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These are the Best OnePlus 8T Cases in 2022

These are the Best OnePlus 8T Cases in 2022

If you just ordered yourself a sweet new OnePlus 8T (and if not, check out our OnePlus 8T review), or if you’re using one since launch, you’ll want to make sure you can prevent fingerprints, scratches, and dust. As usual, there’s a basic plastic case included with the phone — clear vinyl, flexible, snug-fitting, and emblazoned with a frosted ‘Never Settle’ slogan running vertically up the right-hand side.

It’s a nice touch that makes it more appealing than a simple clear case, but it also only offers limited protection. So what if you want more? There are literally hundreds of phone cases on the market, but how do you know if you’re buying a delight or a dud? Allow us to help with our guide to the best OnePlus 8T cases.


    Good old faithful

    The old classic is back. The sandstone is a rigid clip-on case which previous OnePlussers will probably be familiar with. The big attraction of this one is it has a slightly rough-hewn surface which makes it easier to grip, because let's face it, these smooth phones can be slippery little suckers. The Sandstone case is available in Black or Cyan.

    Clear and protective

    This case from Supcase provides ample protection against drops even on the edges and corners. It has reinforced bumpers for shock absorption. The back of this case is clear so that you can show off the color of your phone.


    The best official case

    Old faithful of the OnePlus case world, the Karbon is at the top end of the official designs. The familiar hard case with subtle diagonal pin-stripes is designed to add the maximum in knock and drop protection, with the lowest profile, most sympathetic to your sexy new handset. That level of design comes at a premium of course.

    Affordable premium protection

    Otterbox doesn’t always make the most exciting cases, but they’re tough as old boots, and we mean that in the nicest possible way. Largely, the Symmetry is similarly low-profile like the official Karbon case, but with the added bonus of slightly raised edges around the camera and touchscreen, which provides much better protection. Symmetry cases comply with DROP+, which is measured as 3x the protection of a military-grade case.

    Perfect for customization

    One case. Many customizations. That’s the promise with dBrand, offering a 2mm thick case, including a design that encases the side buttons, protecting them whilst leaving more of the screen-free - an important consideration for a near bezel-less device. There are gripping edges down the sides that can be customized to your preferred color from a huge gamut and the whole thing reaches military protection ratings. dBrand also offers skins to be applied directly to the outer casing of your phone, but for full protection, the Grip Case is the way to go.

    Best for butterfingers

    Poetic’s phone cases are among the toughest we’ve seen, combining a stiff translucent body with a rigid toughened frame. As a result, they do tend to add a bit of bulk to your phone, but even so, hardly any extra weight. As ever, it complies with Military Grade drop-protection standards and yet, thankfully, doesn't impact contactless payments. The translucent section complements the handset perfectly. If you want big protection and don't mind making a bigger phone, this OnePlus 8T case should definitely be on your shortlist.

    Great value with great features

    The first folio-style case to make our list, we've chosen Olixar's thanks to the company's track record for producing great value cases without compromising on quality. There are the usual carbon fiber offerings, but we've decided to shine a light on the Wallet Stand, thanks to its imitation leather, three card slots, plus one larger slot of notes or receipts, magnetic clasp, and full compatibility with wireless charging and NFC payments. The whole folio can be rejigged to create a stand for the phone - great for games and watching videos.

    Best for Style over Substance

    We chose this one purely to show you that not all cases for the OnePlus 8T are one color! These Sidande cases are simple, transparent silicone cases, similar to the one you'll find in the box with your phone. But if you don't want to walk around for the next year with 'Never Settle' across the back of your phone, there are six decal designs to choose from. Not the highest spec cases on this list, more one for the Insta-crowd.

    Show Off Your Phone

    If you like seeing the back of your phone, you'll definitely want a clear case. Qitayo's case is thin and clear, giving you a small amount of protection while still being able to see your OnePlus 8T in its full glory. It's also the cheapest on this list, so give it a go for something simple and sweet. You get a fairly decent level of protection, and you can let your phone retain most of its character. While not included, this case also might work out if you like to rock a skin but want some protection sometimes when you go out.

    Durable and Thin

    Looking for something that will protect against most normal smartphone wear-and-tear, but don't want to bulk out your phone? Get the of both worlds with the Spigen Ultra Hybrid case. This case has a nice protective bumper, but isn't so thick that it'll get in your way. The sweet spot between two worlds.

    You'll Never See It

    Like camo? You'll love Ringke's Fusion-X case. This durable case has a unique semi-transparent design that lets parts of your OnePlus 8T's exterior peek through the camo design. It's pretty neat when you look at it, but there are also clear versions of the case if camo isn't your thing.

    Protect the Lenses

    Most cases don't do a very good job of protecting your camera lenses. They can get scratched too! Nillkin's CamShield case, however, has a slider on the back that will help you protect your camera when not in use. When you want to take a picture, just slide the protector away, and you're good to go!

Our favorite pick of all the cases is the OnePlus 8T Sandstone case. The Karbon series is also good, has been around since the early days of OnePlus, and has proven consistently to be reliable. If you have slippery fingers and couldn’t transport an egg in the egg-and-spoon race at school, you’ll want to pick up the Otterbox Symmetry Case. Even Supcase and Spigen make good cases and are some of the most reputed case manufacturers.

    The OnePlus 8T is last year's flagship from OnePlus but is still a decent pick in 2021 especially if you find one with a good discount.

The OnePlus 8T also ships with a basic clear silicon case, which should serve most users for the initial week of use. But as is the nature with clear silicon cases, it does develop a yellow tint over time as you use it naturally in the sunlight. So it’s best you explore some options in case you want some protection for your phone.

The cases we recommend should hold the fort well and let you use your phone with fewer worries. So grab one and ensure that you don’t get any serious damage to your brand new phone!

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