Best Samsung Chromebooks you can buy in 2022

Best Samsung Chromebooks you can buy in 2022

Samsung is one of the largest manufacturers of consumer electronics. Ranking number four on the list of Chromebook vendors by volume, Samsung has an impressive lineup of devices running Chrome OS. If premium design is your thing, Samsung is definitely one of the top Chromebook manufacturers to consider. Indeed, their flagship devices are some of the best Chromebooks you can buy.

Those that use a Samsung Android phone as their daily device will also enjoy further integration into the rich Samsung ecosystem. Perhaps most importantly, many of Samsung’s Chromebooks come with a built-in S-pen. The addition of S-pen support is certainly a feature that sets these Chromebooks apart from the pack.


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Best overall: Galaxy Chromebook

Galaxy Chromebook

The Galaxy Chromebook features a solid, full-aluminum body with a thickness of just 9.9mm. It weighs in at a mere 2.29lbs. Various ports, as well as UFS and uSD card slots, provide a new level of convenience. UFS performs at rates of up to five times quicker than conventional microSD storage, so you can save and transfer files faster.

The Samsung Galaxy Chromebook is part of Samsung’s series of Galaxy Book laptops, which have also included the Galaxy Book Flex and the Galaxy Book Ion. Both of these are powered by Windows 10 and offer mostly conventional high-end specifications. The Galaxy Chromebook takes cues from these devices but with a Chrome OS perspective. Just like the Galaxy Book Flex, the Galaxy Chromebook features a 360 degree hinge which allows the user to engage with the device both as a tablet and a laptop, something which is further complemented by the laptop’s slim, light profile. At 9.9mm, it’s barely any thicker than your current phone with a case. Given how Chrome OS supports Android apps, the tablet experience should work splendidly.

While the Galaxy Chromebook 2 is a newer model, this original model still packs the most impressive list of specs for power users. This Chromebook features a 4K AMOLED display, built-in S-pen, and the latest 10th Generation Intel Core i5 processor. Samsung’s design is minimal, compact and sturdy. This device is designed to provide stable usage in any mode. Its aluminum metal body provides exceptional durability. The specs are rounded out by a 256GB SSD and 8GB of RAM for ultra-fast performance. You also get two USB-C ports and a built-in SD card reader.

A high-definition 4K AMOLED display provides incredible clarity. With 100% Adobe RGB and 100% DCI-P3 support, you can edit videos to a professional standard. View in a rich range of colors, with true-to-life tones and black hues. Its ultra-slim 3.9mm bezel let you immerse yourself in visual splendor. Use Ambient EQ to automatically adjust the color temperature and brightness of your display to suit your surroundings. Not only does this function help reduce eye fatigue, but it also provides you with more realistic-looking images.

Let your imagination run free on the screen with the Galaxy Chromebook pen. It’s built-in, to help you reduce the risk of losing it. The pen is sensitive to 4,096 levels of pressure and tilt – so you’ll feel like you’re writing or drawing on real paper. Just a touch is all it takes to unlock your computer. The device reads your fingerprint with a secure, built-in sensor. Unlock your laptop quickly, easily and securely. All in all, this laptop has everything you could ever want in a Chromebook, or any laptop for that matter.

With all of these amazing features, the original Galaxy Chromebook is perfect for writing, drawing, watching Netflix, and just about any other task you do with your Chromebook. In addition, it has enough power to use it for work or school as well. The battery life can be a bit of an issue, but if you bring along a portable charger, you won’t feel hampered using this Chromebook for all of your work at college or tasks in the office. You can also enjoy your favorite movies and games in crisp resolution thanks to the 4K panel. Those looking for the Samsung Chromebook at the top of the pack, look no further than the original Galaxy Chromebook.

    Samsung's original Galaxy Chromebook is still their most high-end offering. This is absolutely the Samsung Chromebook to get if you're looking for a 4K display, an S-Pen out of the box, and the beefiest processor options.




