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These are the Best Samsung Galaxy A53 Cases to buy in 2022

These are the Best Samsung Galaxy A53 Cases to buy in 2022

The Samsung Galaxy A53 5G forms part of Samsung’s non-flagship A-series lineup in 2022. It’s a practical device that opts to provide a slew of all-rounded features instead of capitalizing on only one spec and ignoring the rest. The result is a device that will suit the average consumer just fine. Because of the marketing push that Samsung usually has for the A-series, and the fact that it has extensive retail distribution channels across major markets of the world, the Galaxy A53 5G is poised to become one of the most easy-to-recommend and easy-to-purchase phones under the $500 price segment.


If you have managed to grab one of these through a stellar deal, we’d recommend opting for a case and a screen protector. The Galaxy A53 5G has polycarbonate back and sides — some people may like the grippy texture, while others may not be a big fan. Either way, dropping the phone has a strong probability of damaging it. The phone has a long 4 years of promised software updates, so you’d the hardware to be in good shape too to last that long. So here are our recommendations for the best Samsung Galaxy A53 5G cases across various categories!

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Official Cases

With every new phone launch, Samsung makes some great official cases and this time is no different. These cases are officially made by Samsung for the Galaxy A53 5G. Being a first-party case, you will get the best fitting with precise cutouts and button placements. Samsung’s official cases are of great quality and come in a wide variety of options to choose from, depending on whether you want a case that looks good or offers the best protection. The only con is that all of Samsung’s cases are quite expensive. But for the most part, you get what you pay for.

    Basic Case

    This is the most basic case that Samsung officially offers for the device. You can get it either in a Clear color or a Black tinted option.

    Soft and Protective

    This is a silicone case which means it's soft to the touch and also adequately protective. If you want a nice, soft case in Peach, Arctic Blue, and Black, you can consider this one.

    Excellent protection

    This is a rugged case that offers a textured hardback in White or Black colors. If you drop your phone often, consider getting this one. It also has a kickstand attached to the back of the case which is a bonus.

    Protective and Easy to Hold

    This is same as the silicone case, but with a belt attached on the back. This lets you grip the phone better and with more confidence. You can get it in Navy and White colors. Samsung also sells different belts separately.

    Peak at your Screen

    The Samsung S-View Wallet Cover has a flap that protects your display from dust and random scratches, while still letting you peak at notifications and the clock. There are also slots on the inside, letting you store some cards and cash.

Samsung also has an S-View Wallet Cover case too in its roster. But their website is unable to display it as purchasable, for some reason. So you can search the website for this on your end to see if you have a better experience.

Clear Cases

Clear cases are for those of you who want to show off the back of your smartphone while also adding some protection. The Galaxy A53 5G comes in some fun colors — we won’t blame you if you want to show that Awesome Peach off. In this case, get a clear case. This way, you can also retain the original look of the device.

    Reinforced Sides

    The Spigen Ultra Hybrid is one of my personal top choices for every phone I own. This case lineup has re-inforced sides and good quality protection.

    Matte Back

    The Ringke Fusion series is another popular choice for basic clear cases, thanks to its matte finish which keeps fingerprints away.

    Matte Back

    This is a generic TPU clear case for the Galaxy A53. It is one of the cheapest options around and should provide a very basic level of protection.

Rugged Cases

If you drop your phone often and are constantly worried about shattering the display or denting the edges, you need to get a rugged case. Rugged cases are intentionally thick and offer a great deal of protection for your smartphone. They can get bulky, but that’s the trade-off you make for better peace of mind. Often, these cases will have a dual-layer design for the case, and some of them will even incorporate a screen protector into their design. Choose the one that best fits your needs.

    Kickass Protection

    The Supcase Unicorn Beetle Pro series is known for providing comprehensive protection to the phone, thanks to the integrated screen protector. You also get a kickstand that doubles up as a holder ring for holding the phone in your hand.


    Air Cushion Tech

    The Spigen Tough Armor is a well-known option for those who want a rugged case. It features air pockets in the form of Air Cushion tech, and foam to help absorb impacts.

    Lite version of the Pro

    The Supcase Unicorn Beetle is an option for those who do not want the Unicorn Beetle Pro. This case is almost the same as the Pro, but without the screen protector, holster and the port plugs.


Wallet Cases

The concept of wallet cases is that you can keep a few credit cards and cash along with your phone. A lot of us do financial payments through our phones, and if not, we do it through a card. So carrying a dedicated wallet can be avoided if you just get a wallet case.

    Many color options

    If you're looking for something cheap, this is a generic flip cover slash wallet case. This comes in Black, Orange, Red, Pink colors.

    Faux Leather

    Foluu makes good cases on the entry level, and this flip cover for the Galaxy A53 has slots on the inner side to store your cards.

    Single Slot

    If you dislike having a flap cover on your screen but still want something that can hold some card and cash, then this case fits all of that in the back of the device.

    Genuine Leather

    If you are looking for a case that comes with genuine leather, Torro has you covered. This case is another wallet style flip cover, with slots for card and cash on the inside.

Stylish Cases

Sometimes, you need cases that not only offer some level of protection to your device but also added a layer of personality to it. These stylish cases help make your device stand out from the drab crowd of black and gray, with eye-catching prints and textures.

    Fasionable yet Protected

    The iBlason Cosmo series has its own unique draw, thanks to the intricate patterns with gold colored weaving across rose gold, marble white, and gray accents. This case also has an integrated screen protector.


For now, these are the cases that we would recommend on the device. Since the phone is fairly new, notable case manufacturers are working on bringing their lineups over. We’ll be updating our roundup with more options in the near future. In case you are looking for more things to go along, here are our recommendations for the best chargers and other accessories for the Galaxy A53 5G.

    The Samsung Galaxy A53 5G is a mid-ranger that is available in most parts of the world. Combining a good display, with good cameras, decent daily performance and excellent battery life, the Galaxy A53 5G has all the key ingredients to serve your daily needs with ease.

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