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Best iPhone 12 Mini Cases to buy in 2022

Best iPhone 12 Mini Cases to buy in 2022

The iPhone 12 Mini is a small and compact phone that a lot of people were asking for for years. It brought back memories of the iPhone 5 design which a lot of people absolutely loved. But it also happens to be one of Apple’s worst-performing products in terms of sales figures. Understandably so, since a smartphone is the only entertainment hub for a lot of people and larger screens offer a better viewing experience. In fact, a large phone is so much more practical in today’s world given how much we actually use our phones.

If you’re a sucker for small phones though, the iPhone 12 mini is a blessing, as it fits in your hand like a glove. In fact, the iPhone 13 mini solves the one major issue with the iPhone 12 mini — battery life. What this means is if you want a small phone, you no longer have to compromise on battery life. Coming back to the 12 mini for now, it’s covered by glass and as you all know, glass is fragile. That’s exactly why getting a case is a good idea. Here are some of the best cases for the iPhone 12 Mini, from slim protection to rugged tanks.


    Maximum protection all-around

    The Supcase Unicorn Beetle Pro is one of the most rugged cases that you will find. If you want the best protection for your iPhone 12 mini including a built-in screen protector, look no further.


    Protective and has MagSafe

    Apple introduced MagSafe with the iPhone 12 series and this Apple Silicone case is one of the best cases you can get to use MagSafe. It also provides decent protection.

    A good clear case

    If you want a clear case that shows off the back of your iPhone 12 mini while also providing good protection with shockproof corners, this case is a good, affordable option for you.

    Good protection with a card slot

    The Spigen Slim Armor CS not only offers good drop protection for your iPhone 12 mini but also has a trick up its sleeve in the form of a card slot that can hold your credit cards or ID cards.

    Ultimate protection for your phone

    UAG is known to offer the best protection for your phone and this UAG Plasma case stands up to it. It has reinforced corners to protect against drops and it also looks cool and futuristic, albeit bulky.

    Elegance of leather

    Leather cases look and feel great and this official case from Apple is no exception. It has a rich texture and offers a decent amount of protection. It also has support for MagSafe which is an added bonus.

    Bulky but very protective

    Otterbox has been around the longest and is one of the most trusted brands in terms of phone cases. It offers solid protection for your iPhone at the cost of added bulk which is justified given how protective it is.

    Stylish looks with protection

    The Mous Limitless 3.0 is a protective case that offers multiple designs and patterns which makes it stand out from other cases that look plain and monotonous. If you like the look of wood, go for this one.

    Best grip in the business

    The Speck Presidio 2 Grip has a unique texture along the back and sides of the case that make it one of the most grippy phone cases to use. If you use your phone one-handed a lot, this is a great option.

These are some of the best cases for the iPhone 12 mini right from thin cases that let you flaunt your new iPhone to bulky ones that provide a great deal of protection. If you like to show off your new iPhone, the Amazon Basic Clear Case is the way to go. If you want good protection along with a card slot, the Spigen Rugged Armor CS is a great pick. If you want to use MagSafe with your iPhone 12 mini, either the Apple Silicone Case or Apple Leather should be your default option. If you have the elder sibling of the iPhone 12 mini, we also have a list of some of the best cases for the iPhone 12 and iPhone 12 Pro.

It’s a good idea to get a case since it protects your iPhone against scratches and drops which can save you a lot of money you would otherwise have to spend on repairs. You can even get a battery case to extend the battery life of your iPhone 12 while you’re traveling.

    The iPhone 12 mini is one of the only compact smartphones that offers powerful internals and doesn't make a lot of compromises.

If you don’t like using a case on your smartphone, we would recommend getting Apple Care+ for your iPhone since it protects your phone even against accidental damages. Sure, cases do add some extra thickness and bulk, but the iPhone 12 mini is already a small phone so a little bit of added thickness doesn’t make a huge deal of difference.

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