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The best cases to protect the MacBook Air in 2022

The best cases to protect the MacBook Air in 2022

Since Apple refreshed the MacBook Air with the Apple M1 processor, it’s become an incredibly capable device. This laptop has the same processor as the MacBook Pro, Mac mini, and even an iMac. That would have been somewhat crazy to think a few years ago. Combined with its relatively low price compared to other Macs, this makes it quite possibly the best Mac to buy today. While MacBooks have traditionally been popular among students, this one should be even more so. But starting at $999 (officially), it’s still quite an investment, and you probably want to protect it. To help you with that, we’ve dug up some of the best cases you can get for your MacBook Air.


As the MacBook Air is such a popular laptop, there are actually a lot of choices for cases here. With most other laptops, it’s rare we get to include a case that actually attaches to your laptop, but we have a few options here. Nonetheless, we’ve also included a few sleeves and carrying cases if that’s what you’re looking for. Keep in mind that, especially for cases that attach to your laptop, you have to make sure you have the matching model. Most of the cases on this list are designed for the 2020 MacBook Air with M1 processors.

    Classy textured case

    This Incase hardshell case can protect your MacBook Air, but it also looks really stylish. It's covered in a woven pattern that adds a sense of class, though it's a bit pricey. It comes in a few different colors, too.

    Rugged protection

    If you need extra protection for your laptop, this rugged case from SUPCASE can take quite a beating. It offers all-round protection, but still looks nice. It's not compatible with MacBook Air models with the Apple M1, though.


    Tons of colors

    The MacBook Air only comes in three color options so you may want to add your own splash of color withone of these cases. It comes in dozens of color options, but there's also a transparent one.

    A touch of personality

    If flat colors aren't your style, this CiSoo case comes in a variety of patterns that definitely stand out. The case snaps into the laptop so you can leave it on while you use it, and it even comes with matching keycap covers.

    Get a grip

    We all know someone with slippery hands (and sometimes it's ourselves). These Kuzy cases has a nice soft touch that gives you a better grip while carrying the MacBook Air. And yes, there are a few colors to choose from if you're not a fan of black.

    Sleek and stylish sleeve

    This faux leather sleeve is a sleek and simple way to protect your MacBook Air while carrying it around and without adding bulk. It's made with faux leather on the outside and soft felt on the inside, and comes in a few different colors.

    Stylish genuine leather

    For lovers of genuine leather, this Londo sleeve might be more to your taste. In addition to the leather edges and flap, the center is adorned with a few different patterns that add a touch of personality.

    Elegant carrying case

    This classic Inateck laptop sleeve comes with a carrying handle for easier transportation. It has an elegant and subdued design that looks good without being too flashy. Plus, it gives you some space to store accessories.

    Super soft

    This Kinmac case offers a lot of padding around your MacBook Air for extra soft protection, plus a hard shell to protect from harder drops. And it comes in many different styles for every taste, too.

That should give you a few great options for cases to protect your MacBook Air from drops and other dings. Taste is very personal, but there’s a bit of variety here to suit everyone. Personally, I’d probably end up getting one of the carrying cases — most likely the one from Kinmac – since it makes carrying the MacBook Air around easier. On the other hand, if you need hardcore protection at all times, the SUPCASE Unicorn Beetle case is an interesting rugged option that complements the MacBook Air’s design well. Unfortunately, that one won’t work properly if you have a MacBook Air with the Apple M1 processor.

If you’ve chosen your case but haven’t bought the MacBook Air yet, you can do it using the link below. If you’re still considering other options, we have a roundup of the best laptops you can buy today that you may want to check out.

    The latest MacBook Air comes with the Apple M1 chipset, making it incredibly powerful but also very power-efficient. Plus, it has a high-quality display and premium design.

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