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These are the Best Wired Chargers for the Samsung Galaxy S22 series in 2022

These are the Best Wired Chargers for the Samsung Galaxy S22 series in 2022

Buying a new phone charger used to be something most of us didn’t expect to do, since we all got a charger in the box when we bought the phone. Now that premium phones are starting to ship without a charging brick, it’s more of a necessity for many of us. That’s also the case with the Samsung Galaxy S22, but we’re here to help. We’ve rounded up the best wired chargers you can buy for the Galaxy S22 family. If you want to charge wirelessly, we’ve also rounded up the best wireless chargers for the Galaxy S22 series in a separate article.

Before buying a charger, you should know the maximum power input that your phone supports. The standard Samsung Galaxy S22 supports up to 25W fast charging, while the Galaxy S22 Plus and Galaxy S22 Ultra support up to 45W charging. On the face of it, 45W charging seems logically faster than 25W charging. But we’ve noticed some oddities in our Galaxy S22 Plus review and Galaxy S22 Ultra review, wherein the 45W fast charging not only failed to offer quicker charging, but it was also actually slower than the 25W charger. So at least on the Galaxy S22 Plus and Galaxy S22 Ultra, you’d get no tangible benefit opting for a 45W charger. However, it may be well worth it to future-proof yourself for your other devices. Buying a more powerful charger than your phone needs isn’t a problem, and it can actually help you be ready for the future when you eventually switch phones again. But you can save some money with a lower-power charger, so it’s up to your needs.


Best 25W chargers for the Samsung Galaxy S22

Starting with the standard Galaxy S22, we have a handful of chargers that support 25W charging. And based on our testing, 25W charging is better than 45W for the Galaxy S22 Plus and Galaxy S22 Ultra too. Here are our recommendations:

    The official one

    If you want the official charger straight from Samsung, this is it. It can deliver up to 25W of power to the Galaxy S22 and it comes in black or white options.

    Foldable prongs

    This Anker charger supports 25W charging with PD and PPS support, plus Anker's PowerIQ technology. The prongs can also fold to be extra compact for travelling.

    Basic but reliable

    The Belkin 25W USB-C charger is a fairly standard charging brick with 25W of power delivery and PPS support for the Galaxy S22. It has a clean look and it's cheaper than Samsung's charger.

    Compact and affordable

    Ideal for travel, this compact Spigen charger supports up to 25W charging with PPS support for Samsung's Galaxy S22 series. It's super small so you can easily fit it anywhere.

    Extra small

    If a compact charger is your top priority, then the Anker Nano II 30W is another great option. It's even smaller than the Spigen ArcStation, and it can provide just as much power to your Galaxy S22.

    Two for one

    If you need a pair of chargers, this set of two might just do the trick. The chargers deliver 25W of power to the Galaxy S22 and they should work with just about any smartphone with the right cable.

Best 45W chargers for the Galaxy S22 Plus and Galaxy S22 Ultra

If you bought the more expensive Samsung Galaxy S22 models, whether that’s the Galaxy S22 Plus or Galaxy S22 Ultra, you might want to get a 45W charger instead. However keep in mind that you may not get any tangible benefit, but if you’re making a purchase, you may as well future-proof yourself for your other devices.

    Straight from the source

    Once again, you can't go wrong with the official Samsung charger. This model offers 45W charging for the Galaxy S22 Plus and S22 Ultra, and it still comes in your choice of black or white colors.

    Cable included

    Spigen makes some great phone chargers, and the ArcStation Pro icomes with 45W of power delivery in a relatively compact design. Plus, a cable is included in case you don't have yours anymore.

    Extra compact and powerful

    Packing a lot of power in a compact package, this Anker charger can deliver 45W of power to your Galaxy S22 Plus or S22 Ultra, but it can go up to 65W for devices like laptops. Despite that, it's very compact.

    Built-in cable

    This sleek Nekteck charger can provide up to 45W of power to the Galaxy S22 Plus and S22 Ultra, and it comes with PPS support, too. The cable is built-in so you can't lose it easily.

    Charge all your devices

    Have multiple devices to charge? This Hyphen-X charger has four ports and up to 100W of power. It supports PPS, so it can deliver 45W to the Galaxy S22 Plus and S22 Ultra through the USB-C ports. The prongs are foldable, too.

    Charge on the road

    If you need to keep your phone powered up during a trip, the Baseus charger can deliver up to 45W of power to the Galaxy S22 Plus and S22 Ultra, or up to 65W for supported devices. It even has two charging ports.

And those are some of the best chargers for the Samsung Galaxy S22 series, including the regular model, the Galaxy S22 Plus, and the Galaxy S22 Ultra. If you’re looking for other accessories for your shiny new smartphone, we also have lists of the best cases for the Galaxy S22 family, as well as the best screen protectors.

If you haven’t made a decision on which phone to buy yet, check out our Galaxy S22 Ultra hands-on if you want the top-tier model. And if you’re ready to buy one, you can use the links below or check out our roundup of the best deals on the Galaxy S22 series.

    Samsung's Galaxy S22 is powered by high-end specs, and the 3,700mAh battery supports 25W wired charging.

    The Galaxy S22 Plus has a larger 4,5000mAh battery, and it can charge faster at 45W.

    The Galaxy S22 Ultra has an even bigger 5,000mAh battery and it can also charge at up to 45W.

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