Where is the best place to buy the HP Chromebook 14?

Where is the best place to buy the HP Chromebook 14?

If you’re looking for a new Chromebook, there’s a good chance at least one model of HP’s Chromebook 14 is on your list. The Chromebook 14 lineup from HP spans nearly 20 different models, with a range of configurable options and price points. With so many choices, it’s easy to find something that fits your personal description of the ideal Chromebook.

In this guide, we take a look at the top 3 models of the HP Chromebook 14 at the three largest online retailers — HP, Amazon, and Best Buy. To make your purchasing decision easier, we discuss pricing, return policy, and support at each vendor.



In general, Amazon tends to have the lowest price on average across most HP Chromebook 14 models. On the other hand, Best Buy runs seasonal sales that often make the big-box giant an appealing option. Around back-to-school time and Christmas, you can find some of the HP Chromebook 14 models for a great price at Best Buy. Keep in mind Best Buy will also price match Amazon, so if you prefer buying locally you can take advantage of this to get the best price.

Of the three options, HP typically doesn’t have the best pricing for general consumers. You might get an occasional discount, but the pricing at HP is typically a bit higher than both Amazon and Best Buy.

However, if you’re a student or teacher, you can take advantage of HP’s education discount program. With the education discount, you can save up to 20% on models of the HP Chromebook 14. This could be the best available deal for a particular device. Be sure to check all three websites to get the best overall price.

Return/exchange policy

Return policy is perhaps the biggest factor to consider when purchasing your new HP Chromebook 14.  Checking out HP’s website, you’ll find they have a 30 day return window with a restocking fee up to 15%. In practice, you can expect to pay the full 15% restock fee on most Chromebook 14 models. This is a fairly big downside to buying directly from HP.

HP.com official return policy

Best Buy has a shorter 15 day return window for Chromebooks, but they don’t have a restocking fee. In addition, if you shop with Best Buy often, you may qualify for Elite or Elite Plus status, expanding your return window to 30 or 45 days respectively.

Best Buy's official return policy

I personally choose to shop at Best Buy for most tech purchases to take advantage of my extended 45 day return window. No restocking fee with 45 days to try out a new device is a great bonus. Plus, it’s nice to have a physical store I can visit for returns or exchanges without waiting to mail the device back.

If you buy from Amazon, you can expect a 30 day return window. Keep in mind you need to buy directly from Amazon.com and not a third-party seller. Amazon doesn’t have a restocking fee. Overall, Amazon has the best return policy if you aren’t a Best Buy Elite or Elite Plus member.


When it comes to support, you would think buying directly from the manufacturer is the best option. While it’s easier to get direct support through the manufacturer warranty if you buy from HP, there are additional support options available at Best Buy and Amazon.

If you purchase from Best Buy, you can add a Geek Squad plan to your purchase and get local support for the life of your Chromebook 14. Amazon also offers their own 2 and 3 year protection plans for a very reasonable cost. In terms of value, the Amazon plan is a better deal if you’re willing to send in your machine to get repaired. Best Buy is a superior option for local service, but you pay quite a bit more for this support.

That’s our comparison of the purchasing options for the HP Chromebook 14 at HP, Amazon, and Best Buy. All three retailers carry numerous models of the Chromebook 14, so you can certainly find many touchscreen options and traditional clamshells as well. Let us know which model of the HP Chromebook 14 you plan to grab.

    You can buy all of the latest Chromebook 14 models directly from HP's website.
    Amazon is a great option if you have a Prime account. You can also find pre-owned models on Amazon to save a few bucks.
    If you want a local store, Best Buy is the best option for your HP Chromebook 14 purchase. The store also has a competitive return policy with no restocking fee.

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