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These are the best headphones for the MacBook Pro 13 (2022)

These are the best headphones for the MacBook Pro 13 (2022)

Apple revealed the MacBook Pro 13 (2022) during the main keynote of WWDC22. This addition to the Mac line packs the M2 chip in a classic chassis. Unlike the 14- and 16-inch MacBook Pro (2021) models, it doesn’t feature the overhauled body that includes a wider port variety and a notched display. If you’d rather get the redesigned models, you can buy refurbished units for a cheaper price. Nonetheless, the 13.3-inch MacBook Pro (2022) comes with some perks. These include a Touch Bar and a more portable design. This Mac also includes a headphone jack for wired audio connections. Below is a list of the best wired and wireless headphones for the MacBook Pro 13 (2022).


Best headphones for the MacBook Pro 13 (2022)


    These wireless headphones come in seven colors and support ANC.


    These affordable ones provide 40 hours of use through a 2-hour charge.


    These wired earphones cost under 10 bucks — for those on a limited budget.


    These premium ones offer ANC, a 30-hour battery, and two color options.


    These come from a reputable company and are sold as either wired or wireless.

    Battery Life

    These tiny earbuds offer a 12-hour battery and four stunning color options.


    Your Mac fully supports this premium option. It offers ANC and five colors.

    ANC Earbuds

    macOS fully supports these ANC ones, too. They're more portable, though.

    Water Resistant

    These ANC earbuds offer three color options and IPX4 water resistance.


    Available in four colors, these wired headphones are battery-free.


    These comfortable headphones support hi-res audio, ANC, and more.

    Sweat Resistant

    These ANC ones have an IPX4 rating, so you can work out while using them.

    Effective ANC

    Available in two colors, these ANC buds pack 6 hours of listening time.

    Fast Charging

    These offer 41 hours of listening time and Tile tracking support.

    Multi-Device Support

    You can connect these to two Bluetooth devices within 9 meters at once.

    Spatial Audio

    Apple's AirPods 3 support Dolby Atmos content but lack ANC.


    These leather headphones support both wired and wireless charging.


    The wired earbuds from Apple include a media remote and microphone.


    These include a dedicated noise-rejecting mic for gamers.


    The Sony ZX110 offers a foldable design for easy storage and portability.

    Echo Cancellation

    These support lossless audio, 30 hours of listening, and more.

Personally, if I had to choose headphones to use with my MacBook Pro 13, I would go for both the AirPods Max and AirPods Pro (different use cases). I don’t consider myself an audiophile — so I’m not exactly looking for the best quality out there. Instead, I’m seeking the headphones that my MacBook Pro has full support for. The seamless connection and Apple Ecosystem perks are worth every penny — in my opinion. I’ve used third-party Bluetooth and headphones and speakers with my Mac before. The experience wasn’t as reliable when compared to using products that include Apple’s H or W chips.

It’s important to buy headphones for your MacBook Pro. That’s especially true if you plan on using it for work. After all, you will likely need to attend plenty of online meetings. Active Noise Cancelation (ANC) helps you focus on the meeting by isolating the sounds coming from your surrounding. Even if you don’t plan on using it for work, headphones are a great accessory for when you want to listen to music or stream TV content.

    The 2022 MacBook Pro 13-inch offers a classic design, reintroduces the Touch Bar, and packs the M2 chip.

Which of these headphones will you be buying for your MacBook Pro, and why? Let us know in the comments section below.

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