Best Phones Under $500 in 2019

Best Phones Under $500 in 2019

Looking for a great deal on a phone? In this list we are going to show you some of the best phones under $500. If you don’t need the latest and the greatest, and can settle for something several months old, you’ll be able to save a buck or two. Check out these great phones.

Honor 10


Honor 10 (2018)

When Honor launched the Honor 10, they promised a phone that would provide a new AI experience. Bringing the AI technology from the Honor View 10, and the build quality and performance of the Honor 9, we got a polished and complete version of Honor’s vision for their smartphones.

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OnePlus 6


oneplus 6 red

OnePlus 6 (2018)

OnePlus devices have been known to be extremely speedy, to the point where the new phone’s marketing slogan reflects that reputation. With the fastest chipset from Qualcomm as well as the same copious amounts of quick RAM and storage as last year’s models, just how much faster and smoother is the OnePlus 6?

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Samsung Galaxy S9


Samsung Galaxy S9 (2018)

We’ve been talking about Samsung Experience 10 since early September. We had the first hands-on with Samsung’s latest iteration of their software, which is based on Android Pie. Today, Samsung made it official and showed off what they are calling “One UI.” They also shared their update plans for Android Pie on the Galaxy S9 and Galaxy Note 9.

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LG G7 ThinQ


LG G7 ThinQ (2018)

The LG G7 ThinQ is the company’s first big flagship phone for 2018. In theory, the G series is supposed to compete with the Samsung Galaxy S9, but LG hasn’t had much luck in recent years. The company even talked about slowing down their phone release cycle. Despite the doom and gloom, the LG G7 ThinQ is here. The device is more of the same from LG: a solid phone that takes some chances, but ultimately will suffer the same fate as previous LG phones.

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