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The best external monitors for the Dell XPS 13 (2022)

The best external monitors for the Dell XPS 13 (2022)

The Dell XPS 13 is one of the world’s most popular laptops, and for 2022, Dell completely redesigned it, making it smaller and lighter than ever. That means you can take it from your home to the office or anywhere else you may need to work without a problem. But if you’re using the Dell XPS 13 in an office, you might want to use some external monitors, too. After all, more screens can help tremendously with productivity.

We’re here to help you out, and we’ve rounded up a few great monitors you can get for the Dell XPS 13 (2022). Because Dell has made such a thin laptop, it only has USB Type-C ports, and as such, we’re favoring monitors that support direct USB Type-C connections. However, some cheaper options often don’t support it, so keep in mind you may need a USB-C to HDMI adapter for some of them.


    Best value

    The Asus ProArt PA278CV is a fantastic monitor for anyone, offering a great combination of specs and price. You get Quad HD resolution, 100% coverage of sRGB and Rec. 709, and color accuracy rated at Delta E < 2. This all comes at a very good price, too.

    More than a screen

    What if your monitor didn't need a PC to be useful? The Samsung Smart Monitor M7 is a great 4K display you can connect your laptop to, but it also runs the same apps as a Samsung smart TV. That means you can watch Netflix and more, even without your laptop.

    Top-tier monitor

    Want a true top-tier monitor? The LG UltraFine 32UL950-W is very expensive, but very good option. It's a 4K monitor with up 450 nits of brightness and VESA DisplayHDR 600 certification. Plus, it uses Thunderbolt and even supports daisy-chaining to another monitor.

    Extra large

    Sometimes, you just need a lot of space to work on, and the Dell UltraSharp UL4320Q gives you a massive 43-inch 4K display so you can easily fit all your apps. It's the perfect screen if you like to have a lot of apps open at the same time, and you can see them all at once.

    Stretching it

    Ultra-wide monitors are very popular with multi-taskers, and the Samsung S65UA is a great one. It's a large 34-inch screen and the sharp UWQHD resolution makes it ideal for getting work done. This is a USB-C monitor, so it works with the Dell XPS 13 out of the box.

    Basic monitor

    Just want an extra screen without spending a lot? This Sceptre monitor comes in Full HD resolution and has a 75Hz refresh rate, making animations slightly smoother for a more pleasant experience. Plus, it has built-in speakers. You'll need an adapter to use it, though.

    IPS Black panel

    The Dell UltraSharp U3223QUE is a phenomenal 4K monitor with a 32-inch panel. It uses IPS Black technology, delivering twice the contrast of typical IPS panels, plus it has fantastic color coverage including 100% of sRGB and 98% of DCI-P3.

    An extra screen anywhere

    Productivity can happen anywhere, and if you need an extra screen when you work on the go, this monitor from Arzopa is a great option. It works via USB-C and it's about the same size as the XPS 13 itself, plus it comes in Quad HD+ resolution, so it's very sharp.

    Official alternative

    You may not want to trust a lesser-known brand like Arzopa, so Dell also makes an official portable monitor. This one is a bit larger, thought not as sharp. Still, it's a great option if you just want to boost your productivity with a reliable monitor.

Those are just a few great monitors you can get to enhance your experience with the Dell XPS 13 (2022). These are all geared towards different types of users, and they cover a wide range of prices, so you’re sure to find something that fits your needs here. Personally speaking, I kind of love the idea of something like the Samsung Smart Monitor M7, giving you access to all kinds of apps even when you’re not using your laptop. In terms of value, though, you have to appreciate how much you get with the Asus ProArt PA278CV considering its price.

If you haven’t yet, you can buy the Dell XPS 13 (2022) using the link below. It’s quite different from previous iterations, but a fantastic laptop all the same. If that doesn’t work for you, though, we have a roundup of other great Dell laptops, including larger ones with powerful specs and bigger screens for all your needs.

    The Dell XPS 13 for 2022 is thinner and lighter than ever, plus it comes in new Sky and Umber color options. It has 12th-gen Intel processors and other high-end specs, too.

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