you can get writing on your screen like a Note smartphone.

If you want to use the Samsung Galaxy S21 Ultra with an S-Pen, you’d need to figure out where you will be storing the stylus as the phone has no storage cavity within itself. Samsung’s workaround for the situation is this S Pen case. This official case has a storage compartment for the S-Pen, and it also provides a decent level of protection to your expensive flagship phone.

Samsung Galaxy S21 Ultra Official Silicone Cover

    Not really into using a stylus with your smartphone? Well, that's fine. The normal silicone cover without an S-Pen is also available for you to check out, providing the same protection and color options at a cheaper price.

If S-Pen isn’t your fancy, then Samsung sells this silicone cover that provides ample protection for your phone without the S-Pen housing. It doesn’t add bulk and you can easily slide your phone in and out of your pocket or bag. What’s more, there are four colors to choose from, so your phone doesn’t have to look boring.

Samsung Galaxy S21 Ultra Official Clear Cover

    Biting into Samsung's marketing for the Galaxy S21 Ultra's color options? Then you'll probably find this classic clear case more than alright, as it allows you to show off your phone's design while keeping it protected.

If you’re spending north of $1,000 for your brand-new Galaxy S21 Ultra, you’ll want to flaunt its design. That’s where this clear case comes into play. It adds a slim, yet durable, layer of protection to your phone, all the while showing off the design and color of the device. Samsung also says that it won’t turn yellow over time.

Samsung Galaxy S21 Ultra Official Rugged Case

    The Galaxy S21 Ultra's official rugged case doesn't bring support for the S-Pen, but it does bring extra protection at the expense of the thickness, if that's something you're into. And it also comes with a kickstand.

While silicone covers add a decent amount of protection to your phone, they’re not military-grade. For those of you looking for something more than just a silicon cover, the official Rugged Protective from Samsung is drop-tested to military-grade standards. Moreover, it includes a kickstand that supports two viewing angles.

Samsung Galaxy S21 Ultra Official Leather Cover

    The official leather case might not be as tough as the rugged one, but it features an unique design with extra protection for the big camera bump on the device. It also features a leather finish that's very nice to the touch.

For those of you who want their phone to feel great in hand despite having a case on, Samsung offers this official leather case. Made from genuine leather, it’s soft to touch and sports a braided texture on the camera bump. This texturing not only makes the case look interesting but also adds special protection for the rear cameras.

Supcase Unicorn Beetle Pro (Promoted)

    The SUPCASE Unicorn Beetle Pro is an affordable rugged case for the Galaxy S21 Ultra that offers complete protection. It has a multi-layered TPU and polycarbonate construction to protect your phone from drops, a kickstand to help you prop it up in both landscape and portrait orientations, precise cutouts for easy access to ports, and a rotatable holster to secure your phone on your belt.

The Supcase Unicorn Beetle Pro is a rugged case that is meant for people who are clumsy. If you drop your phone often, then this case will prevent your S21 Ultra from getting scratches or cracks. It even has a kickstand built-in which can help you watch your favorite shows and movies while your phone rests on a table.

Supcase Unicorn Beetle Pro with S Pen Holder (Promoted)

    This case is a good alternative to Samsung's official S Pen case. It provides better protection and is also more affordable.

The Supcase Unicorn Beetle Pro is one of the most protective cases you can get and this particular variant takes the utilitarian aspect of the case to the next level. It comes with a slot of the S Pen that you can buy separately with the Galaxy S21 Ultra. It’s a good alternative to Samsung’s Silicone case with the S Pen Slot as this is more protective and also more affordable. It also comes with a kickstand which is a bonus.

Restoo Galaxy S21 Ultra Rugged case

    This Restoo rugged case for the Galaxy S21 Ultra is made to look like it can withstand a beating, and it most certainly can, featuring thicker silicone bumper corners as well as a textured back for better grip.

Restoo’s rugged case for the Galaxy S21 Ultra offers heavy-duty protection. It may not be the slimmest case around but it will keep your phone safe. The case sports a polycarbonate back and TPU bumper to withstand the day-to-day mishaps. Additionally, its stripe back adds to the phone’s grip.

Caseology Vault

    Caseology is one of the best case manufacturers on our list, and its Vault case is also available for the Galaxy S21 Ultra, protecting your new phone from drops and external elements while remaining cheaper than the official options from Samsung.

If you’re looking for a quality case on the cheap, Caseology Vault can help. This case for the Galaxy S21 Ultra comes with a matte sandstone texture on the back for a secure grip as well as raised edges to protect the front. The company also uses Air Space technology to mitigate any corner shock from the drops.

Ringke Air case

    Ringke is also a renowned case manufacturer, and as it turns out, it has a Galaxy S21 Ultra case that focuses on just the essentials. While it won't blow you away, it will add an extra layer of peace of mind.

Ringke is another brand that makes good budget cases for smartphones. Its Air case for the Galaxy S21 Ultra is essentially a clear case that allows you to showcase the design and color of the phone. It’s lightweight and slim but still provides a decent amount of protection to your phone. You’ll also get lanyard holes to attach wrist or neck straps.

