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Best Pixel 5 Cases in January 2021: What to Grab to Protect Your New Device

Best Pixel 5 Cases in January 2021: What to Grab to Protect Your New Device


So you ordered the Google Pixel 5 during the fantastic Black Friday sales, or have gotten one for a holiday gift. Now, it’s time to protect your new phone with a case! The worst thing that can happen if your new Pixel 5 getting dings and scratches on it, and no matter how careful you are, accidents happen. But, don’t worry! We’ve rounded up the best Google Pixel 5 cases, so you can pick anywhere between the toughest protection and barely-there slim cases that suit your needs.

    Neat Dual-Layer Protection

    Caseology makes dual-layered cases that always look great. The 3D texture of the soft layer helps to grip, and the slim hard layer protects against shocks and falls.

    Chunky but Clear

    Get classic Otterbox protection but without hiding the back of your phone! This Otterbox case will protect your phone, but it's also see-through. It's also great for those with bigger hands!

    Comfort and protection

    If you want something that straddles the line between protection and style, you can't go wrong with the Spigen Ultra Hybrid. Available in black or with a clear back, this case will protect your phone from falls without bulking it out much.

    A splash of color

    If you're disappointed with the Pixel 5's color choices, brag a case with a splash of unique color instead! Weycolor's thin, pastel cases will help you stand out from the Pixel 5 crowd and come in three color choices so there's something for everyone!.

    Eco-friendly and unique design

    Google's own Pixel 5 case is an interesting design for sure. An eco-friendly case made from machine-washable fabric, the case provides a bit of grip while sticking to Google's pledge to lower their impact on the environment.

    Maximum protection and bulk

    If your Pixel 5 is really going to be put through the ringer, you can't go wrong with OtterBox. The thick case will protect your phone from even the hardest falls and shocks. Keep in mind that it adds some good bulk.

    Customize your case

    None of the other cases cutting it in terms of style? Customize DBrand's Pixel 5 case and make it your own! Choose from a variety of skin colors for your back case and really make it your own.

    Tough protection with a stand

    Spigen also has the Tough Armor line of cases. These protect against most falls and shocks, and has a helpful little stand to prop your phone up with. If you want protection without bulking up your phone much, this is your best bet.

    Carry your cards, too

    For the Google Pixel 5, Vena has a wallet case that is sure to please. Instead of the cards being on a flap, they're in a cutout back area. You'll still get a stand to prop your phone up on, too. You just don't need to worry about the cards scratching your screen!

    Hard outside, soft inside

    Caseology is a popular brand, and their Legion line is designed for life's bumps. Offering a soft inner-layer and a hard outer-layer shell, the Caseology Legion will protect your Pixel 5, and you'll still be able to use wireless charging and a screen protector.

    Gradient protection

    Vinve's Google 5 case is a pretty gradient color, so you'll be able to have your phone pop while offering it a little protection.

    Buzzing for the Environment

    Want a case that's cute and helps the environment? Pela's Honey Bee case is yellow, adorned with the helpful little honey makers, and is bio-degradeable and eco-friendly. You can't ask for much else!

    Peer into the Galaxy

    Who doesn't love a good space theme? Bentoben's Pixel 5 case is a nice starry background that will give your device a medium level of protection.

    Pick a Color, Any Color

    Tought protection, a finger-ring, and camera protection. What more can you ask for? Well, up to nine colors to choose from, that's what!

    More Wallet Options

    Arae Case offers another vallet option for your Pixel 4. The three-flap case will store your cards, protect your screen, and act as a prop.

Which Pixel 5 case will you grab? Honestly, you can’t really go wrong with Spigen’s line of products (we even gave it a spot in our Best Tech of 2020 XDA Awards!), and the Ultra Hybrid is the best compromise between protection and comfort. The shell will definitely protect against the drops and falls any average user will have over the course of the Pixel 5’s lifespan, but it’ll also not bulk out the phone so much that it’s uncomfortable to actually use. I have small hands, so something like an OtterBox, as protective as it is, can be too bulky for my hands. But, if you have a particularly labor-intensive job and need to protect against freak accidents, the OtterBox’s Defender series is definitely going to be the case to grab, bulk or not.

If you’re not prone to slippery fingers like me, a thin but colorful case like Weycolor’s selection of Pixel 5 cases are a great idea. They can liven up the drab black Pixel 5 easily and cheaply! You might argue it’s better to go caseless, but let’s face it–we’ve all had our phone inexplicitly rub up against something sharp in a bag or purse. Do you want a nasty scratch against the back of your new device? These cases prevent your device from incidents just like that.

What Pixel 5 case is your favorite? Let us know in the comments!

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