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These are the best keyboards for your Mac Studio in 2022

These are the best keyboards for your Mac Studio in 2022

Apple has been working on ditching Intel chips by implementing its own in the Mac lineup. If you buy a Mac, it’ll likely include one of the M chips. That’s because the company has already transitioned on most of the available models. Developers have also been optimizing their apps for Apple silicon to deliver a smoother experience on macOS Monterey and Ventura. A notable addition to the Mac family is the Mac Studio. Apple revealed it along with the unrivaled M1 Ultra chip during its Peek Performance event. Despite it being a mighty computer, its box doesn’t include a keyboard, and you will have to buy one separately. Here are the best keyboards available for your new Mac Studio.



    This is Apple's official Magic Keyboard. It fully integrates with macOS, has a rechargeable battery, and includes a Touch ID sensor.

    Numeric Keypad

    This keyboard includes all of the features of the previous one but also comes with a numeric keypad. It's ideal for those who works with numbers.


    This wireless keyboard from Logitech offers a comfortable key design. It is backlit, has a numeric keypad, and offers a decent battery life.


    This Bluetooth keyboard can connect up to three devices simultaneously. It's ideal for those who multitask on multiple computers.


    This mechanical keyboard also supports up to three device connections. It is backlit and has both wired and wireless modes.


    This wired keyboard offers a slim, compact design. It's available in three different colors to choose from — White, Silver, and Space Gray.

If I personally had to buy one of these keyboards for my Mac Studio, I would go for the Apple Magic Keyboard with Touch ID. That’s because it fully integrates with macOS and supports Touch ID. I wouldn’t get the one with a numeric keypad as it’s unnecessarily large and I don’t depend on numbers in my workflow. The one that lacks the extra keypad is more minimalistic and does what I need it to do.

The Mac Studio is powered by either the Apple M1 Max or M1 Ultra chip. The one with the former SoC starts at $1,999 in the US, while the one with the latter processor starts at $3,999. Both variants are available in Silver only, and they don’t include a built-in monitor, keyboard, or mouse. As a result, you will have to buy your own accessories separately. It’s worth noting, though, that this desktop computer is aimed at Pro users who require extraordinary processing powers. Average users can settle for more affordable Macs.

    The Mac Studio is powered by either the Apple M1 Max or the all-new M1 Ultra chip. It is available in Silver only and starts at $1,999.

Which of these keyboards will you buy for your Mac Studio? Let us know in the comments section below.

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