Best ROMs for the Honor 9

Best ROMs for the Honor 9

The Honor 9 has been Honor’s biggest phone launch of 2017 with a positive response from the community. Since its launch, the community has been busy with root methods, TWRP, and several ROMs. Here are some of the most popular ROMs available for the Honor 9.

OpenKirin’s LineageOS

This LineageOS ROM is decently stable aside from some reboot issues and video recording problems.

OpenKirin’s AOSPA

This ROM is based on Paranoid Android and delivers a clean stock Android experience. It’s fast and comes with some extras like substratum and the PA browser.

OpenKirin’s RROS

This unofficial RROS ROM is compatible with most Honor 9 models and bring RROS 7.1.2 to the Honor 9.

Try out these ROMs for the Honor 9 and check out other development projects at the Honor 9 forums.

The Honor 9 is guaranteed to receive an official Oreo update as inevitably Oreo based ROMs

The development community brings TWRP, Xposed, kernels and ROMs to the Honor 9.

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