Best daily driver: Galaxy Chromebook 2

Chromebook 2 with Netflix open on table

Samsung makes a pretty stylish Chromebook 2 with an eye popping fiesta red color that is bound to get you noticed and express your style. The form and function of this Chromebook makes it compact, but still fairly powerful for easy use and mobility. This Chromebook 2 offers up a stunning 13.3″ QLED display that makes colors and visuals just pop and come alive off the screen. The ability to see over a billion colors on this 1920 x 1280p screen is truly impressive.

The Samsung Galaxy Chromebook 2 has a beautiful design and is built with premium materials. It is very light weight, and ultra thin. I forget I have it in my book bag sometimes. It doesn’t weigh much and is very easy to bring along with me everywhere I go. The hinges are very strong and can rotate all the way back so you can use the Chromebook in “tent mode” and tablet mode. The keyboard is pretty quiet and feels nice to type on even though there isn’t much travel.

I have a Samsung QLED Q90T TV set and this closely matches the performance of that. Streaming movies and watching entertainment on this screen is truly worth the experience. Add to that the impressive sound that this compact Chromebook can make and you’re in for a big experience from a small form factor. The screen is a touch screen for the option of touch or stylus, and it can be flipped into a tablet for versatility. Use it as a standard laptop style Chromebook, or flip it and make it a tablet screen.

There is an option to use a stylus with this and enhance your daily usability with this. Samsung Chromebook 2 offers a Smart Amp for sound and this Chromebook can truly get loud, but still remain crisp and clear. Samsung states that this is 178% louder than normal amps, and listening to music or watching movies truly feels like an surrounding experience. I’ve really been enjoying my music on YouTube and the sound is better than any of my previous laptops. Packed away into this Chromebook 2 is the Intel Core i3 10th Gen chip. From my daily usage over since buying this machine, I’m blown away at how efficient and responsive this chip makes this Chromebook.

Backlit keyboards are such an added value and something that I rely on when I work at all hours of the day and night. I have really enjoyed the size of this keyboard as it is using the real estate given wisely and doesn’t have a cramped keyboard. Your hands will fit well and glide across to where they need to be on a smaller Chromebook. Also a big plus to have is the Google Assistant to help you in your day to day tasks.

The performance feels smooth and never feels bogged down. This feels like a fast laptop computer that I would rival against my Intel i7 Macbook Pro. This Chromebook is compact enough to be portable and mobile to keep with you on the go. The battery life has also been performing well and lasting all day under normal usage. Surfing on Chrome has been smooth and fast. Watching movies and clips with Disney+ and YouTube have been a fun entertaining experience also. It’s a slim profile and thickness to the Chromebook and I would compare it very closely to rival the shape/size of an Apple MacBook Air. If you need a daily driver Chromebook, you can’t go wrong here.

    With the Galaxy Chromebook 2, Samsung removed a few premium features but also drastically reduced the price. As the first Chromebook with a QLED display, this machine still packs plenty of power and style for most users.




Best with larger display: Chromebook 4+ 15.6″

Samsung Chromebook 4+ on orange background

If you’re looking to go big or go home, the Chromebook 4+ 15.6 is for you. Designed with a minimized bezel, the Samsung Chromebook 4+ gives you more room to view content on a 15.6″ Full HD screen. This larger Chromebook also delivers exceptional battery life with over ten hours of battery on a full charge. In addition, you get fast-charging via either of the two USB-C ports.

The Intel Celeron Processor N4,000 powers the device, along with up to 6GB of RAM and 128GB of storage. It’s quite strange that the smaller storage configurations come with more RAM (the 32/64 GB options come with 6GB of RAM, and the 128GB option comes with 4GB of RAM). At the end of the day, you’ll have to choose if you need more RAM for multi-tasking, or additional local storage.

In layman’s terms, this processor has extremely low power requirements which sips power and is able to increase its clock speed high enough to get tasks done. This chip can also hyperthread, basically making it more efficient per core and increasing speed as well. Because of this low power state, the processor doesn’t heat up too much and the computer doesn’t need a fan. The computer makes no noise. I’ve noticed zero lag at all, even when using the stylus. This thing is overpowered for most tasks Chrome OS needs. It’s a great balance between power needed vs maximizing battery life.

