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These are the best portable laptop chargers you can buy

These are the best portable laptop chargers you can buy

These days, it’s easy to find a great laptop that suits your needs. There are many PCs with thin and lightweight designs, some with unique looks, and laptop performance keeps improving. At the same time, power efficiency is also getting better all the time. We can do more on our laptops and have them last longer. But as good as battery life gets, sometimes it’s just not enough to get you through a long trip. If you find yourself needing extra power, here are some of the best portable chargers you can get for your laptop.

A good laptop charger will depend heavily on what you need. Some laptops need more power than others, and some have USB Type-C or Thunderbolt, while others are still using barrel chargers. You may also be looking for something in specific situations. For example, if you’re on a week-long camping trip, a regular power bank might not cut it. We’ve covered a few use cases below.


    The do-it-all

    The Omni 20+ is one of the most versatile portable laptop chargers. It has USB Type-A and Type-C ports, Qi wireless charging, DC output, and even a standard outlet plug. It's a 20,000mAh unit, but it can charge an ultrabook once. It also includes a flashlight.

    Affordable charger and USB Hub

    The ZMI PowerPack 20K isn't the fastest laptop charger at 45W, so it only works with ultrabooks. However, in addition to charging, it can add a couple of USB Type-A ports to your laptop, which is great if it only has USB-C. It's also one of the most affordable items on this list.

    Portable charger with a fast wall charger

    If you want both a portable and a wall charger, this is for you. The portable charger can provide 45W of power delivery to your laptop, and the wall charger delivers 60W. You can use the wall charger to quickly charge the power bank, or use it as a charger for your laptop with USB Type-C.

    For laptops without USB-C

    Some of us may have laptops that don't yet use USB Type-C for charging, but carrying around the original power adapter is also not easy. The MaxOak Laptop Power Bank has a large 50,000mAh battery and DC output with 14 different connectors to work with all kinds of older laptops. It can deliver up to 130W of power.

    It can even start your car

    If you're on the move, there's also a good chance you're driving and the HALO Bolt 58830 has you covered on all fronts. It has a massive battery, and you can use the AC outlet to plug in your regular laptop charger. It even has jumper cables that let you jump-start your car's battery in a pinch.

    Now with wireless

    This other HALO Bolt model makes a trade-off that might be worth it if you want to charge your phone, too. It has a smaller 44,400mAh battery, but it includes a wireless charging pad for your phone. It can still charge your laptop and start your car, too.

    A more modern look

    If you want something that looks good while still being functional, the Einova Laptop Power Bank is one of the best portable laptop chargers. It has soft-touch linen on the top to give it a more modern look and a comfortable grip. It only charges at 45W via USB Type-C, but it can also charge your phone.

    Long battery to charge all your devices

    The Krisdonia AC Laptop Power Bank has one of the largest batteries on this list, and it includes both an AC outlet, USB Type-C and Type-A. The Type-C port maxes out at 36W, so only low-power laptops (or a Nintendo Switch) are supported, but the AC outlet goes up to 130W.

    Absolute unit

    This might be stretching the definition of portable, but the Anker PowerHouse II 400 can keep your devices powered for days while on a camping trip or whenever you spend a long time away from an outlet. It includes an AC outlet, car socket, multiple USB ports include a 60W USB Type-C, and a screen with information about the power that's left.

    To use in your car

    Portability means something different for everyone, but if you just want to be able to charge your laptop in your car, this will let you do just that. This is a cheap power inverter that turns your car's lighter into an AC outlet that delivers up to 110V of power, so you can plug in most types of laptops. Useful for road trips.

    Solar power

    If you prefer using clean energy, this portable solar panel can give you power wherever you are. It includes an adapter that outputs 60W over USB-C for your laptop, and USB Type-A for your phone. But you can also use the DC output to charge a power bank like the Anker PowerHouse, and then use that to charge your devices.

    Power bank plus solar panel

    This bundle includes a foldable solar panel, but also a power bank you can use to charge your laptop. The solar panel charges the power bank, which supports passthrough charging for your laptop. However, it can only output 45W of power, so only ultrabooks will be able to charge from it.

We believe these options are the best portable laptop chargers you can get. You’ll mostly just need to pay attention to how much power your laptop needs, especially if it charges via USB Type-C. Some of the chargers can output 60W, while others are limited to 45W. If you want to be safe, you can always get a charger with an AC outlet like the Omni 20+.

Personally, I’m always fascinated by the huge Anker PowerHouse II 400. It’s expensive, but the fact it can keep your laptop charged for days in case of an emergency is just awesome. You could even use it to power other things, too. It’s something that would mostly be useful if you enjoy camping for long periods of time, but it can also be good if you just want to be prepared for a disaster. No matter what you’re looking for, there’s likely something for you on this list.

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