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These are the Best OnePlus 9R Cases to Buy: Spigen, Ringke, Kapaver, and more!

These are the Best OnePlus 9R Cases to Buy: Spigen, Ringke, Kapaver, and more!

OnePlus is known as the brand that brought the concept of a “flagship killer” into the limelight. Over the years, however, OnePlus has repositioned itself as a premium brand and its latest phones fit the image of flagships better than they do as flagship killers. The recently launched OnePlus 9 series is their most premium smartphone series yet, especially the OnePlus 9 Pro. Besides its flagship duo, the company also launched the OnePlus 9R, especially for India. In this article, we have listed some of the best OnePlus 9R cases you can buy.

The OnePlus 9R is closer to being a flagship killer than its more expensive siblings. It rehashes most of the specifications of the OnePlus 8T from last year but features a slightly more powerful processor, i.e., Qualcomm Snapdragon 870. In addition to the improved processor, the OnePlus 9R will also offer an additional year of software updates compared to the OnePlus 8T. It has fewer differences with the vanilla OnePlus 9 (camera review) than the Pro version.


Best OnePlus 9R Cases: Thin Cases, Rugged Cases, and more

The OnePlus 9R is exclusive to India and is available to purchase via Amazon India and can be a good option if you’re looking for reliable performance at a not-so-expensive price. It looks like a lucrative option especially if you’re fond of the clean and fast experience that OxygenOS offers. If you’re already rocking the OnePlus 9R or are planning to get one soon, we strongly recommend getting a case with it to ensure longevity. Here are some of our top recommendations for cases you can buy with the OnePlus 9R.

    Thin, Light, and Cool

    If you want your smartphone's case to symbolize your love for technology, your search ends at the official Quantum Bumper Case Circuit Board for the OnePlus 9R. Offers a decent level of protection.

    Thin but protective

    This case from Spigen offers very good protection while being adequately thin to make sure the phone doesn't become too bulky. The matte black design with a herringbone pattern at the back looks good too.

    Sleek and weightless silicone case

    If you want the most basic protection for your OnePlus 9R without overloading it, a silicone case like the one from Winble is ideal. Looks simple and elegant, and comes in multiple colors.

    Rugged case for drop protection

    Is Butterfingers your middle name? Don't worry, the KAPAVER rugged case for OnePlus 9R is designed to protect your phone against drops. It also offers a good grip when holding the phone.

    Bumper case

    If you want decent protection without spending too much, this is the ideal option. It even has a translucent back to show off your phone.

    Awesome texture

    This case from OnePlus tries to mimic the sandstone back of the OnePlus One and offers a nice grip while holding the phone. Offers good protection from drops too.

    Soft and simple

    Looking for a soft silicone case with good grip? Your search ends here. This case from Riggear looks stealthy and is also quite affordable.

    Military-grade protection

    If you want a case with a transparent back, this case from Ringke has you covered. The sides are impact-resistant and can protect against hard drops as well.

    Another clear case

    If the clear hard case from Ringke is too expensive or you don't like the design, you can try this case from Riggear. It has a clear hardback along with black TPU bumpers along the edges for protection.

The OnePlus 9R is evidently a downgrade in front of the OnePlus 9 or the OnePlus 9 Pro, lacking the lustrous Hasselblad cameras or wireless charging, among other features. But it offers the advantage of more competitive pricing, which is even lower than the OnePlus 8T.

As for the cases, we would recommend the Spigen Liquid Air as it offers a slim design with adequate protection. The Ringke Fusion-X is a good option if you want a clear back with solid protection. For rugged protection on a budget, the Kapaver case is the one you should pick.

    The OnePlus 9R is one of the more affordable phones from OnePlus this year aimed at mobile gamers who are looking for solid performance without spending too much money.

Once again, if you are spending that much, don’t forget to spend a little extra and get a case for your phone’s safety. Also, make sure to check out the best accessories for the OnePlus 9 and the OnePlus 9 Pro if you decided to get the more expensive OnePlus flagship this year.

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