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These are the Best Pixel 6a Screen Protectors to buy in 2022

These are the Best Pixel 6a Screen Protectors to buy in 2022

The Google Pixel 6a is officially here, bringing several notable upgrades over previous Google Pixel A series phones. The formula is still the same: you get some of the best features of the current gen Pixel flagship for a significantly lower price. But a cheaper price tag comes with a few compromises. While the flagship Pixel 6 and Pixel 6 Pro feature the best in class Gorilla Glass Victus protection, the Pixel 6a settles for Gorilla Glass 3, which is good enough to protect the display against scratches but less likely to survive a fall onto concrete. That’s why you might want to consider applying a screen protector on your shiny new Pixel 6a. There are quite a few screen protectors available for the Pixel 6a on the market. But which one should you buy? To save you time and effort from having to wade through so many options, we have put together a collection of the best Pixel 6a screen protectors below. All of them are precisely cut for the Pixel 6a, have cutouts for the selfie camera, and are tested to work with the in-display fingerprint scanner.


    Only 0.33mm thick

    This pack of screen protectors from iVoler gives you three tempered glass with 9H level hardness. The glass is only 0.33mm thick and doesn’t affect the display quality or touch responsive.

    Camera lens protector

    This tempered glass from amFlim is 0.33mm thin and is rated for 9H hardness. It also has an oleophobic coating to reduce the build of fingerprints, oils, and smudges. You also get two camera lens protectors inside the box to safeguard the camera module against scratches and scuffs.

    0.2mm thickness

    This tempered glass from Supershieldz comes in a pack of three and provides great protection against scratches and drops while maintaining transparency and responsiveness. It’s only 0.2mm thick, so you won’t notice it’s even there. It also has a hydrophobic and oleophobic coating to reduce fingerprints and sweat.


    Here’s another excellent tempered glass protector with 9H hardness. It’s three times stronger than PET protectors and safeguards the Pixel 6a’s display against scratches and rupture. The protector is slightly smaller than the display to ensure compatibility with most cases. It comes with a bubble-free adhesive for easy application.

    Maximum transparency

    Here’s a PET-based screen protector that will protect your Pixel 6a from every scratches, dust and scrapes. It’s not as durable as tempered glass, but it’s much cheaper, thinner, and offers greater transparency. The pack includes six screen protectors, which is great value for money.

    Easy to apply

    This pack of screen protectors include three tempered glass and three camera lens protectors. It’s case friendly and provides an installation guidance frame for easy application. The protector is made from 9H level hardness tempered glass for superior protection. The package also comes with three cleaning cloths and three dust removers

That wraps up our round-up of the best Pixel 6a screen protectors. There are a plethora of screen protectors available on the market for the Pixel 6a, but these we think are the best among the pack. For maximum protection and durability, we recommend going with a temepred glass protector. It’s thicker and a bit more expensive than PET and TPU protectors, but it’s more likely to withstand drops and scratches than the other two materials. However, a simple PET film-based screen guard should be fine if you just want a basic level of protection without spending too much.

    The Google Pixel 6a features a 6.1-inch AMOLED display, Tensor chipset, and capable cameras.

For all-around protection for your Pixel 6a, a protective case is highly recommended. If you’re looking to buy one, we have rounded up the best Pixel 6a cases in a separate article.

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