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These are the best Galaxy S21 Ultra cases you can grab right now!

These are the best Galaxy S21 Ultra cases you can grab right now!

Samsung finally took the wraps off the Samsung Galaxy S21 series, their latest and greatest flagship lineup for 2021, and all eyes have turned onto the Galaxy S21 Ultra, the biggest and boldest device out of the whole lineup. It follows in the footsteps of other Ultra devices such as the S20 Ultra and the Note20 Ultra: it’s big, it’s full of features, and it’s expensive as all hell. But it’s by far the best thing in Samsung’s lineup at the moment. So if you want the very best, this is probably the phone to get. However, keeping it protected can be a challenge, as the phone is a glass sandwich and it’s heavy. Luckily, we have you covered! Here are our top picks for the best Galaxy S21 Ultra cases available right now.

From thin and light cases to bulky and rugged ones (which will make the phone far more unwieldy than it already is), there is a pick for everyone at every price point, whether you’re looking for official options or you’re looking for third-party ones both in the premium and cheaper spectrums. Some S21 Ultra cases also come with S Pen support, so we’re also making sure to throw in plenty of official options if you’re planning on getting an S Pen with your phone. Without further ado, let’s get on with the list!

    Galaxy S21 Ultra Official Silicone Cover w/ S Pen

    The Note experience

    Feeling Note envy sometimes? You can grab the Silicone cover for the S21 Ultra that also includes an S Pen holder and, of course, the pen itself, so you can get writing on your screen like with a Note smartphone.
    Galaxy S21 Ultra Official Silicone Cover

    A more classic case

    Not really into using a stylus with your smartphone? Well, that's fine. The normal Silicone cover without an S-Pen is also available for you to check out, providing the same protection and color options at a cheaper price.
    Galaxy S21 Ultra Clear Cover

    Show off your colors

    Biting into Samsung's marketing for the S21 Ultra's color options? Then you'll probably find this classic clear case more than alright, as it allows you to show off your phone's design while keeping it protected.
    Galaxy S21 Ultra Rugged Case

    Protect yourself with style

    The Galaxy S21 Ultra's official rugged case doesn't bring support for any kind of S Pen, but it does bring extra protection at the expense of thinness, if that's something you're into. And it also comes with a kickstand.
    Galaxy S21 Ultra Leather Cover

    The stylish choice

    The official leather case might not be as tough as the rugged one, but it features an unique design with extra protection for the big camera bump in the device. It also features a leather finish that is very, very nice to the touch.
    CASEKEY Galaxy S21 Ultra Case

    A cheaper bumper option

    This CASEKEY TPU case for the Galaxy S21 Ultra aims to keep your phone safe from drops and accidents with two layers of plastic and silicone that wrap up to the front of the device with an added lip on the front, so it doesn't break from any drop.
    Restoo Galaxy S21 Ultra Rugged Case

    Budget and heavy-duty protection

    This Restoo rugged case for the Galaxy S21 Ultra is made to look like it can withstand a beating, and it most certainly can, featuring thicker silicone bumper corners as well as a textured back for better grip.
    Caseology Vault Galaxy S21 Ultra Case

    Cheap quality protection

    Caseology is one of the best case manufacturers from our list, and their Vault case is also available in an S21 Ultra flavor, protecting your new phone from drops and external elements while remaining cheaper than official options from Samsung themselves.
    Ringke Air Galaxy S21 Ultra Case

    A clear case on the cheap

    Ringke is also a reknown case manufacturer, and as it turns out, they have a Galaxy S21 Ultra case that focuses on just the essentials, providing a clear and flexible case that, while it won't blow you away, should add an extra layer of peace of mind.

These are our top picks for the best Galaxy S21 Ultra cases currently available in the market. If you want to take advantage of Samsung’s S Pen on your device, then you have no other choice right now but to grab one of Samsung’s cases with an S Pen holder, since unlike the Note lineup, the phone does not have a pen holder, and it’s held by the case as an optional accessory. Otherwise, if you don’t mind the S Pen, there’s a lot of options. Samsung’s classic Silicone case should be able to provide plenty of protection, while Samsung’s rugged case takes it a bit further and adds some extra functionality as well. But these options come at a premium compared to third party cases.

As for the best Galaxy S21 Ultra cases from third parties (these will be decently cheaper), Caseology’s Vault case and Ringke’s Air case are excellent options that won’t break the bank, since they’re all under $15, and will still manage to protect your smartphone.

    Samsung Galaxy S21 Ultra
    The Samsung Galaxy S21 Ultra is the ultimate overkill in the new 2021 flagship series, packing in a flagship SoC, a premium build, a great display, and an amazing camera setup, as well as all the extras expected on a premium flagship.

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