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These are the Best Google Pixel 5a Screen Protectors in 2021

These are the Best Google Pixel 5a Screen Protectors in 2021

Google Pixel 5a‘s build quality is pretty good. It features a metal unibody design with a plastic shell and Corning Gorilla Glass 3 protection on the front. However, it’s always good to add a case and a screen protector to better safeguard your phone. We’ve already recommended the best cases for the Pixel 5a, and now it’s the turn of screen protectors. Here are the best Pixel 5a screen protectors you can buy right now.

A screen protector, when clubbed with a good case can go a long way in protecting your phone from both scratches and cracks. A broken display can be quite expensive to repair, so getting a good quality screen protector can help you save a good chunk of money.


Best Pixel 5a Screen Protectors

As always, our recommendations include a mix of PET films, TPU films, and tempered glass protectors. So you can pick one based on your preference. Tempered glass protectors typically provide the best protection, whereas TPU films are the most flexible. Thus they offer a good fit even on screens with curved edges. PET films are less flexible than TPU films, but they provide slightly better protection.

    9H hardness

    The Arae screen protector for the Pixel 5a uses tempered glass to safeguard the screen. It's rated for 9H hardness and comes with hydrophobic and oleophobic coating to resist sweat and fingerprint smudges.

    Lifetime replacement

    The Mr. Shield screen protector also uses a 9H-rated tempered glass. In addition, the company provides a limited lifetime replacement warranty if you receive a damaged unit or have fitting or installation problems.


    If you're not a fan of tempered glass protectors, this ArmorSuit MilitaryShield screen protector may interest you. It's essentially a TPU film that comes with self-healing properties. The screen protector on its own will remove any minor scratches or scuff marks over time.

    Oleophobic coating

    Fingerprint smudges can be annoying, and if you're looking for a screen protector to get rid of them, then you'll like the Ailun glass protector. It features an oleophobic coating to resist fingerprint smudges.


    The kwmobile screen protector is PET film that promises scratch-resistance. It's easy to apply, and you get three screen protectors in the box, which will be enough to last the phone's lifetime. In addition, there's an oleophobic coating on the film.

    Military-grade TPU

    If you don't like ArmorSuit Military Shield, the Skinomi Screen Protector is also a TPU film. It's made with military-grade TPU material to absorb impact and provide good protection to the Pixel 5a screen. You also get self-healing support.


    The SuperShield tempered glass protector also comes with 9H hardness and is coated with hydrophobic and oleophobic material. The company says it'll provide excellent scratch resistance. Additionally, you get two protectors in the box.


    Apart from its regular TPU film protector, Skinomi also offers a matte protector that reduces glare and improves visibility and bright environments. It also uses military-grade material and is self-healing.

    Easy to apply

    The Spigen Tempered Glass protector for the Pixel 5a comes with a smart installer to aid in the installation. The tempered glass is also coated with oleophobic material to resist smudges and is rated 9H for hardness.

These are the best Pixel 5a screen protectors that you can buy right now. The Mr. Shield protector is an excellent option if you prefer tempered glass, whereas the TPU film lovers will appreciate the Skinomi films. In terms of the PET films, the kwmobile display film is great. We would recommend getting a tempered glass screen protector since they’re both more protective and offer better smoothness while gliding your fingers on the screen. They’re also better in terms of visibility.

    The Pixel 5a is Google's latest mid-range smartphone. It features a Snapdragon 765G SoC, 6GB of RAM, and a full-HD+ display.

Which screen protector are you planning to get? Let us know in the comments section. You can also read our detailed review of the Pixel 5a to get our thoughts on it.

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