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Best Samsung Chromebook 4 case options: Waterfield, Nillkin, and more

Best Samsung Chromebook 4 case options: Waterfield, Nillkin, and more

The Samsung Chromebook 4 is one of the most popular budget Chromebooks out there. If you’re looking for a Chromebook you can use for school, this is one you don’t want to miss. In addition to the low price, the Samsung Chromebook 4 also has a durable build. Indeed, this is one of the best Samsung Chromebooks. Given the extreme portability of this device, you might be wondering about the best replacement Samsung Chromebook 4 charger.

When it comes to cases and sleeves, you have a number of options. Some cases offer maximum protection, but can be quite bulky to carry around every day. On the other hand, some Samsung Chromebook 4 cases are quite thin and portable. If you want the thinnest possible option, opt for a simple sleeve over a complete case. Sure, you might get less protection, but you can take your Samsung Chromebook 4 anywhere and still be protected from scratches. Here are our picks for the best cases.


    Best basic sleeve

    If you just want a basic sleeve with no frills, Amazon has you covered here. This sleeve's size ranges from 11.6 inches up to 15.6 inches, depending on the size of your Chromebook. With three color options to choose from and a low price, grab this if you just need to carry your Chromebook outside on occasion.

    Best carrying case

    If you need extra protection for your Chromebook 15 when carrying it around, the hard shell on this sleeve can do just that. Meanwhile, the inside is soft to absorb any impact from your laptop moving around.

    Best hard sleeve

    If you want top of the line protection, get this hard sleeve from Nacuwa. With a range of size options, this sleeve is suitable for any Chromebook. You also get protection from spills, and a few inner pockets to organize cables and your laptop charger.

    Best leather sleeve

    For those that want an elegant sleeve, UNIKA has a nice selection of color options. This sleeve features an ultra-thin design and accommodates 13-15 inch Chromebooks.

    Best shockproof sleeve

    Sometimes we all have a clumsy day or two. With the Lymmax shockproof sleeve your laptop will stay protected even if you drop it. This sleeve comes in a range of color options but is limited to 13-15 inch size compatibility.

    Best sleeve with stand

    Would you like a laptop sleeve that doubles as a stand? Nillkin offers just that at a price under $30. With four color options to choose from you should be able to find one that matches your personal style.

    Storage on the go

    If you need a case to store lots of gear with your Acer Chromebook 15, the TIMBUK2 Stealth Folio is perfect. You get multiple compartments for chargers, dongles, and more.

    Premium custom fit

    Luxury bags are tough to find for Chromebooks, but Waterfield Designs offers an excellent custom-fit option. You can specify the exact dimensions of your Chromebook and they will built you a custom case made of waxed canvas or ballistic nylon. This is a premium sleeve with amazing build quality.

    More color options

    Color options are fun on any accessory, but Chromebook cases tend to come mostly in black or grey. The NIDOO 14 inch laptop sleeve comes in numerous colors so you can express your personal style and protect your Chromebook 15 at the same time.

That completes our roundup of the best available cases and sleeves for the Samsung Chromebook 4, one of the best Chromebooks you can get at Best Buy. Keep in mind Amazon and Best Buy constantly discount several of these products, so it’s wise to often keep an eye out. You can also set up a page monitor to get notified of any drastic price drops.

Let us know which case or sleeve you prefer for your Chromebook travels. If you’re still looking to purchase the new Samsung Chromebook 4, check out the links below. This Chromebook is available from Best Buy, Amazon, and HP’s own web store. Prices are the same in both locations so you can choose which retailer works best for your needs. The Samsung Chromebook 4 is also available from Samsung with bulk education pricing, great for teachers or schools that need several devices.

    Students that need a compact and durable laptop will enjoy the Chromebook 4 11.6. With military-grade durability and ultra-fast WiFi, this Chromebook has everything you need to get through a day in the classroom.

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