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These are the Best OnePlus 9R cases: Official OnePlus, Kapaver, and more!

These are the Best OnePlus 9R cases: Official OnePlus, Kapaver, and more!

OnePlus is known as the brand that brought the concept of a “flagship killer” into the limelight. Over the years, however, OnePlus has repositioned itself as a premium brand and its latest phones fit the image of flagships better than they do as flagship killers. The recently launched OnePlus 9 series is their most premium smartphone series yet, especially the OnePlus 9 Pro. Besides its flagship duo, the company also launched the OnePlus 9R, especially for India. In this article, we have listed some of the best OnePlus 9R cases you can buy.

The OnePlus 9R is closer to being a flagship killer than its more expensive siblings. It rehashes most of the specifications of the OnePlus 8T from last year but features a slightly more powerful processor, i.e., Qualcomm Snapdragon 870. In addition to the improved processor, the OnePlus 9R will also offer an additional year of software updates compared to the OnePlus 8T. It has fewer differences with the vanilla OnePlus 9 (camera review) than the Pro version.

Best OnePlus 9R cases: Back cases, Flip cases, and more

The OnePlus 9R is exclusive to India and will be available to purchase via Amazon India starting April 14th. It looks like a lucrative option for the price, and if you are planning to buy it as soon as it goes on sale, we strongly recommend getting a case with it to ensure longevity. Here are some of our top recommendations for cases you can buy with the OnePlus 9R:

    Winble Silicon Case

    Sleek and weightless silicone case

    If you want the most basic protection for your OnePlus 9R without overloading it, a silicone case like the one from Winble is ideal. Along with a non-imposing design, the Winble silicone back case for the OnePlus 9R also features a microfiber fabric layer on the inside to prevent any scuffing or micro-scratches on the back of the smartphone due to the case or any dust or particles stuck inside it. You also get other color options including red and blue.
    Kapaver Rugged Case

    Rugged Case for military grade protection

    Is Butterfingers your middle name? Don't worry, the KAPAVER rugged case for OnePlus 9R is designed to protect your phone against drops. Besides solid protection and a good grip of the back, this case also comes with a raised lip on the front to prevent the display from cracking if your new OnePlus 9R happens to crash land on the ground. The case gets the US Military's MIL-STD-810G certification that ensures its strength.
    Asgeot Leather Flip Case

    Flip case for extra storage

    If you want complete protection of your OnePlus 9R, then this flip case makes much sense. Besides protection on both the front and the back, the case with a leather-like finish gives your extra space to store cards. The lid on the top prevents the contents from just sliding out while the kickstand design allows you to place the phone on a flat surface to enjoy videos or browse media in landscape mode.
    Official Quantum Bumper Case

    Thin, Light, and Quantum Cool

    If you want your smartphone's case to symbolize your love for technology, your search ends at the official Quantum Bumper Case Circuit Board for the OnePlus 9R. Besides looking cool, the bumper protects the back as well as the display from chipping or cracking.
    Official Sandstone Bumper Case

    Sandstone Case for true fans

    Nothing else makes OnePlus fans nostalgic as sandstone. If you are one of the company's long-standing fans, the sandstone shell case for the OnePlus 9R is a great choice. With lips that surround the side frame, this case offers good protection in style. It also comes in both black and blue colors.

OnePlus 8T cases that fit the OnePlus 9R

The OnePlus 9R and the OnePlus 8T are not only identical in terms of specifications but also when it comes to design. Owing to this fact, you should be able to use a case that is meant for the OnePlus 8T case on a OnePlus 9R. Do note that the camera modules vary slightly on both the phone, and so some phone cases might not fit completely. However, there is a dearth of OnePlus 9R cases at the moment, and if you want reliable and branded options, you should check out the following options.

A OnePlus 8T case may fit the OnePlus 9R but there may be some discrepancies around the camera module and the fit may not be perfect. That’s why we recommend you to choose one of the following options only if you don’t like those listed above.

    Kapa Shield Frosted Back Case

    Frosted shockproof case

    Unlike previous phones, the OnePlus 9R features a glossy back surface. But if you would fancy a frosted back over it, you can choose this bumper case with a frosted translucent back that will prevent fingerprint smudges and hide scratches well. The case is originally meant for the OnePlus 8T. While the back comes only in a translucent black shade, you can choose among black, blue, and green colors for the bumper.
    Spigen Back Cover

    Light and classy

    Spigen is a world-renowned smartphone case manufacturer and the company's Liquid Air reflect its proficiency to blend aesthetics and utility. The textured back improves grip while improving the phone's appeal. The case is made of flexible material and is claimed to provide the right grip without making the phone feel heavy or thick. The angular indentations on the side improve the grip further.
    Urban Armor Gear Cover

    Protection at all costs

    The Urban Armor Gear case for the OnePlus 8T will be the perfect choice for anyone who wants assured protection. The case has been tested for US Military's MIL-STD-810G standard, which ensures its strength. Along with the promise of durability on the back, the case also features lips around the edges of the display to prevent it from cracking if the phone falls face-down. Despite its strength, the Urban Armor case is claimed to be lightweight.
    Kapa Soft Fabric Hybrid Case

    Soft fabric case

    The next case in our list is unlike others. The back of the case is made of actual fabric and that adds a good grip in the palm, not to mention that it adds a unique texture too. The edges are lined with TPU to protect the smartphone from damage if it falls.

The OnePlus 9R is evidently a downgrade in front of the OnePlus 9 or the OnePlus 9 Pro, lacking the lustrous Hasselblad cameras or wireless charging, among other features. But it offers the advantage of more competitive pricing, which is even lower than the OnePlus 8T.

The phone goes on sale on April 14th, starting at ₹39,999, and you can get an additional discount of ₹2,000 using SBI credit cards. Once again, if you are spending that much, do not forget to spend a little extra and get a case for your phone’s safety.

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