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These are the Best OnePlus 9 Pro cases to buy in 2021

These are the Best OnePlus 9 Pro cases to buy in 2021

The OnePlus 9 Pro is the flagship smartphone for 2021 from the house of OnePlus with improved Hasselblad cameras. If you’re planning on getting your hands on this top-of-the-line phone from OnePlus or have ordered one already, we’d recommend slapping a case on it to protect it from scratches and drops. That’s because the OnePlus 9 Pro features an aluminum frame, and while that makes it feel more premium, it won’t offer any cushioning if you happen to accidentally drop the phone. To help you find the right case for your new phone, we’ve compiled this list with some of the best OnePlus 9 Pro cases currently on the market.


We’ve included a wide variety of cases on this list, ranging from rugged cases that offer maximum protection to slim ones that protect your device from minor bumps without adding too much bulk, so you can protect your OnePlus 9 Pro with a case that meets your needs. Here are the best cases we recommend for the OnePlus 9 Pro. If you have the younger sibling of the 9 Pro, we also have a collection of the best OnePlus 9 cases. We also have a list of the best OnePlus 9R cases if you opted to get the most affordable variant in the series sold in India.

    The official sandstone case

    OnePlus' official sandstone bumper case is the perfect choice for those who loved the sandstone finish on the OnePlus One. It's available in two color schemes, and it offers ample protection while giving your phone a unique grippy texture. We wish more manufacturers made cases like this.

    Clearly great

    The SUPCASE Unicorn Beetle Style Clear Case is a great option if you want to show off your phone’s design and color while protecting it. It's made of scratch-resistant polycarbonate and comes with TPU bumpers.


    Protect the cameras

    If you're looking to effectively protect the rear cameras on your OnePlus 9 Pro, this case can help. The Nillkin case comes with a slide cover for the camera setup that can be used whenever you are not photographing something.

    Sturdy protection

    The Urban Armor Gear Plasma case is made of polycarbonate with a flexible frame, and sports a slim form factor. It's also rated MIL-STD-810G 516.6 for military-grade protection. The case also comes with anti-microbial technology to keep microbes at bay.

    Rugged yet affordable

    The Ringke Fusion-X is an affordable rugged case for your OnePlus 9 Pro that protects it from accidental drops without adding too much bulk. It also has a clear back, so you can admire your new phone's stunning back while keeping it safe.

    Flaunt your phone's stunning finish

    The Spigen Ultra Hybrid case is another great pick if you want a sturdy phone case that offers a clear back. It has a TPU bumper around the edge to prevent damage from any impact, a polycarbonate back to protect your phone from scratches, and raised edges around the camera module and screen.

    Ample protection, no bulk

    The Spigen Liquid Air Armor case is the best pick for those who don't want to add any additional bulk to their phone. Although it's crazy thin, it can protect your new OnePlus 9 Pro from the occasional drop. It also has a textured finish on the back and around the edges to ensure that your phone never slips from your hand.

    Affordable and clear

    If you don't want to hide the OnePlus 9 Pro's stunning new design by using an ugly rugged case but you're scared of using it naked, get the Foluu clear case. It's a clear TPU bumper case with a hard polycarbonate back that will keep your phone safe and still let you flaunt its design.

    Premium leather finish

    Looking for something a bit more premium? The leather case from Amosry may be more up your alley. It features a soft TPU bumper around the edges and a PU leather back that will give your phone a more premium look and feel. The case is available in both black and brown.

    Folio case with storage

    Like using folio cases that give you some additional storage while also protecting your phone? The Feitenn Flip Slim case is the one you should go with. It has a soft TPU bumper around the edges to protect your phone from drops, storage space for your credit cards or some case, and a PU leather finish that gives your phone a premium feel.

    Rugged yet stylish

    Didn't like any of the bland-looking cases mentioned earlier? Want something more stylish? The Caseology Parallax case might fit your needs. It looks stylish, has a textured finish on the back to ensure a secure grip, and it offers military-grade protection against drops.

    Military-grade protection with a kickstand

    The Spigen Tough Armor case is a perfect fit for those who often find themselves dropping things. It's MIL-STD-810G certified against drops and scratches, and it has a multi-layer design that will ensure your phone survives most drops. It even has a kickstand to prop up your phone.

    Military-grade protection with clear back

    If you're looking for the same level of protection that the Spigen Tough Armor case has to offer, but you want a clear back panel, then the Poetic Affinity case is the one for you. It offers a design similar to the Ringke Fusion-X case, and it's MIL-STD-810G certified against drops.

    Affordable rugged option

    Looking for a dual-layer rugged case that doesn't cost a fortune? Check out the PULEN rugged case that offers a dual-layer design with a hard polycarbonate bumper and grippy silicone back. It's good enough to protect your phone from minor drops while still being relatively cheap.

    Dual-layer clear case

    Rounding off our list is another clear case that will add a bit of sparkle to your OnePlus 9 Pro. The PULEN clear case offers a dual-layer design with a hard polycarbonate front cover and a soft silicone back that will keep your phone safe and accentuate its design thanks to its sparkly finish.

Our OnePlus 9 Pro case roundup consists of a variety of cases across all price points. So you can easily pick one that offers the right amount of protection for your usage and fits within your budget. If you’re looking for some top-notch protection for your phone, Spigen is known for providing great quality at the right price. We have a number of Spigen cases in our recommendations, so pick one that suits your style and requirement. The official OnePlus Sandstone bumper case is another great option if you are a fan of OnePlus’ Sandstone finish.

    With a large, 6.7-inch Quad HD OLED display and a Smart 120Hz refresh rate, the OnePlus 9 Pro may have the best display on the market. The cameras, tuned in collaboration with Hasselblad, produce excellent still photos and capture superb 4K video.

Which one of these cases are you getting? Let us know in the comments section below. Also, make sure to leave a comment if you have a recommendation. Your fellow OnePlus 9 Pro user will thank you for it! Also, check out our OnePlus 9 Pro Detailed Review in case you’re planning to buy the phone for yourself. You will get a better idea of what you can expect from the device.

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