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The best monitors you can get for the HP Spectre x360 (2022)

The best monitors you can get for the HP Spectre x360 (2022)

HP recently refreshed the Spectre x360 lineup for 2022, introducing the new Spectre x360 13.5 and the refreshed Spectre x360 16. Both of these are great laptops, with premium designs, high-end specs, and great displays. But as great as a laptop display can be, it’s still just one screen, and even on the 16-inch model, it’s not that big. Many of us are used to dual-screen setups or generally prefer a larger screen, so we’re here to help. We’ve rounded of some of the best monitors you can buy today to pair with your HP Spectre x360, whether that’s the 13.5-inch or 16-inch model.


We should mention that for monitors without a USB Type-C input, you will need an adapter to use them with the Spectre x360 13.5, since it doesn’t have an HDMI port. However, most of these do support USB-C, so you should be fine.

    The best balance

    The Asus ProArt PA278CV is one of the monitors we recommend most often, and it's all because it offers such a great balance of specs and price. It's a 27-inch Quad HD panel with 100% coverage of sRGB and Rec. 709, Delta E<2, and it's Calman verified. Plus, with USB Type-C support and 65W of power delivery, it's super easy to get up and running. For around $400, that's really good value.

    For creative work

    If you need color accuracy and sharpness for your creative work, this HP monitor is a fantastic choice. It covers 99% of sRGB and 98% of DCI-P3, plus it has built-in calibrated color presets for different types of work. The display comes in 4K resolution with DisplayHDR 600 support. It also connects via USB-C with up to 100W of power delivery.

    Extra wide

    Ultrawide monitors are fantastic for all kinds of work. Being extra wide means you can fit more apps open side-by-side, or in video editing apps, you can see much more of your timeline at once. Whatever your use case may be, this monitor from LG is a great choice, with WQHD resolution, 99% coverage of sRGB, and USB-C connectivity supporting up to 60W of power delivery.

    Super large

    If you need an especially big screen - whether it's for multitasking, media consumption, or online collaboration - you might like this one. It's a very big 43-inch IPS panel with 4K resolution, so it looks great from any angle. It also supports USB-C connectivity with 65W of power delivery, plus it can be used as a USB hub with four USB ports, so you can leave all your peripherals connected.

    The do-it-all monitor

    Samsung's Smart Monitor M8 comes with a very sharp 32-inch panel at 4K resolution, but that's just the start. It also comes with a magnetic webcam that you can use for all your meetings, and because it runs Tizen, it also has all the media apps you'd find on Samsung Smart TVs, plus cloud versions of Office, and more. Even when you don't have your PC, this monitor has a lot to offer.

    Great budget choice

    We admit that it's not beautiful, but the HP 24mh is still one of the very best monitors you can buy on a budget. It gives you a Full HD IPS panel with a 75Hz refresh rate and built-in speakers, which are a true rarity at this price point. Plus, it has tilt and height adjustments and multiple inputs (not USB-C, though). It's a great way to get some extra screen real estate without spending a ton.

    Get into gaming

    With a powerful laptop like the HP Spectre x360 16, you should be able to try some gaming, and the Samsung Odyssey G7 is a fantastic monitor if you want to get into it. It has Quad HD resolution and a 240Hz refresh rate, plus it supports Nvidia G-Sync and DisplayHDR 600. This works best for the larger Spectre, but with an external GPU, both models can turn into a gaming rig.

    Large portable monitor

    If you can no longer live without a dual-screen setup, the LG gram +View is a great portable monitor that pairs perfectly with the HP Spectre x360 16. It's a 16-inch screen with a 16:10 aspect ratio, and it comes in a fairly sharp Quad HD+ resolution, it covers 99% of DCI-P3, and it easily connects via USB Type-C for power and video. It also includes a folio cover that doubles as a stand.

    Smaller portable monitor

    Of course, if you have the smaller Spectre x360 13.5, carrying around a 16-inch portable monitor is probably a bit much. This model from Arzopa comes in a 13.3-inch size and it keeps the 16:10 aspect ratio, which is pretty close to what the Spectre itself offers. It has Quad HD+ resolution, and it includes a smart cover that doubles as a stand, plus it connects easily with USB-C.

And those are our top recommendations if you’re looking to get a monitor to go along with your HP Spectre x360. Most of these should work just as well with either the 13.5-inch or 16-inch models, but for those that don’t, you can fix that with a relatively cheap adapter. Our top recommendation is definitely the Asus ProArt model at the top, simply because it’s such a great combination of specs at a very compelling price. However, some of the other options may be better for specific needs.

If you haven’t yet and you’d like to, you can buy the HP Spectre x360 using the links below. Both models are available and they’re both fantastic, depending on your needs. The smaller model is more so focused on portability and more lightweight work, while the larger model is great for creative professionals. If you want to take a look at other options, though, check out the best HP laptops you can buy today.

    The 2022 HP Spectre x360 13.5 has a 3:2 display, with your choice of Full HD+ IPS or a 3K2K OLED panel. It supports external displays through its Thunderbolt 4 ports.
    The HP Spectre x360 comes with a large 16:10 display that can be a 3K+ IPS panel or an Ultra HD+ OLED display. This model has an HDMI port in addition ot Thunderbolt 4.

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