These are the Best Robot Vacuums to buy in 2022

These are the Best Robot Vacuums to buy in 2022

One of the best ways to keep your house or office space clean is to use a vacuum. Whether you have tiled flooring or carpeted interiors, a vacuum cleaner can help you keep your surroundings clean by sucking in dust particles and in some cases, even mopping your floor for an extra layer of cleaning. However, the problem with a traditional handheld vacuum cleaner is you need to go around your entire house manually cleaning the floor which can get quite tiring. The solution to this problem is robot vacuums.

Robot vacuums map the entire flooring of your house and can automatically navigate around by themselves without the need for human intervention. What this means is the only effort you need to put in is to download an app to connect to the robot vacuum and set it up for the first time. Once that’s done, leave it to the robot vacuum to go around your house and do its job. This is the most convenient way to clean the floors and is very effective, especially if you have a pet and have lots of pet hair or dust flying around.


Robot Vacuum

If you’ve decided to get yourself a robot vacuum, it can be quite confusing to decide which exact one you need to get since there are a lot of options in the market. So we’ve made your job easier by picking out the best robot vacuums you can buy across various price points. There are some that just sweep your floor and some that can even mop, so pick the one best suited for you depending on what sort of flooring you have.

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Best Self-emptying Robot Vacuum Cleaner: Dreame Bot Z10 Pro [Sponsored]

Dreame Z10 Pro

The Dreame Z10 Pro is a self-emptying robot vacuum, which is a simple way of saying it encourages you to become lazier. Jokes aside, self-emptying vacuums are convenient since they go back to their docking station by themselves and empty the dirtbag into a storage bin. You don’t have to empty the bin every day since the Dreame Z10 Pro has a 4L dirtbag that can last up to two months without manual emptying.

It has 4,000Pa of suction power and a large 5,200mAh battery that gives it a run time of up to 150 minutes. It even uses LiDAR for precise navigation. If you want an all-in-one vacuum that can sweep, mop, and empty itself, you can’t go wrong with the Dreame Bot Z10 Pro.

    The Dreame Bot Z10 Pro is an all-in-one vacuum that can self-empty its dirtbag for up to two months, making your life a lot easier. It has great suction power as well as good battery life.

We thank Dreame for sponsoring this section of the article. Our sponsors help us pay for the many costs associated with running XDA, including server costs, full-time developers, news writers, and much more.

Also Great: Shark AV1010AE IQ

Shark AV1010AE

If the idea of a self-emptying robot vacuum cleaner appeals to you but you want something slightly cheaper, the Shark AV1010AE IQ has you covered. While the vacuum cleaner itself is just like any other unit on this list with support for both hard flooring and carpets, the specialty is in the base that the robot rests in.

Once your house is cleaned, the Shark robot vacuum goes back to its base and automatically empties the contents of its dirtbag for up to 45 days so you don’t have to worry about cleaning and emptying the bag every day. It has a multi-surface brush roll for precise cleaning and can take commands via Google Assistant as well.

    If a self-emptying vacuum cleaner is the only one you want to get but don't want to spend a lot for the Roomba, this alternative from Shark also has a similar set of features for a fraction of the price.

Best Robot Vacuum with Sweep and Mop: Dreame D9

Dreame D9 Robot Vacuum

Dreame is a well-established brand in the vacuum cleaner space and the Dreame D9 is a robot vacuum that’s a great option if you’re looking for a 2-in 1 vacuum cleaner that can be used for both sweeping as well as mopping your floor. It has a suction power of 3000Pa and a runtime of up to 150 minutes, which should be more than sufficient to clean even a large house in one go.

It connects to your smartphone via an app and can also be controlled via Alexa. The Dreame D9 uses LIDAR technology to precisely map the areas inside your house and can go around furniture with ease. The Dreame D9 is suited for both hard floors as well as carpets.

    One of the best choices for a 2-in-1 robot vacuum that can be used for both sweeping and mopping.

Also Great: Roborock E4 Mop

Roborock E4 Robot vacuum

Roborock is another popular brand when it comes to robot vacuum cleaners and the Roborock E4 is one of their best products in this category of 2-in-1 robot vacuum cleaners. Since it’s a 2-in-1, it can be used for both sweeping as well as mopping with a suction power of 2000Pa, slightly less than the Dreame D9. However, this has a slightly better runtime of 200 minutes which can be beneficial if you have a large house. The Roborock E4 has a low-noise design so it’s less distracting. There’s an app and voice control as well, and its slim design allows it to go under furniture with ease.

    This is the second-best option for a 2-in-1 robot vacuum cleaner. It has slightly less suction power but a longer runtime.

Best Affordable Robot Vacuum: Eufy by Anker RoboVac 11S

eufy by Anker

You would generally associate Anker with smartphone accessories and electronic gadgets, but they’ve also entered the vacuum cleaner space with their Eufy lineup of products. The RoboVac 11S is a super-thin robot vacuum that has a suction power of 1300Pa which is quite less than the previous options but at this price point, it gets the job done just fine. It’s quiet and is suited for hard floors as well as medium-pile carpets. Since it’s slim, it can easily navigate around furniture and it has a runtime of about 100 minutes. A good first-time purchase if you haven’t used robot vacuums before.

