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The best travel cases for your Nintendo Switch and Nintendo Switch Lite in March 2021

The best travel cases for your Nintendo Switch and Nintendo Switch Lite in March 2021

With any handheld comes the question: Should I buy a case for it? That answer is almost always yes. Even if you plan on playing your Switch mostly docked, if you take it outside (or even elsewhere in your house) it’s susceptible to damage. The best way to protect it from the elements is with a travel case, so we’ve rounded up the best travel cases for your Switch and Switch Lite below!

As with many Switch accessories, what you’ll want to get varies by whether you have a Nintendo Switch or a Nintendo Switch Lite. While the Switch Lite can technically fit in a normal Switch travel case, it’s not going to be a good fit and your device has a chance of rattling around and even getting damaged within the case. So it’s best to get a case that fits!

Looking for other Switch accessories? We also have round-ups for controllers, comfort grips, and screen protectors!

Nintendo Switch Travel Cases

There are a larger variety of Nintendo Switch travel cases than you would expect. When it comes to protecting your Switch, it all depends on your needs!

    Official Nintendo Switch Carrying Case

    Official Hard Shell Protection

    If you want to be sure you're protected, you can't beat the official Switch carrying case! This has room for the Switch and eight games, and has an adjustable viewing stand.
    AmazonBasics Carrying Case

    Basic Soft Shell Protection

    Prefer soft cover cases? Go with the AmazonBasics case! This case has room for 10 games, the Switch, and extra accessories.
    Funlab Slim Carrying Case

    Easy to Store Travel Cases

    If you don't have a lot of room in your back, go with a stylish Funlab case! It only holds five extra games but it will keep your Switch safe.
    Zadii Hard Carrying Case

    Store Everything You Need

    With this big travel case, you can transport not only your Switch, but the dock, extra controllers, and more. You can even hold 21 games!
    Tomtoc Carrying Case

    Match Your Switch

    Tomtoc is another solid hard case option. It can hold eight games and comes in all sorts of fun colors!
    Mumba Switch Carrying Case

    The Toughest Around

    If you need a case that will survive anything, Mumba's Nintendo Switch travel case will do that job. This is a bulky case that can absorbs shocks!

Nintendo Switch Lite Travel Cases

Given that the Switch Lite is a portable-only device, a travel case is incredibly important for it! There are all sorts of cases that will fill your needs.

    PowerA Protection Case Kit

    Officially Licensed Protection

    PowerA makes officially licensed Nintendo Switch gear, so you know if you pick up this case you'll get quality! It also comes with a screen protector and cleaning cloth. Now that's value!
    iVoler Hard Shell Travel Case

    Hold Everything You Need

    If you need to hold a lot of stuff, iVolar's hardshell case will be the one for you. You can hold 20 games, as well as a bunch of accessories, in this hefty case.
    Funlab Switch Lite Case

    Slim, Stylish Protection

    Like its normal Switch counterpart, the Funlab is slim and holds five games, makes it easy to pack in a bag. And, I mean, can you resist a cute Snorlax case?
    Fintie Carry Case

    Hard Shell Shock Protection

    If your Switch Lite needs the best protection, this Fintie case comes with shock protection and a bunch of different styles to boot. This case can hold 15 cases, as well as 2 microSDs.
    Tomtoc Switch Lite Carrying Case

    Match your Switch Lite

    Tomtoc is another solid hard case option. It can hold eight games and comes in all sorts of fun colors, so check them out!
    Tomtoc Switch Lite Carrying Case

    A Splash of Color

    Want just a little bit of color with your Switch Lite travel case? ButterFox's cases are semi-hard shell bulky cases that are mostly black, and can hold up to 20 games.

You got the list, but what are the best of the best Nintendo Switch travel cases? In the end, it really depends on the level of protection you’re looking for. The case I use for my regular Switch is the Tomtoc case because it’s relatively slim, but still provides enough protection from something sharp or pointy in my carry-on or purse. I also got the black case, and it doesn’t show dirt! As for my Switch Lite, my case isn’t actually on this list, because I just picked something up quickly to protect the device for the time being. But, honestly? I’d probably just pick up the Tomtoc case for it as well since it’s tried and true for me.

I also have the Zadii carrying case for my Switch if I need to take the dock and some extra controllers to a friend’s house to hook up. It’s a great case to pack everything you need!

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