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Best comfort grips for your Nintendo Switch and Nintendo Switch Lite

Best comfort grips for your Nintendo Switch and Nintendo Switch Lite

Make your Switch easier to hold

As much as I love to play my Nintendo Switch in handheld mode, sometimes it can be a pain. Literally. If I’m playing a game in handheld mode that requires quick button presses, I find that my hand tends to start cramping out pretty quickly. My hands are pretty small, too —  anyone with bigger hands is going to have a bad time trying to play games while holding onto the thin console. Some of the Nintendo Switch controller replacements can help with this, but they’re often expensive. Thankfully, there is another solution to this painful issue… Nintendo Switch grips!

Comfort grips for your Switch or Switch Lite can bulk up your system and just make it more comfortable to hold onto for long periods of time. We’ve rounded up the best Nintendo Switch grips, as well as the best Nintendo Switch Lite grips, below!

Nintendo Switch Comfort Grips

If you have an original Nintendo Switch, you’ll likely want a comfort grip that allows you to also take advantage of the Switch’s docked mode… or at least has some other functionality that makes it work putting on and taking off again. Here are six grips to choose from!

    Mumba Dockable Case for Nintendo Switch

    No Need to Remove

    If you're looking for a case that works seamlessly with your Switch dock, the Mumba dockable case is perfect for you. Available in five different colors, this case provides bulk where you hold it but also slides into the dock. You can even remove your Joy-Cons!
    YoK Ergo Grip for Nintendo Switch

    Store Extra Games

    Why just get a grip, when you can get a grip that does more? YoK's Switch grip allows you to store five Switch cartridges in it. Easily pack your favorites and have them all right at your fingertips! And of course, you also get the added comfort of a grip.
    Satisfye ZenGrip Pro Slim Bundle

    Grip and Case Bundle

    One small problem with Switch grips is that they don't really fit the Switch cases you can buy. Resolve that issue by getting the Satisfye grip and case bundle! The case allows you to store ten extra Switch games while protecting the screen.
    Skull & Co. GripCase

    Match Your Joy-Cons

    Who doesn't love a matching aesthetic? Skull & Co's Switch grip offering allows you to customize the back grips to match your Switch Joy-Cons. So you can hold it comfortably and not spoil your aesthetic, how neat!
    Satisfye ZenGrip Pro Tropical

    For Animal Crossing Switch owners

    Have a special edition Nintendo Switch? Get a special grip to match! The ZenGrip Pro Tropical Edition has the color palette to match the special edition Switch's pastel blue and green Joy-Cons.
    OIVO 3 in 1 Grips Bundle

    Grip It All

    Why stop with just getting Switch Grips themselves? Get grips for the console, the Joy-Cons, and even the analog sticks! You'll certainly be ready to go after picking this bundle up.

Nintendo Switch Lite Comfort Grips

You can’t use Switch grips with the Switch Lite, due to their different sizes. Here are three Switch Lite comfort grips that are unique to the smaller handheld.

    Hori Hybrid System Armor

    Grip and Protect

    Why just grip when you can also protect your Switch Lite from drops? The Hori Hybrid System Armor comes in Turquoise and Yellow, and will do both. So for the price of one, you can accomplish two tasks.
    Insignia Ergonomic Grip Case

    Slim Grip with Game Storage

    Insignia's Grip Case for the Switch Lite is slim, but still makes the handheld more comfortable to hold. Additionally, you can store up to four Switch games in the back!
    Insignia Ergonomic Grip Case

    Ultimate Bulk with Kickstand

    Orzly's grip case is a bulky case for the Switch Lite?Available in ten styles, this case protects against shocks, makes your Switch Lite comfortable, and comes with analog stick grips.

You have the choices, but what’re the best grips to pick up? For the normal Switch, Mumba’s dockable Switch case is definitely the best bet. I don’t see much of a point in a Switch grip case that doesn’t work when putting the Switch into the dock. No one really wants to keep putting the grip on and off again! If you have a Switch Lite, then the Insignia Grip Case is the best choice, especially with the price point. It’s a relatively small grip case, yet it can hold extra games for you!

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