Best Google Pixel 5 Deals: Where to buy Google’s flagship in May 2021

Best Google Pixel 5 Deals: Where to buy Google’s flagship in May 2021

Google’s future is now! The Google Pixel 5 has been out for a while now, and it’s an impressive piece of tech for the price. In our Google Pixel 5 review, Adam Conway mentions that “if you’re looking for a fantastic software experience with good performance, the Google Pixel 5 is definitely worth looking at”. The mid-range chipset may scare off those wanting the bleeding edge, but this flagship runs better than expected and comes at a more affordable price.

Offering a 6-inch, OLED screen with a 90Hz refresh rate and 8GB RAM, you’ll be able to watch anything you like and it’ll be smooth and stutter-free. You’ll even be able to play games without any issue. Couple that with impressive front and rear cameras, you have a device that can stand with the best, while only costing $699.

Of course, retailers are always offering some great Google Pixel 5 deals, as they’re vying for you to purchase this flagship device from them. We’ve rounded up the best deals, so you can skip the research and pick up your new phone!

Where to Buy the Google Pixel 5

If you want to get your hands on the Google Pixel 5, you’ll need to decide if you want an unlocked version or something under a carrier plan. Amazon, Best Buy, and the Google Store have unlocked phones, while Verizon is the current carrier with the Pixel 5 available to buy.

Best Unlocked Google Pixel 5 Deals

For unlocked Google Pixel 5 deals, you can pick Amazon, Best Buy, or the Google Store.


Amazon is currently out of stock of the Pixel 5, but you can check to see if it’s been restocked after the time of this writing!

    Google Pixel 5
    Ease, convenience, and two day shipping. What more could you want from Amazon for your Pixel 5 purchase? Prime Rewards cardholders can also pay for the device over 18 months, interest-free.

Best Buy

Right now at Best Buy, if you buy an unlocked Google Pixel 5, you’ll save $50 if you activate it today. Carrier-locked phones are not currently on any kind of discount, but the monthly payment plans may be easier to achieve anymore! Also, with unlocked or carrier phones, you’ll get a free three months of YouTube Premium.

    Google Pixel 5
    Buy the Google Pixel 5 from Best Buy and activate today, you'll save $50 if it's an unlocked phone! You'll also get 3 months of YouTube Premium!

Google Store

You can’t go wrong grabbing the Pixel 5 from Google themselves. You can order the Google Pixel 5 right now at the Google Store–no waitlist needed! If you qualify for Google Financing, you can also pay off the phone over 24 months at 0% APR. You can also choose to pay $5 a month for the first three months, though you’ll have to still pay the $699 total.

    Google Pixel 5
    Get the Pixel 5 straight from Google! If you qualify, you can split the $699 into 24 monthly payments with 0% APR.

Best Carrier Google Pixel 5 Deals

Looking to grab a Pixel 5 on a carrier plan? Right now, you can go with Verizon or AT&T.


Verizon always has a bunch of deals for smartphones, and the Google Pixel 5 is no exception. Check Verizon’s page to see which deals you’re eligible for!

    Google Pixel 5
    The Google Pixel 5 is available at Verizon! You can grab either the black or green version, and you can save if you trade in an eligible phone.


The Google Pixel 5 is currently sold out at AT&T but keep checking back–it may return soon!

    Google Pixel 5
    If you're already with AT&T you can grab your Google Pixel 5 directly from them when stock returns!

In a year full of $1000-$2000 flagships, the Google Pixel 5 does not attempt to become a flagship, but it still ends up becoming one simply because it is at the helm of the ship for Google in 2020 and the first half of 2021. But that goes on to show that not everyone needs to have a flagship processor. Most average users should be just fine with the modest package of the Pixel 5. And the camera is just the icing on the top that makes it one of the phones that a lot of reviewers can heartily recommend this year.

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