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These are the Best Chargers for the iPhone 13 series to buy in 2021

These are the Best Chargers for the iPhone 13 series to buy in 2021

The iPhone 13 series is official, and as you can expect, none of the phones in the lineup come with a charger in the box. So unless you have a USB C charger lying around, you’ll have to buy one separately. Fortunately, there are many excellent iPhone chargers on the market, including Apple’s official 20W USB wired charger. We have selected the best of them for you. But before we list our recommendations, let’s talk about what makes a charger great for the iPhone 13 series.

Picking a wired iPhone charger is pretty straightforward. While technically any USB charger — or even a USB port that can deliver power — can charge your iPhone 13, for the fastest charging you need a USB charger that supports the USB PD (Power Delivery) standard and can deliver 20W power or more. 20W or higher USB PD chargers can charge any iPhone 13 model up to 50% in just 30 minutes.


In terms of wireless charging, the iPhone 13 series supports regular Qi charging of up to 7.5W and MagSafe wireless charging of up to 15W. So if you are buying a wireless charger, make sure it supports MagSafe to get the fastest charging speeds.

Best iPhone 13 chargers

    The official wired charger

    The official Apple 20W charger is one of the best chargers for the iPhone 13 series. Its price is in line with popular third-party chargers, and you’ll get fast charging speeds. So if you’re looking just to charge your phone, go for it.

    Compact and lightweight

    The Anker PowerPort Nano PD is one of the most compact USB chargers for the iPhone 13, with just over one inch on each side. It’s also lightweight and supports 20W charging with support for USB PD.

    GaN charger

    The Spigen 20W ArcStation Pro is an excellent alternative to the official Apple charger. It uses Gallium Nitrate, instead of Silicon, for a cooler operation and smaller footprint. In addition, the charger packs a foldable plug, making it a good option for travel.

    For narrow spaces

    Belkin also offers an excellent GaN charger for the iPhone 13, and it’s perfect for narrow spaces. In addition, it supports 20W power delivery, so you're sure to get top charging speeds. If you also need a lightning cable, Belkin sells a separate bundle that includes a cable.

    Fast wireless charging

    The official Apple MagSafe Charger is a no-frills wireless charger for your iPhone. It simply snaps onto the iPhone, thanks to built-in magnets, and provides fast 15W wireless charging. You can also use it to charge AirPods.

    Convenient charging

    If you have an Apple Watch or a pair of AirPods lying around, the Apple MagSafe Duo will be a better wireless charging solution for you. You can use it to charge two devices simultaneously and get up to 14W charging. However, you’ll need a 27W USB-C power adapter to get 14W speed.

    With AC adapter

    The Belkin MagSafe 2-in-1 Wireless Charger is a fantastic alternative to the Apple MagSafe Duo if you only need to charge an iPhone and AirPods. It’s not only cheaper, but also comes with its own AC adapter. So you won’t need to worry about getting a 27W adapter.

    Fast charging in a car

    If you're looking for a car charger for your iPhone 13, this Belkin charger is excellent. It comes with a single Type-C port and supports up to 20W power delivery.

    Charge your iPhone and MacBook

    This NekTeck charger is a fantastic option if you are looking for a single charger for your iPhone and MacBook. It can offer fast charging on pretty much all MacBooks, except the 16-inch model. In addition, the charger packs four ports—two Type-C and two Type-A.

    Charge two devices

    The Anker USB C car charger is a good option if you want to charge two devices simultaneously in your car. Unfortunately, you won’t get the highest speeds, but the charger supports up to 18W power delivery, which is also quite decent.

    Easy to carry

    If you love to go on hikes or camping, this NekTeck solar charger is an excellent option to charge your iPhone when there are no charging points around. Of course, it won’t offer fast charging speeds, but at least your phone will get charged. The solar charger comes with two USB Type-A ports, so make sure to carry a USB Type-A to Lightning cable with you.

    With two Type-C ports

    If you have an iPhone 13 Pro or Pro Max, you may be able to get faster charging than the non-Pro iPhone 13 models. Reports indicate the 13 Pro Max supports up to 27W charging, and 13 Pro can charge up to 23W. So this Spigen charger with two 30W capable Type-C will be perfect for you.

These are the best iPhone 13 chargers you can buy right now. There are plenty of options for wired, wireless, and even car chargers. If you just need a wired fast charger for your iPhone 13 or 13 Mini, you can’t go wrong with either the Anker PowerPort Nano PD or the official Apple 20W charger. While both these power bricks will also charge your iPhone 13 Pro or Pro Max, the Pro models apparently support up to 27W fast charging speeds, so a charger like Spigen 40W ArcStation Pro will make more sense for the iPhone 13 Pro or Pro Max users.

    The iPhone 13 and 13 Mini come in five colors and three storage variants. Their pricing starts at $699.
    The iPhone 13 Pro and Pro Max have four color options and four storage variants. Their pricing starts at $999.

Which charger are you planning to buy? Do you prefer wireless charging over wired charging? Let us know in the comments section. Meanwhile, we have also selected the best deals on the iPhone 13 and iPhone 13 Pro.

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