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The Best iPhone 12 Battery Cases to give your device more juice!

The Best iPhone 12 Battery Cases to give your device more juice!

The iPhone 12 has an impressive battery life of approximately eight hours but often that isn’t enough for some people. If you’re having a long day and you’re nowhere near a power socket to charge your phone, you’re going to need some way of boosting that battery until you get home. That’s why you need some extra juice, either in the form of a portable charger or integrated within your iphone case as a battery pack. Battery cases are affordable battery boosters that attach themselves to your iPhone and can provide hours of additional juice to keep you going. There are downsides though – some packs prevent QI wireless charging and Apple CarPlay can also be affected in some cases.

But if that isn’t an impediment to you, read on to see some of the best battery cases available for the iPhone 12 and iPhone 12 Pro. They’re cheap, aesthetically well-designed, and you never know when you are going to need it the most.


    Wireless charging

    Alpatronix stands out because it allows wireless charging (unlike many other battery packs). Charge your phone on a QI charger and then the battery pack will charge itself using the same charger.

    120% battery life

    This doesn't support Apple CarPlay but it does claim to give you an extended battery life of up to 120%. This is equivalent to 32 hours of extra talk time. If you don't use CarPlay, this would be a top contender.

    Wireless charging & 120% power

    ZeroLemon gives you the best of both worlds - wireless charging and up to 120% more power. It's also compatible with Apple CarPlay which vaults this battery case to the top of the pack.

    Smart LED Indicators

    As well as a more powerful battery charge, Luowan also provides a Smart LED Indicator which shows you how much battery you have left (25%, 50%...etc. You can also switch off the battery pack without having to remove it.)

    180% battery life

    SNSOU claims their product can provide up to 180% more battery life with a stronger than normal battery voltage. It also has a Smart LED indicator showing how much battery you have left. The only downside is that this pack does not support wireless charging.

    Faster charging

    No wireless charging or CarPlay but Jerss does provide a powerful battery which will charge your phone in no time. LED lights will show you at all times the progress of the charge. You can also sync your phone to your MacBook without removing the battery case.

    Apple Pay supported

    If you are a regular user of Apple Pay, using the Newdery battery pack doesn't mean having to take the pack on and off your phone. Apple Pay contactless payments still work with the pack attached.

    200% charge!

    As if it is a competition to outdo everyone else, Tengroad claims their battery pack provides 200% more charge to your phone. LED charging lights and the ability to switch off the battery pack without removing it makes it one to seriously consider.

    A kickstand

    This has all the usual battery charging features as all the others. But what makes Slabao unique is that the battery pack comes with a kickstand attached. So while the battery is charging, you can prop up the phone on its stand and view the screen, hands-free.

You have so much to choose from if you search for iPhone 12 battery packs online. Each one has a unique selling point whether it supports wireless charging, Apple CarPlay, Apple Pay, or the ability to sync your iPhone to your MacBook.

The only thing you may not like about iPhone 12 battery packs is that they add a bit of bulk to your phone. The actual phone is so thin now that anything which makes it thicker may not be welcomed. But the battery needs to go somewhere, so you have to balance the slight inconvenience of a bit more heft with the advantage of extra battery power when you are not near a power socket. Since these cases are likely to always be on your iPhone, you will get much more peace of mind as against carrying a portable charger everywhere you go. So pick one that suits your needs and stop worrying about running out of juice!

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