These are the Best Chargers for the Samsung Galaxy Watch 4 & Watch 4 Classic

These are the Best Chargers for the Samsung Galaxy Watch 4 & Watch 4 Classic

The Galaxy Watch 4 and Galaxy Watch 4 Classic are charged wirelessly. The company bundles a magnetic wireless charger in the box, so you don’t have to worry about finding a compatible charger. Unfortunately, the Galaxy Watch 4 series doesn’t fully support the Qi wireless charging standard. This drastically reduces the number of charger options for the two smartwatches. So if you’re looking for a Galaxy Watch 4 charger, the official Samsung ones are your best bet.

Which charging standard does the Galaxy Watch 4 series support?

According to Samsung, the Galaxy Watch 4 series uses a WPC-based wireless charging technology. For the uninitiated, WPC or Wireless Power Consortium is an industry group that develops and maintains various wireless charging standards, including Qi, which is very common in smartphones.


Although Samsung doesn’t detail how the standard used in Galaxy Watch 4 series is different from Qi wireless charging, it seems to be a variation of Qi. But the standard used in Galaxy watches doesn’t fully support Qi.

Watch 4 charger

Samsung Galaxy Watch 4 charger

So if you try to charge the Galaxy Watch 4 or Watch 4 Classic on a Qi charger, it may charge for some time and then fail, or just may not charge at all. This is the reason you won’t find Galaxy Watch 4 compatible third-party chargers on the market. There are some listings on Amazon, but those chargers seem to be from fly-by-night Chinese manufacturers. User reviews on these listings suggest the chargers don’t work with the Watch 4 series.

Which chargers can I use with the Galaxy Watch 4 series?

You can use the official magnetic wireless charger that you get in the box with the watch. If you lose that charger and need a replacement, Samsung sells replacements via its online store and other retailers. In addition, the Samsung Wireless Charger Duo and Samsung Wireless Charger Trio also come with Galaxy Watch charging stations that will work with the Galaxy Watch 4 series.

    The official wireless charging dock for the Galaxy Watch 4 snaps in magnetically for a perfect fit.

    You can charge your smartphone and the smartwatch simultaneously.

    The Samsung Wireless Charger Trio can charge three devices at once, including the Watch 4.

Are you using the Galaxy Watch 4 or Galaxy Watch 4 Classic? Let us know about your experience in the comments section. Meanwhile, if you’re looking for Galaxy Watch 4 bands, we have selected some of the best on the market. We have also compared the Watch 4 with the Apple Watch Series 6 if you wonder how the Samsung watch stacks up against the Apple watch.

    The Samsung Galaxy Watch 4 is a new 'Wear OS Powered by Samsung' smartwatch. It comes in 40mm and 44mm sizes.
    The Samsung Galaxy Watch 4 Classic comes in 42mm and 46mm sizes. It also runs on the new 'Wear OS Powered by Samsung' platform.

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