Spigen Tough Armor

    Spigen always makes great and durable cases, and with the Galaxy S21 Ultra, there's no exception. The Tough Armor case is slim but sturdy, allowing you to protect your phone from shocks and falls without a ton of bulk.

Spigen Tough Armor is a premium-looking case that offers military-grade protection to the Galaxy S21 Ultra. It’s made using polycarbonate and TPU and comes with Air Cushion tech to withstand drop shocks. Additionally, the company has added a kickstand to this slim case.

ESR Metal Kickstand Case

    If you want a simple, clear case, then you'll want to go with the ESR case. The clear background will allow your phone's color scheme to shine through, and you'll also get a kickstand to prop your phone up.

If you want a clear case with a kickstand, ESR has one for you. The company’s Metal Kickstand Case comes with shock-absorbing corners for protection against drops and bumps. It also sports raised edges to safeguard the rear cameras and display of the phone. Moreover, the case’s kickstand works in both portrait and landscape modes.

Arae Wallet Case

    You want a wallet case? Arae case has it for you. You'll be able to store a number of cards in this tri-fold case, and it can even prop up your phone! Just make sure to get a screen protector, so your cards don't scratch the screen!

Arae Wallet Case is made of PU leather and offers easy access to all buttons, ports, cameras, and speakers. You can also charge your phone without removing the case. In terms of the wallet, there are four slots for the cards and IDs as well as a pocket for cash. The case also provides 360-degree protection.

Imluckies Case with Camera Cover

    The Galaxy S21 Ultra's camera setup is pretty amazing, so you might want to consider a case that protects it. Imluckies' case has a slider that can cover your phone's cameras when not in use. Just slide it away when you want to take a picture and you're good to go.

Imluckies is known for its webcam covers and the company has added some of that expertise in this case. This case for the Galaxy S21 Ultra includes a slide-on cover for the rear cameras. Unlike the webcam covers that safeguard your privacy, the camera cover in this case will protect your phone’s cameras. The case also features a textured back for added grip.

Cutebe Cute Clear Case

    Want your phone's color scheme to shine through, but also give it a little pizazz? Cutebe's line of cases will be just what you need! These cases are transparent, but also have a bit of a pattern to help your phone stand out even more!

Tired of the plain and boring cases, maybe Cutebe can help. This Cutebe case not only provides the necessary protection to your phone but also sports a floral design to add a little flair. The company also claims the case has been made from eco-friendly materials.

Spigen Liquid Air P

    With this case specially made for the Galaxy S21 Ultra, you can store your S-Pen with ease! Most cases don't really account for the S-Pen, so if you have one already, Spigen's case is a good choice.

As you know the Samsung Galaxy S21 Ultra supports S-Pen but doesn’t come with a slot to store one. If you aren’t keen on getting the official Samsung Silicone case with an S-Pen holder, this Spigen case is a good option. Unlike the Samsung case that bundles an S-Pen, you won’t get one with this case. It does offer military-grade protection and comes with an anti-slip matte back.

Guuboly Case with Ring Holder

    Why bother buying a separate ring holder when your case comes with one built-in? This Guuboly clear case not only allows you to flaunt the design of the beautiful Galaxy S21 Ultra, but the ring can also act as a kickstand.

A number of people like using ring holders on their phones as it allows them to use their large and bulky phones without worrying about dropping them accidentally. While you can purchase a separate ring holder and stick it to your Galaxy S21 Ultra, this case comes with one built-in. Moreover, it’s super slim and sports raised edges to protect the front of your phone.

OtterBox Commuter Series Case

    OtterBox is known for its heavy-duty cases, and this Commuter Series case for Galaxy S21 Ultra is no different. It sports a slim profile and even includes dust protection for ports.

The OtterBox Commuter Series is a tried-and-trusted case lineup. It adds military-grade protection to your phone without unnecessary bulk. What’s more, the company adds a silver-based antimicrobial additive into the case that stops microbial growth. So in a way, you are getting dual protection.

These are our top picks for the best Galaxy S21 Ultra cases currently available on the market. If you want to take advantage of Samsung’s S-Pen on your device, then you have no other choice right now but to grab either Samsung’s official case with S-Pen holder or Spigen’s Liquid Air P case. Unlike the Note lineup, the S21 Ultra doesn’t have an S-Pen holder and it’s held by these cases as an optional accessory. Otherwise, if you don’t mind the S-Pen, there’s a lot of options. Samsung’s classic Silicone case should be able to provide plenty of protection, whereas Samsung’s official rugged case takes it a bit further and adds some extra functionality as well. But these options come at a premium compared to the third-party cases.

    The Samsung Galaxy S21 Ultra is the ultimate overkill in the new 2021 flagship series, packing in a flagship SoC, a premium build, a great display, and an amazing camera setup, as well as all the extras expected on a premium flagship.

As for the best Galaxy S21 Ultra cases from third-party manufacturers (these are comparably cheaper), Caseology’s Vault case and Ringke’s Air case are excellent options that won’t break the bank, since they’re all under $15, and will still manage to protect your smartphone.

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