The keys are nice and quiet, the click and travel feel nice, and overall the machine is fine for writing shorter pieces of content for work or school. The additional flex in the chassis can be a bit bothersome if you are composing larger pieces. For those a bit more heavy-handed, the flex may get to you a bit and make this keyboard less usable. Let’s talk about the display. It really is a beautiful display with accurate-enough colors. It gets a little over-saturated in some situations and under-saturated in others, creating some awkward hue on backgrounds of darker movies or webpages. But those are only noticeable while objects are moving (or when you’re scrolling) and there’s a lot of action on the screen.

In terms of the overall performance, you aren’t getting the most impressive experience here, but it’s enough for a budget Chromebook. The main selling point here is the larger display, something Samsung unfortunately doesn’t offer in their high-end Galaxy line of Chromebooks. Keep in mind that while the screen is larger, it’s not really the best quality. You do get fairly pedestrian viewing angles and colors. If you’re looking to get a sharper panel with better brightness and viewing angles outdoors, you’ll need to opt for one of the smaller Galaxy Chromebooks.

All in all, if you’re wanting the performance of a Google Pixelbook and similar functionality then you won’t be disappointed. If you want to get a loved one a computer that will allow them to use the internet without too much worry about viruses, then you’re making a good purchase. If you’re intending to get a laptop that can run Android apps without too much of a laggy experience, then you’re making a good purchase. If you’re wanting a computer that can run Photoshop, render 4K videos, or anything like that, then you’re better off with other products.

    Those that enjoy a larger screen will enjoy the 15.6 inch display, which is tucked inside a thin and light chassis. With long battery life and up to 128GB of storage, this Chromebook is a great value if you need the extra screen real estate.




Best for education: Chromebook 4 11.6″

Samsung Chromebook 4 on red background

Samsung’s compact 11.6″ Chromebook 4 is a great value option for students. Slim, under 3 pounds, and with military-grade durability, it’s made to handle bumps and drops. Plus, it comes with a full-sized keyboard and trackpad. With a lightning fast Gigabit Wi-Fi connection, you can rapidly stream or download massive files for school. The Chromebook 4 also delivers up to ten hours of battery on a full charge that quickly recharges on a USB-C charger.

The processor is identical to the Chromebook 4+. You also get 4GB of RAM and up to 64GB of storage. The display on this laptop is not quite as premium as Samsung’s other offerings, but that’s also reflected in the $200 price. Overall, this Chromebook will be a viable option for students or teachers that need the basics to teach or learn in the classroom. If you want to use this compact device with a larger screen, consider investing in a quality docking station.

This Chromebook utilizes the Celeron N4000 processor and 6GB of RAM. I really think that anyone who hasn’t had a Chromebook or hasn’t updated in a while will be happy if they find a machine that uses the N4000 processor. Although it is only a dual-core Celeron processor that doesn’t wow you with its base speed, it has a 4MB cache. Most of the processors in budget machines in past generations had 1-2MB caches at most. This change is one that you actually feel when using the Chromebook because this will increase the pace of things most users like to do, such as switching between tabs, quickly loading pages, and multitasking. There’s an option for 6GB of RAM on this machine, if you buy directly from Samsung’s website.

The weight of the machine and the form factor are very satisfying. This device adds very little weight to your bag while traveling and for walks across campus, that lighter frame is much appreciated. I enjoy the fact that despite being so light, it doesn’t feel overly cheap. It’s far sturdier than one would expect for a cheap and light device. Overall, for anyone who enjoys the lightweight portability provided by an 11.6 inch machine, this one fits the bill while feeling substantial enough that it avoids feeling flimsy.

Display quality isn’t really a strong suit of this Chromebook — it’s not the brightest or sharpest panel. However, those buying this machine are likely looking for something portable that can be easily accessed by children, and it definitely fits that bill. If you need a machine with an incredibly sharp screen and portability, you might want to consider the Chromebook V2 Plus discussed later in this guide.

