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These are the Best Cases to buy for the Google Pixel 4a

These are the Best Cases to buy for the Google Pixel 4a

The Google Pixel 4a is a great mid-range smartphone at a competitive price of $349. After all, the Pixel 4a can go head-to-head with older flagship phones in terms of its cameras! While this isn’t cutting-edge technology, this is a phone that’s a great upgrade if you’re on an aging device. While the device itself is humble and unassuming with its polycarbonate body, that doesn’t mean it can’t use some extra protection, and it can definitely use an extra punch in the style department. If you’ve already got a Google Pixel 4a deal, then check out the Google Pixel 4a cases you can grab below!


As you click through to these cases, you may notice some of the listings mentioning that the Pixel 4a cases are not compatible with the Pixel 4a 5G. The two phones are slightly different in size, so take care of this when buying your cases! All of the below cases are confirmed to work with the Pixel 4a only.

    Can't go wrong with official

    The official Google Pixel 4a case has a machine washable soft-touch fabric, and is made from recycled materials. It's available in three colors -- Blue Confetti, Static Gray, and Basically Black.

    Hoist It, Prop It

    If you want to clip your phone to your belt, the Unicorn Beetle Pro is the case you'll want to grab for your Pixel 4a. Not only can you clip it to your belt, but you can also prop it up for an easier viewing experience. It's also a tough case, so it should protect against most drops.


    Go green, opt for compostable

    This is another official Google Pixel 4a case, that's made out of flax straw and compostable bioplastic. This case is available in three colors -- Green, Honey Bee, and Ocean Turtle.

    Black Bumper, Clear Back

    The Spigen Ultra Hybrid Matte Black takes the transparent and flexible case, adds some toughness to the back for extra protection, and a matte black bumper for a unique look.

    Protection with style

    If you want to completely change the look of your Pixel 4a while also giving it ample protection, this case gives you a best of both worlds. It even has a built-in screen protector.


    Clear as Crystal

    If you think your Pixel 4a looks good as it is, yet you want some protection, this case from Spigen's Liquid Crystal line gives you the best protection from a see-through, anti-slip TPU flexible case.

    Clear and Tough

    The Spigen Ultra Hybrid takes the transparent and flexible case and adds some toughness to the back for extra protection. You lose out on flexibility, but get some more peace of mind.

    When you need more protection

    The Spigen Rugged Armor is one of the most popular choices for flexible TPU cases that boast of shock absorption while still being fashionable in their own right.

    For ultimate protection

    The Spigen Tough Armor is for those who need the most protection possible, thanks to its combination of impact foam, flexible TPU and hard polycarbonate that absorbs all damage.

    When grip meets style

    The Caseology Parallax adds style to your device with its exciting texture and patterns on the back. You can get these protective cases in Classic Blue, Coral Pink, Matte Black, and Purple-ish.

    Critically acclaimed protection

    The OtterBox Commuter series is widely hailed as being one of the best choices for rugged cases. This Rosemarine Pink color adds both style and protection to your Pixel 4a.

    Everything is better with glitter

    The Pixel 4a is a boring phone, and nothing adds more pizzazz than a moving glitter case. Distract yourself, kill time and protect your phone while you're at it.

    Prop it up!

    If you spend a lot of time at a desk, being able to prop up your phone is a big plus. This case helps you achieve that while still protecting it against scratches and providing additional grip.

    Subtly claim attention

    The OtterBox Symmetry Clear Stardust case is a fun twist to the case maker's popular Symmetry lineup that adds some subtle charisma and appeal to your phone.

    Raised Bezel Shield

    This case from Ringke is similar to other bumper cases with clear backs, offering a raised lip all around your phone to protect the display. You also get lanyard holes on both sides for attaching straps!

    Customization and protection!

    Grip cases from Dbrand are not only known for offering military-grade impact protection, but also for their easy compatibility with the company's wide variety of skins!

    Fun colors with protection

    The Crave Dual Guard Protection series combines a flexible TPU layer with a patterned hard polycarbonate shell. This case is available in several different fun colors.

    Protect in Style

    Do you want as much protection as possible, but not a fan of OtterBox? This case would be a good substitution. The Poetic Revolution case is shock absorbent and comes with a screen protector that you can put on or leave off. It also comes in Blue, Black, and Pink!

    Rings for Holding and Propping

    This tough cases features a useful ring holder. You can slip your finger through to prevent dropping, and even use the ring as a kickstand to prop it up. There are five colors to choose from, so you can add in some extra style too!

    Hold a card or two

    If you want an easy way to store an ID and credit card, you can pick up Teelevo's case. A hidden card slow (that doubles as a kickstand) will securely hold two cards without you having to worry about them sliding out.

    All-in-one wallet case

    The Arae case provides a full wallet case for the Google Pixel 4a. Hold your ID card, credit cards, and money in one place! Also, the extra flap not only protects your phone screen, but you can use it to prop the Pixel 4a up.

    Colorful and protective

    If you're looking for a colorful case that looks elegant while also providing a good amount of protection, this case is a good option to consider.

    All-in-one protection

    This is a rugged case with dual-layer protection so it's going to add some bulk to your phone. It comes with two free screen protectors and has a kickstand built-in.

    Grippy texture

    This is a dual-layer case that has a unique texture on the back making it easier to hold the phone for long durations. It also offers a decent amount of protection against drops due to the multi-layer design.

As you can see, there’s a wide variety of cases on offer for the Google Pixel 4a. What you end up choosing depends on what you prefer and on your budget. If you have a higher budget, you can always opt for the official cases which offer maximum compatibility with the phone and other official accessories. Google’s official cases are also less harmful to the environment, as they are made mostly from recycled materials.

Higher budget spenders can also look for tried-and-trusted brands like Supcase and Dbrand — not only do they have great cases that provide the ultimate in protection, they also have a history and reputation of proceeding it. Lower down the line, options from Spigen, Ringke, and Caseology give you a wide variety of choices. You can go completely clear and flexible with thin see-through cases, or opt for a reinforced bumper, or go for a harder TPU shell, or go even harder with a dual-layer design and a polycarbonate shell. If you’d much rather add some style to your Google Pixel 4a, there are cases with sparkling designs and even moving glitter that really attracts attention to an otherwise humble design.

    For the easiest and most convinent Pixel 4a purchase, go with Amazon! Pixel 4a orders come with Prime shipping, and if you have an Amazon Prime Rewards card, you can sign up for a monthly payment plan to boot.

Of course, all of these cases are for the Google Pixel 4a. If you haven’t already got the phone for yourself, you can buy yours from the links above, or check out all the other deals!

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