Best Galaxy Z Fold 2 Deals: How to pre-order Samsung’s new foldable

Best Galaxy Z Fold 2 Deals: How to pre-order Samsung’s new foldable

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It took Samsung a few weeks, but in a short event today, the company finally launched the new Galaxy Z Fold 2. First shown off last month alongside the launch of the Galaxy Note 20 Ultra, the Galaxy Z Fold 2 brings several improvements including a new hinge that can be stopped at any angle, a wider front screen, a pinhole camera instead of that awful notch, and far more. There are also optimizations thanks to close partnerships with Google, where Duo and YouTube display controls on half the screen and video on the other half, and Microsoft, where you can work on a Powerpoint and Excel sheet side-by-side from within the Office app.

The new Galaxy Z Fold 2 launches on September 18 in the US at a price of $1,999. Although very expensive, it’s priced at $20 more than the price of the original Galaxy Fold, despite the vast range of improvements it brings. You can learn about the new Galaxy Z Fold 2 features here, and below let’s take a look at the best Galaxy Z Fold 2 deals and pre-order offers.

Best Samsung Galaxy Z Fold 2 Deals in the US

In the US, the Galaxy Z Fold 2 comes with a year of Galaxy Z Premier service, which includes a FoundersCard membership, on-call concierge, and more. It launches September 18 for $1,999 and you can customize the color of the hinge to make the Galaxy Z Fold 2 truly yours.

Samsung: Unlocked

Samsung is doing things differently with the Galaxy Z Fold 2, allowing you to customize it and truly make it your own. You have a choice of hinge colors so you can get creative with the style of your phone. If you place a pre-order, you can get up to $800 credit when you trade-in the Galaxy Fold or Galaxy Z Flip, or up to $650 with other devices. You also get $50 instant credit when you pre-order, which can be used on accessories and other items.

    Up to $800 instant trade-in credit at Samsung
    Forget the rest of the deals – if you want to save a bundle on your unlocked Galaxy Z Fold 2 and have a recent phone, Samsung's trade-in offer is the best. You can get up to $650 credit and if you have the original Z Flip or Galaxy Fold, you can save $800 on your new Galaxy Z Fold 2!

Amazon: Unlocked

The Galaxy Z Fold 2 is now available for pre-order at Amazon! While you do not get to customize your hinge, Amazon provides the most hassle-free method of pre-ordering. While there are currently no discounts to speak of, if you have the Amazon Prime Rewards Visa, you can split the payment over 18 months.

    Hassle-free Pre-orders at Amazon
    While Amazon's unlocked Galazy Z Fold 2 doesn't have the customization options like at Samsung, or carrier discounts, this is the easiest way to pre-order Samsung's new flagship. With Prime Shipping getting it to you on release day, you won't miss a beat if you pre-order the device from the world's biggest online retailer.

Best Buy: Unlocked, or on Verizon

Best Buy is also offering the Galaxy Z Fold 2 unlocked or on a payment plan with Verizon. If you activate when checking out, you can get it for $1,949, while on a Verizon payment plan, it starts at $83.33 per month for 24 months. Best Buy is also offering up to $800 instant credit, but I’ve used both and Samsung’s instant credit solution is far easier.

    From $1,949 at Best Buy
    If you want to save on the Galaxy Z Fold 2 and don't have a trade-in, Best Buy will give you a small discount for activating at time of sale. Best Buy is offering the Galaxy Z Fold 2 either unlocked or on Verizon, in both Mystic Black and Mystic Bronze.

Best Samsung Galaxy Z Fold 2 Carrier Deals in the US

Of course, some major carriers are also selling the Galaxy Z Fold 2. Here are the best deals for each of them:


Pre-orders for the Galaxy Z Fold 2 on Verizon are live now, and the phone ships on September 18. On Verizon’s standard device payment program, the Galaxy Z Fold 2 will cost you $83.33 per month over 24 months ($1999 retail price). Some of Verizon’s pre-order offers include:

  • Get up to $550 off when you add a line and purchase a Samsung Galaxy Z Fold2 5G and trade in your old smartphone on a Above, Beyond, Do, Play, or Get Unlimited Plan.
  • Get up to $350 off when you purchase a Samsung Galaxy Z Fold2 5G and trade in your old smartphone on other Unlimited Plans.
  • As an added bonus, if you switch to Verizon you can get a $150 Verizon eGift Card when you purchase a Galaxy Z Fold2 5G on the Verizon Unlimited plan.
  • Finally, get $100 off the Samsung Galaxy Watch when purchasing a Samsung smartphone, the Z Fold2 included.
    Galaxy Z Fold 2 | $83.33 per month at Verizon
    Get the full power of Verizon's 5G mmWave network with the Galaxy Z Fold 2. Verizon has a range of pre-order offers available, and you can save on accessories too.


AT&T has a dedicated landing page that you can visit to pre-order your Galaxy Z Fold 2. You can buy it either for $1,999 outright or on an AT&T Installment Plan for $66.67 per month over 30 months. If you want the ability to upgrade early with AT&T Next – which lets you upgrade early by trading in your device after you’ve paid off half its retail price – it will cost you an additional $5 per month premium. AT&T’s pre-order offer includes $50 off the Galaxy Buds Live when you pre-order the Galaxy Z Fold 2.

    Galaxy Z Fold 2 | From $66.67 per month at AT&T
    If you're on AT&T and want the Galaxy Z Fold 2, it's available for just $66.67 per month on a new 30-month payment plan. There are pre-order offers available as well, hit the button to find out more!

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