This isn’t really the best experience for typing, as the keyboard and touchpad can be a bit cramped. If you’re looking to type out long term papers and essays, you might want something with a bit more room, like the Galaxy Chromebook 2, to navigate. However, for younger students that are mainly interacting with the Chromebook on a more basic level, this is a great option at a solid price.

    Students that need a compact and durable laptop will enjoy the Chromebook 4 11.6. With military-grade durability and ultra fast WiFi, this Chromebook has everything you need to get through a day in the classroom.




Best for younger kids: Galaxy Chromebook Go

Galaxy Chromebook Go on blue background

You can get a lot for $300 today. For instance, look at mini-PC’s, which need external keyboard, mouse and display, but come with desktop-like capabilities and are expandable for more memory. Sure, they’re not laptops, but the core machine is portable, in fact more so than a laptop, so long as your destination has the requisite keyboard, mouse and display.

For $300 in this instance, you get a long battery life and good Wi-Fi 6, which could be essential for on-the-road journalism, student notes or remote lab projects. If you’re an Android user, you get many settings and preferences moved automatically when you set it up. Contrast that with Windows laptops, where more steps are needed to install the apps you need. Partly ,this is because Microsoft abandoned their mobile platform.

Samsung made some compromises here, but sometimes you want bare bones. The machine might be used only occasionally, for children, or may need to be dedicated to a particular purpose, or is needed for public use and will get beat up. Finesse, higher cost, weight and power give you more features, but they are not always needed.
I’d like to comment on the “military grade” aspect that is claimed by Samsung, but there isn’t a way to easily test MILSTD 810G findings without destroying the laptop. Let’s just say that this is a definite plus for many environments.

The display is crisp and sharp, the battery life is good for a few hours off the plug, and the quality and feel is great and above average in this price segment. The fact that it looks like metal, but isn’t makes it feel a bit cheaper when touching it. That’s a brain trick and wouldn’t be an issue at all with a solid colored case.
The design is inline with the wedge-trend. I wish it would be more functional like older Dells, with the rubber edge and water resistant keyboard, but there are other good options to protect the device from hits and drops. This also means the keyboard is flat with very short travel, meaning the tactile feedback is flat rather than a press like on a traditional full size keyboard.

I like that it still comes with a traditional USB-A port aside the modern USB-C ports. That means it’s still able to handle older cables, thumb drives, etc. while USB-C gets rid of clunky proprietary power adapters. Also, it has a 3.5mm headphone jack. For myself as a parent I can only say: It sucks that options are so limited when it comes down to choosing devices. It would be nice if more Chromebook OEMs offered an option similar in form and function to the Galaxy Chromebook Go.

At the end of the day, this isn’t the most premium Chromebook around, but it doesn’t need to be for most buyers in this price segment. The Galaxy Chromebook Go looks good, performs very well for basic tasks, and has solid battery life to last throughout the day. If you want to buy a Chromebook for a younger child or even a college student as a second laptop, this is a great option.

    Samsung recently announced the Galaxy Chromebook Go and it's a beautiful device. The white on black contrast makes this one of the best looking Chromebooks under $300. You also get a quality display and a newer Intel Celeron processor inside.




Best compact: Chromebook Plus V2

Samsung Chromebook Plus V2 LTE

The Chromebook Plus (V2) is a bit older at this point, originally releasing in 2018. But if you need a built-in S-pen at a reasonable price, this is still your best for a Samsung Chromebook. The original Galaxy Chromebook is still incredibly expensive, and the new Galaxy Chromebook 2 doesn’t feature a built-in pen.

Packing a bit more power that your average budget Chromebook, the Chromebook Plus V2 is a 12.2″ device with a higher end spec sheet, for 2018 at least. Get more done anywhere, anytime, with the lightweight 2-in-1 Chromebook Plus (V2). Stay on top of your projects with the built-in pen, two cameras and full Google experience right at your fingertips. Cross more off your list without slowing down with a powerful battery, an Intel Celeron processor, 4GB of RAM, and up to 64GB of storage.

