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These are the Best OnePlus Nord 2 Cases in 2021

These are the Best OnePlus Nord 2 Cases in 2021

The OnePlus Nord 2 is easily one of the best mid-range phones you can buy right now. Of course, if it’s available in your region that is. The first-gen OnePlus Nord was well-received since it offers a good package for the asking price. The OnePlus Nord 2 takes it a step further by giving you a flagship-grade MediaTek Dimensity 1200 5G SoC along with the same primary camera as the OnePlus 9 series. If you are in India or the UK, the OnePlus Nord 2 might even be one of the best OnePlus phones to buy in recent times. Just like the original Nord, though, OnePlus has skipped launching the device in the US.


If you’re lucky enough to have grabbed a OnePlus Nord 2 for yourself, it’s wise to protect the phone with a good case. The phone has a glass back that won’t look good when shattered, so a good, protective case would surely be a nice investment. Here are some of the best OnePlus Nord 2 cases that you can buy to protect your device and even add some flair to it with unique designs! We’ve split the list based on the regions where the phone is available to make it easier for you.

Best OnePlus Nord 2 Cases in India

    Colorful look

    This is a case with a nice sandstone texture for a good grip as well as a desert mirage design for a unique look.

    Great protection

    This case from Kapaver is rugged both in terms of protection as well as looks. It's a great option for serious protection.

    Clear and protective

    If you want to show off the back of your OnePlus Nord 2 but still protect it from drops, this is the case for you.


    This is one of the cheapest cases you can get for the OnePlus Nord 2. It has a nice matte black finish and doesn't add a lot of bulk.

    Ultimate protection

    If you keep dropping your phone often and are scared of cracking the screen or the back, this case will keep your phone safe.

    Hard back case

    This case has a translucent back with a matte finish and bumper on the edges. Looks good and provides decent protection.

Best OnePlus Nord 2 Cases in the UK

    Funky design

    This case from OnePlus has cool designs on the back that gives it a modern look while also being protective. You've surely got to consider this!

    Awesome texture

    If you want a case that mimics the sandstone back of the OnePlus One, this case will do that while also being protective.

    Reinforced corners

    This case is clear which means you can show off the back of your phone and it also has reinforced corners for added protection.

    Store your cards

    You can store your cards inside this case if you don't want to carry a wallet. It also has a built-in kickstand to help you watch videos.

    Slim but protective

    If you want a bumper case that doesn't add a lot of bulk to your phone, this is a good option. It also has a transparent back.

    Carbon fibre trim

    This is a thick case with good protection and carbon fibre accents on the top and bottom. You even get a free screen protector.

These were some of the best OnePlus Nord 2 cases that you can buy, ranging from protective bumper cases to thin cases that give you a little bit of extra grip. The official sandstone case from OnePlus is a great pick if you want a nice texture and a cool-looking design on the back. Kapaver is known to make some good cases, and their bumper case for the OnePlus Nord 2 is a no-brainer if you want the best protection. Spigen’s Ultra Hybrid case is a great way to protect your phone and show off the shiny back. The Quantum Bumper Case has an attractive design while being protective at the same time, making it a great choice for anybody looking for a good quality case.

    The OnePlus Nord 2 is a mid-range smartphone that gets a lot of things right. It's got solid performance, good cameras, and extremely fast charging.

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