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These are the best Apple iPhone 13 Pro Max screen protectors to buy in 2022

These are the best Apple iPhone 13 Pro Max screen protectors to buy in 2022

Apple revealed the iPhone 13 lineup in September 2021. If you’re reading this, we’re guessing you’ve already bought or have decided to buy the iPhone 13 Pro Max — a great choice, by the way! One thing that gets on most people’s nerves is a scratched or, worse, cracked phone screen. So we’ve compiled for you a list of the best screen protectors for the iPhone 13 Pro Max.

Phone screens, no matter how durable, can break. After all, they’re merely glass. Almost every year, OEMs try to use more durable displays, but we’re still years away from actually having shatterproof screens. And one disadvantage about making screens more shatter-resistant is that they become more prone to scratches. So if you drop your phone, it likely won’t break, but any notable friction is going to leave marks behind.


And to be honest, scratches steal the premium look and feel of a flagship phone. It just looks older and more worn out. Apart from placing your keys or other sharp objects — and your iPhone — in different pockets, there’s one obvious protective measure you could additionally go for —  screen protectors.

    Tempered Glass

    This one from Spigen offers notable protection to your iPhone's screen. Its tempered glass durability is rated at 9H hardness, and has an oleophobic coating for daily fingerprint resistance. This is a two pack bundle, in case things go wrong with the first try. This shouldn't be an issue though, because it has an easy installation kit included in the package.

    Protective Case

    This one from SUPCASE offers a case for your whole iPhone, not just a screen protector. It’s made of high-quality PC+TPU materials, and it’s durable and stylish. It’s also transparent, so the back cover highlights your iPhone’s signature look.


    Budget Friendly

    This one from Ferilinso is an affordable option if you don’t want to spend too much. It offers three tempered glass screen protectors and two back camera lens protectors. It also has an easy installation kit, so applying it on your new iPhone won’t be a hassle. And if you plan to put on a case, this protector is compatible with 99% of them.

    Anti Spy

    This is for those who can’t stand it when strangers snoop on their phones. Sometimes we’re just aimlessly scrolling through our social feeds on the metro, and it sucks when we catch someone side-eyeing our screens. This offers you both the physical screen protection and peace of mind to publicly browse through your guilty pleasures.

    Stylish Full Protection

    This one from i-Blason is for those of you who like a sophisticated look. It offers a premium marble design on its back, and it is MagSafe-compatible. Its raised camera and screen bezels provide added protection as well. It comes with a screen protector built-in.


    Case Friendly

    This one from ESR is for those of you who plan to use a case on their iPhones. It comes with a frame for easy installation, resists up to 11 lb of force, and has a special coating that helps keep your screen smudge and fingerprint free.

    Easy Installation

    This screen protector from Power Theory comes with a kit to ensure you that you install the protector easily and correctly. It's bubble-proof, case-friendly, and made out of tempered glass.


    This 3-pack screen protector from QHOHQ comes with lens protectors as well. It ensures neither your screen nor the camera lenses are scratched. It's also case-friendly, allowing you to put on a case to protect the back.


    If you're looking for a 2-pack option, this screen protector from Ailun is the one to go for. It comes with lens protectors as well, to make sure your cameras remain crystal clear. The company offers an installation tutorial on YouTube.

    Ultra Thin

    This ultra thin screen protector also comes in a 3-pack. It's an affordable option and is made out of tempered glass.


    This privacy screen protector comes with a camera lens protector. This allows you to protect the screen and rear cameras while blocking prying eyes.

    Edge to Edge

    This edge to edge screen protector from amFilm comes with camera lens protectors as well. It's a 2-pack and costs a reasonable price.

Now, just so we’re on the same page, no protector makes your phone’s display truly shatter-proof, no matter what the ads state. Screen protectors are only meant to increase your phone’s resistance to shattering and scratching. You’re still expected to treat your iPhone gently, but if an accident happens, you’ll just potentially minimize the damages.

Personally, I would go for the Ferilinso Anti Spy Tempered Glass Screen Protector. It offers the iPhone screen extra durability, while protecting me from prying eyes. I no longer have to worry about getting caught browsing through my Country Music playlists in public.

    The iPhone 13 Pro Max is Apple's top-of-the-line 2021 iPhone with big and great cameras, a small notch, and a 120Hz display.

Which of these iPhone 13 Pro Max screen protectors did you decide to go for? Let us know in the comments section below! Do check out our recommendations for the best iPhone 13 Pro Max cases too!

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