    This robot vacuum is a good option to consider if you're getting one for the first time and if you have a small to medium-sized house.

Also Great: Yeedi K600

Yeedi K600

If you have a super-tight budget and don’t want to get a handheld vacuum cleaner, this robot vacuum from Yeedi is your best option. Coming in at under $100, the Yeedi K600 offers deep-cleaning for both hard floors as well as carpets and has a runtime of 110 minutes which should be sufficient for a small-sized house.

There are four cleaning modes included along with a remote control that can be used to start and stop the cleaning process with the ability to change modes. The suction is pretty powerful for the price and can reach up to 1,800Pa with a noise level of 55dB. The Yeedi K600 provides great value for your money.

    The Yeedi K600 is for those of you who are on a super-tight budget and want a robot vacuum with good suction power but can forgo some smart features like app control.

Best Premium Robot Vacuum Cleaner: Roborock S6 MaxV

Roborock S6 MaxV

While being considerably cheaper than the Roomba S9+, the Roborock S6 MaxV offers some great features that provide a premium experience while using it. For starters, the suction power is up to 2,500Pa which should be plenty. The S6 MaxV uses LIDAR as well as twin cameras that Roborock refers to as ReactiveAI to accurately track and avoid obstacles in its path while cleaning. This is a 2-in-1 vacuum meaning you can use it for both sweeping and mopping. You can set up to ten no-go zones where you don’t want the vacuum to clean.

A cool feature that’s present on the Roborock S6 MaxV is you can access the cameras on the vacuum remotely using your smartphone to keep track of your pet when you’re away. The runtime on this vacuum is up to 3 hours.

    If you're looking for a premium 2-in-1 robot vacuum, look no further. The cleaning is powerful and it has some smart features that make it worthy.

Best Mid-range Robot Vacuum: iRobot Roomba 692

Roomba 692

iRobot is among the most trusted brands when it comes to robot vacuums and that’s the reason it gets another mention in the mid-range category as well. The Roomba 692 is one of the most basic offerings from iRobot but has a good set of features. There’s Wi-Fi connectivity, personalized cleaning, voice control, and three-stage cleaning for better precision.

The run time is up to 90 minutes on this one so it’s best suited for small to medium-sized homes. The Roomba 692 can clean both hard floors as well as carpets using adjustable height. It has a range of sensors that allow it to map your house and move around while avoiding collisions. This is a reliable robot vacuum that won’t disappoint.

    The iRobot Roomba 692 is one of the most popular robot vacuums due to its price to performance ratio. If you're looking for a reliable robot vacuum that's not too expensive, this is the one to get.

Also Great: Shark ION AV751

Shark ION Robot vacuum

If you want a mid-range robot vacuum that has a slightly higher runtime than the Roomba 692, this is the option to go for. The features on this one are largely similar to what you get on the Roomba 692. It links to your smartphone via an app and maps out your house for precise cleaning. It has sensors that avoid collisions and can also detect if you have stairs to avoid falling over. You can also use the Shark ION AV751 with Alexa. You can use this robot vacuum on hard floors and on carpets, just like most other vacuums on this list.

The only major difference between this and the Roomba 692 is you get up to 120 minutes of runtime on this one compared to 90 on the Roomba. So if you have a slightly bigger house, we suggest you spend a little extra and get this robot vacuum from Shark.

    This robot vacuum from Shark is largely similar to the Roomba 692 except for the fact this has a slightly longer runtime of up to 120 minutes.

Best Value Robot Vacuum: Kyvol Cybovac E31

Kyvol Cybovac E31

The Kyvol Cybovac E31 is our pick for the best value robot vacuum due to the fact it offers a lot of features for a price that’s not too high. First up, the suction power is 2200Pa which is great, and the runtime it offers is about 150 minutes which should be sufficient for most medium to large-sized homes. The E31 is also a 2-in-1 vacuum which means you can use it for both sweeping and mopping and at this price, that’s quite rare to find. It’s self-charging and works on both hard floors as well as on carpets.

Kyvol claims to have an enhanced Gyroptic smart navigation sensor to avoid collisions and allow for precise cleaning. If you’re looking for a 2-in-1 vacuum on a budget, you can’t go wrong with this one.

    If you're looking for a 2-in-1 robot vacuum that can help with sweeping as well as mopping without breaking the bank, this one offers great value.

These were some of the best robot vacuums you can get based on your specific requirements and what price range you’re looking at. You can get good cheap options as well if you just want to try one out to see how it works before actually investing in a more expensive one.

The Dreame D9 is a well-rounded option and offers a good set of features and the highest suction power from all the options mentioned here. The Roborock S6 MaxV is a good premium robot vacuum that has smart features and 2-in-1 capabilities. If you’re on a tight budget and just want to test the waters before getting a more premium option, the Eufy RoboVac 11S is a great place to start.

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