For the price, this display is incredibly sharp. For me personally, display is always the most important single item on a working laptop since low pixel count, resolution, and bad colors can lead to severe eye strain and fatigue. Also, you get a 16:10 aspect ratio, which is a sweet spot between productivity and entertainment use. You can comfortably compose documents, draw, color, or watch a Netflix movie without a problem on this machine.

At just under 3 pounds, the Chromebook Plus (V2) is incredibly lightweight — just slip it into your bag and take it anywhere. Plus, it easily folds over into tablet mode so you can quickly switch between typing and writing down ideas. Experience the power of the incredibly precise built-in pen that’s ready when you need it and never needs charging. Not only can you write a note, sketch out an idea or edit a document, but you can also use the pen to magnify and take screenshots. If you need a smaller Chromebook with built-in pen support and solid battery life, give the Chromebook Plus V2 strong consideration.

The battery life is pretty bonkers on this machine. After a couple of console prompts, the battery capacity is shown to be 39 watt hours. This is a huge bump from the Lenovo C330, which already has incredible battery life. My guess is the larger, higher resolution display necessitates the additional battery capacity. It’s safe to say that you easily get a full day’s worth from a single charge even with lots of video and graphics-heavy use. This makes the Chromebook Plus V2 a win if you enjoy firing up Netflix, Hulu, and YouTube videos all day while at work.

As a writing device, this is a nice overall choice, with a relatively spacious keyboard and trackpad for its size. Indeed, the device also has a fairly solid chassis, making it pleasant to type on for longer periods of time. If you enjoy drawing or coloring with your Chromebook, the built-in pen is obviously ideal for that as well. The main downside of this Chromebook is the relatively outdated processor, but for many basic Chromebook tasks, that won’t be a huge problem.

    Compact Chromebooks can be premium too! That's the mantra of the Chromebook Plus V2. With a smaller 12.2 inch LED display, this device also includes a built-in S-Pen and 2-in-1 functionality. Add in great battery life, and you have a winning Chromebook.




Best with LTE: Chromebook Plus LTE

Chromebook Plus LTE on orange

Working on the go is key for so many users. Samsung and Verizon teamed up to put LTE inside this Chromebook for maximum power and versatility. With built-in LTE, the lightweight 2-in-1 Chromebook Plus lets you get more done anywhere, anytime, without having to search for Wi-Fi. Stay on top of projects with the included pen, dual camera, and full Google experience. Cross more off your list without slowing down with a powerful battery and Intel processor.

In all respects, this is the same machine as the Chromebook Plus (V2) mentioned above. The main difference is the included LTE capability from Verizon. This is obviously a huge deal if you’re going to work on the go or travel quite often. It would be nice if Verizon and Samsung could release a 5G-compatible update to these machines, but that may take a few more months to come to light.

You get the same beautiful 12.2″ FHD LED display, 4GB of RAM, and 32GB of eMMC storage. The biggest compromises here are certainly the older processor and reduced storage capacity. However, if you’re working from the cloud these things can be easily overlooked. The built-in pen makes it easy to take notes for meetings on the road. If you need an LTE-powered Chromebook, this is the best option out there. Of course, you’ll get a little bit less battery life per charge cycle than the non-LTE model, but it’s worth it to stay connected on the go.

    Compact Chromebooks can be premium too! That's the mantra of the Chromebook Plus V2. With a smaller 12.2 inch LED display, this device also includes a built-in S-Pen and 2-in-1 functionality. Add in great battery life, and you have a winning Chromebook.




These are the six best Samsung Chromebooks you can buy right now. In fact, the Galaxy Chromebook and Galaxy Chromebooks 2 are some of the best Samsung laptops period. Those looking for a great education Chromebook will find value in the Samsung Chromebook 4, or Chromebook 4+ if you need a larger screen. No matter which device you choose, all of these Chromebooks offer superb battery life and the versatility and power of Chrome OS at your fingertips.

Let us know which of these Chromebooks is your favorite in the comments below.

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