Best Phone Carrier

Best Phone Carrier

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AT&TCricket Wireless
T-MobileMetro PCS
SprintBoost Mobile, Virgin Mobile
VerizonGoogle Fi

The Big Four

Purchasing itself in 2005, and renaming itself as the parent company (AT&T Corp.), it was the first and only carrier to exclusively sell the iPhone for years. Having their roots in Alexander Graham Bell and being a massive corporation, reliability is a given.

  • $70 for 1 line
  • $150 for 2 lines

Formerly named VoiceStream Wireless Corporation before being bought by Deutsche Telekom on May 31st, 2001, T-Mobile (renamed on July of 2002) has been improving over the years and acquiring new frequency bands, proving itself as a valuable competitor against Verizon, AT&T, and also Sprint.

  • $70 for 1 line
  • $120 for 2 lines

As a result from a merger between Bell Atlantic and GTE on June 16, 2000, Verizon was born. Known for its high-speed data and covering the majority of the US, Verizon has been at the top of the carrier game for a while. 

  • $75 for one line
  • $130 for 2 lines

Changing its name from United Telecom to Sprint Corporation in 1992, Sprint is now in the headlines: the merge with T-Mobile.

  • $70 for 1 line
  • $120 for 2 lines

Budget Carriers

In addition to the plethora of services they have, Google joined the wireless carrier game with Fi in 2015. Using networks from T-Mobile, Sprint and US Cellular (and Three for Hong Kong), Google Fi has a way of switching networks depending on the area you’re in.

Bill Protection, is a way for customers to control their bill. The price of the bill varies with how much data you used that month ($10/GB). If you passed 6GB of data one month, any data usage after 6GB won’t affect your bill. But if you use less than 6GB, the bill will be cheaper.

  • $20 for 1 line (unlimited talk and text), + $10/GB, $80 max.
  • $35 for 2 lines (unlimited talk and text). + $10/GB, $135 max

A subsidiary of AT&T, you can expect the same kind of network that AT&T has locked down.

  • $55 for 1 line
  • $80 for 2 lines

A subsidiary of T-Mobile, you can expect Metro to improve as the years come. T-Mobile has been constantly changing the way they serve their customers.

  • $60 for 1 line
  • $90 for 2 lines


Under Sprint’s network, which is currently in the headlines for merging with T-Mobile, Boost and Virgin’s fate are unknown.


  • $50 for 1 line
  • $80 for 2 lines


  • $60 for 1 line
  • (No info on multiple lines)


Despite the many kinds of plans each carrier has, they operate differently when it comes to Unlimited Data and taxes. Read the fine print before choosing your carrier.