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Best mouse for the Dell XPS 13 Plus: Logitech, Microsoft, and more

Best mouse for the Dell XPS 13 Plus: Logitech, Microsoft, and more

The Dell XPS 13 Plus is one of the most futuristic-looking laptops we’ve seen in a long time. It comes in a clean white or black design, it replaces the function keys with digital buttons, and it doesn’t have a touchpad – at least not one that you can see. It blends in perfectly with the keyboard deck, which makes for a very cool look. But for some of us, it’s bound to be less than ideal, so maybe you want a proper mouse for your Dell XPS 13 Plus.

The downside to that clean design that makes the XPS 13 Plus so unique is that it may take a while for you to figure out where the edges of the touchpad are. Not only that, but you also can’t click it, so it’s just not as intuitive if you’re used to more traditional mice and touchpads. If you want to get that experience back, you can buy an external mouse for your Dell XPS 13 Plus, but you have to keep in mind that the laptop doesn’t have a USB Type-A port. If you want a wired mouse or to use a wireless dongle, you’ll need some kind of adapter or dock for the Dell XPS 13 Plus. Without further ado, let’s get into the best mice you can get.


    Perfect pairing

    Who better to make a mouse for the XPS 13 Plus than Dell itself? This wireless mouse works via Bluetooth or using a dongle, and it matches perfectly with the XPS 13 Plus, especially the white model.

    Top choice

    The MS Master 3 is one of the best mice you can find anywhere. It has a comfortable design, a metal MagShift scroll wheel (plus a second wheel for horizontal scrolling), programmable buttons, and wireless connectivity with Bluetooth or a dongle.

    Super portable

    If you want a mouse that's as portable as your laptop, this is the one. You can snap it flat so it fits anywhere, and curve it so it's more comfortable to use. It lacks a typical scroll wheel (it uses touch instead), but it gives you clickable buttons. It connects via Bluetooth.

    Cheap wired option

    If you want a cheap wired option, this might work for you, but keep in mind you'll need a USB-C adapter to use it since it uses a Type-A cable. It's a basic mouse with an ambidextrous design that should feel comfortable wither either hand.

    Wired gaming mouse

    The XPS 13 Plus is not meant to be a gaming laptop, but if that won't stop you, this is a great wired mouse you can do with. It has a 26K DPI for extra precision, 10 programmable buttons, and a HyperScroll wheel. Plus, it has RGB effects if you're into that.

    Compact mouse

    This Logitech mouse is compact and kind of adorable. It connects via Bluetooth and features basic functionality with silent buttons and scroll wheel so you can use it in public without worry. It supports Bluetooth and custom wireless connections.

    Full desktop setup

    This Dell combo is ideal if you want to create a complete desktop setup for your office. The full-size keyboard is also great if you don't like the space-less keys on the XPS 13 Plus, which can be prone to more typos.

    Wireless gaming

    Want to game without the wires? The Razer Basilisk X HyperSpeed is a wireless gaming mouse that can be connected via Bluetooth or with the custom HyperSpeed dongle if you need lower latency. It has a comfortable right-hand design and no RGB.

    True ergonomics

    Many don't know this, but a vertical mouse is the best you can get for your posture. This Logitech option gives you the ideal design for long-term comfort and it's fully functional with both Bluetooth and wireless dongle connectivity options.

And those are some of the best options if you want a mouse for the Dell XPS 13 Plus. We tried to focus on mice that support Bluetooth connections since you might not have an adapter that you can use to turn the USB-C ports on the laptop into USB Type-A. However, most wireless mice give you both options, so you can use a more reliable connection with the dongle. If I were choosing one for myself I’d be on the fence between the Microsoft Arc Mouse for its portability or the Logitech MX Master 3 for its versatility and comfortable design. However, there are great options here for all kinds of users.

While we’re focused on the Dell XPS 13 Plus, these are great mice to use with any laptop – and we’ve also rounded up the best laptops you can buy if you’re interested in a new one. The Dell XPS 13 Plus is also a great contender for that list, seeing as it’s already looking like one of the best Dell laptops in a while. You can buy it below.

    The Dell XPS 13 Plus is a modern and powerful laptop with 28W Intel processors and an invisible touchpad.

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