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Best monitors for ASUS Chromebook CX9: Dell, LG, HP, and more

Best monitors for ASUS Chromebook CX9: Dell, LG, HP, and more

If you use your ASUS Chromebook CX9 for work or school, you could use it with a docking station and external monitor. Using an external monitor can provide more screen real estate, and docking stations can offer additional ports for multi-tasking. Professional creative users may also need a monitor with excellent color calibration and accuracy. Whether you’re a pro, or just a Chrome OS user looking to watch Netflix on a bigger screen, our list of the best external monitors for Chromebooks has something for everyone.

Monitors come in a variety of sizes, and span the price spectrum from fairly cheap to incredibly expensive. When choosing an external monitor to use with your favorite Chromebook, you should carefully consider your use-case as well as your budget. Keep in mind the CX9 has Thunderbolt 4 ports, so you can consider a Thunderbolt compatible monitor. In general, these monitors are quite expensive, but we’ve included a selection of Thunderbolt monitors for your consideration. If you need to expand your port selection, the aforementioned docking stations and dongles work in tandem with your new monitor. We’ve rounded up the best monitors for 4K performance, creative professionals, and those looking to get the best overall bang for their buck.

    Best overall Thunderbolt monitor

    The UHD 4K resolution displays breathtaking clarity and fine detail with four times the resolution of Full HD. Plus this monitor is designed to work with compatible calibration devices that ensure precise adjustments of color, brightness and more.

    Best budget

    The HP 24mh is a 24 inch budget monitor that offers a good set of features for the asking price. It uses an IPS panel which means better colors and viewing angles, and it also offers great sRGB coverage. The monitor also features three inputs (HDMI, DisplayPort, VGA), a functional stand with height, pivot, and tilt adjustment, as well as built-in speakers.

    Best portable

    Looking for an external monitor you can carry with you? Lenovo offers its customers the ThinkVision M14 that features a 14 inch full-HD panel and dual USB-C ports for a seamless connectivity experience.

    Best 4K

    HP's U28 features a factory-calibrated 4K HDR IPS panel which is great for studio work and also features a host of I/O ports. If you want a 4K model with a solid price, this is an excellent option to consider.

    Best ultrawide

    The LG 29 inch ultrawide monitor should be great for users looking for loads of screen real estate. It comes with a 29 inch wide IPS panel offering a full-HD (2560 x 1080) resolution, 21:9 aspect ratio, 99% coverage of sRGB color gamut, HDR10, and AMD FreeSync.

    Best for creative use

    The ASUS ProArt PA279CV is suited for customers looking for an external display for the purpose of photo or video editing. It features a 27 inch 4K resolution IPS panel that offers 100% sRGB coverage, factory calibrated for Delta E < 2 color accuracy and a USB-C port for seamless connectivity.

    Best 32 inch

    If you want a huge external monitor that isn't an UltraWide, consider BenQ's EW3280U. The monitor is beautiful and comes with two USB-C ports that let you daisy-chain two monitors together (if supported by your Chromebook), along with HDMI and DisplayPort inputs. This monitor also includes a remote so you can switch inputs, change the picture quality, and control the volume without having to reach up to the monitor itself.

    Best with built-in hub

    The quality and reliability of Dell's Ultrasharp series is well-known. This monitor also includes two standard USB 3.0 ports, along with a USB-C, HDMI port and dual DisplayPort options, allowing the monitor to act as your hub so you can connect additional peripherals.

    Best curved

    If you like the look of a curved monitor, Sceptre has a nice option here. This monitor features a 2560 x 1080 resolution, which isn't the highest for a large display, but should work for basic use. You can also use a VESA mount to optimize your desk space and workflow. At under $250, this is solid value for curved screen enthusiasts.

    Best Ultrawide 34 inch

    If you like the look of LG's 29WP60G-B but want a bigger display, check out this 34 inch option. LG’s 34 inch UltraWide monitor is a great pick if you want a relatively affordable ultrawide display. With a Full HD display and AMD FreeSync, you should be able to make the most of LG’s impressive display. This 34 inch LG monitor is HDR10 ready with Maxx Audio speakers in the bottom bezel.

    Best gaming on a budget

    Gaming typically isn't associated with Chromebooks. However, Google's Stadia platforms has changed things a bit on that front. With Stadia you can game on your Chromebook anywhere, and this ASUS gaming monitor is a perfect companion when gaming at home. The 23.8 inch display comes with a Full HD 1920 x 1080 resolution and a 75Hz refresh rate with AMD Freesync compatibility. It also supports unique gaming features like Asus GamePlus and GameVisual to help fine-tune your gaming experience.

    Best 4K alternative

    Those that want 4K and excellent gaming options should look at the LG 24UD58-B. Use your Chromebook to watch Netflix in 4K, or play some of the newest Stadia games. This monitor isn't quite as attractive as others, but it makes up for it with performance and features.

These are our picks for the best monitors to use with your ASUS Chromebook CX9. You can find a monitor for any size preference or use-case. If you need professional level color accuracy, definitely pick up the ASUS ProArt Display 27. Those looking to get the best 4K experience for Netflix will surely enjoy either the HP U28 4K or the LG 24UD58-B, depending on size preference.

No matter which monitor you choose, make sure you have the proper cables and ports available to connect your CX9. Let us know about your favorite monitors to pair with Chrome OS in the comments section below.


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