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These are the Best Samsung Galaxy S22 Ultra Cases in 2022

These are the Best Samsung Galaxy S22 Ultra Cases in 2022

Samsung has launched its latest flagship smartphone lineup for 2022 — the Galaxy S22 series. While the standard Galaxy S22 is more affordable while still retaining flagship hardware, the Galaxy S22 Ultra goes all-in and provides probably the best smartphone experience you can get on a flagship Android device. If you’re planning to buy any of the three phones in the series for yourself, make sure to check out the best Galaxy S22 deals to get the best offers and discounts and save some extra money. It’s also wise to protect your expensive investment from external damage which is why we’ve shortlisted some of the best Galaxy S22 Ultra cases in this article.


A case not only protects your phone from external damage like scratches and dents but also changes the look and feel of your smartphone. The Galaxy S22 Ultra is quite slippery so a case can help you grip the phone better. When paired with a screen protector, a case can also go a long way in protecting your display from getting shattered if and when you drop your phone, thus saving you a lot of money that you would otherwise have to spend on repairs. Here are some of the best case options that you can take a look at across various categories and price points. You can pick the best case for yourself depending on your style or materials of choice.

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Official Cases

With every new phone launch, Samsung makes some great official cases and this time is no different. These cases are officially made by Samsung for the Galaxy S22 Ultra. Being a first-party case, you will get the best fitting with precise cutouts and button placements. Samsung’s official cases are of great quality and come in a wide variety of options to choose from, depending on whether you want a case that looks good or offers the best protection.

    Soft and Protective

    This is a silicone case which means it's going to be soft to the touch and also adequately protective. If you want a nice, soft case in various colors, you can consider this one.

    Excellent protection

    This is a rugged case that offers a textured hardback. If you drop your phone often, consider getting this one. It also has a kickstand attached to the back of the case which is a bonus.

    Excellent protection

    This is similar to the case Samsung launched with the Galaxy Z Flip 3. It has a belt attached on the rear that you can rest your palm inside to grip the phone in a better way.

    Minimal, yet functional

    This is a clear Silicone case that will let you show off the actual color of your Galaxy S22 Ultra. It even features an integrated kick-stand.

    Screen protection

    The Samsung LED View Cover for the Galaxy S22 Ultra protects the device's screen, includes a small pocket for loose cash, and even lets you view notifications without opening the flap.

    Premium finish

    This cover features a premium leather finish on the back that gives your phone a luxurious feel.

If you are looking for more first-party options, check out all the official cases for the Galaxy S22 Ultra from Samsung.

Clear Cases

Clear cases are for those of you who want to show off the back of your smartphone while also adding some protection. The Galaxy S22 Ultra is available in a beautiful set of colors and if you want people to know which color you picked, get a clear case! This way, you can also retain the original look of the device.

    Clear and protrective

    Want to show off that new phone while also adding a great load of protection? This is exactly the case you're looking for!


    Slim but protective

    This is a clear case that comes with a bumper along the edges for extra protection. It doesn't make the phone any bulkier which is good.


    Cheap and simple

    This generic clear case for the Galaxy S22 Ultra features reinforced corners for improved drop protection, a raised lip around the display, and precise cutouts.

Thin Cases

This is for those who want to retain a close-to-original feel on their smartphone and don’t want to add too much bulk. A lot of people prefer a thin profile that only provides basic protection, especially on a large phone like the Galaxy S22 Plus. You can get a case from this category if that sounds like you.

    Slim yet protective

    The Thin Fit case from Spigen has an all-new design and is now more protective than before. It's still really slim though so it won't add a lot of bulk.

    Matte black case

    If you want a basic matte black case that protects against scratches while maintaining a slim profile, you can consider getting this case.

    Soft and colorful

    This is a soft case that comes in a variety of colors and offers decent protection. It's a cheaper alternative to the official silicone case.

Rugged Cases

If you drop your phone often and are constantly worried about shattering the display or denting the metallic edges, you need to get a rugged case. Rugged cases are thick and offer a great deal of protection for your smartphone. They can get slightly bulky, but that’s the trade-off you make for better peace of mind. The Galaxy S22 Ultra is a large phone so just be aware that a rugged case will further extend the dimensions slightly.

    Complete protection

    The Unicorn Beetle Pro from Supcase offers ultimate protection with its rugged back and built-in screen protector. You also get a kickstand on the back of the case.


    All-round protection

    If you want a case that offers complete protection with a built-in screen protector but want a less aggressive design than the Supcase option, you should get this one.


    Textured finish for a better grip

    The Ringke Onyx series case for the Galaxy S22 Ultra offers an ample amount of protection and a textured back for a better grip

Kickstand Cases

If you watch a lot of content on your smartphone, a kickstand case can help you rest your device on a surface like a table and enjoy the content without holding the phone continuously for long hours.

    Clear with kickstand

    Here's a clear case if you want to show off the back of your phone but also want to add utility in the form of a kickstand. Pretty cheap too.

    Holder plus kickstand

    This case has a ring on the back that you put your finger into to help you grip the phone better. The ring also acts as a kickstand.

    Rugged case

    If you want a rugged case with excellent protection that also has a kickstand on the back, this should certainly be your pick.

Stylish Cases

This category is for those who want to add a dash of style or color to their smartphone. The Galaxy S22 Ultra is available in some really attractive colors but if those don’t appeal to you, you can always get a fun case that changes the way your phone looks while also adding protection.

    Colorful and stylish

    Here's a nice case with a lot of colorful elements that make it stand out from the crowd. It also offers a great deal of protection for the back and the screen.


    Durable yet stylish

    The Ringke Fusion-X is a rugged case that features a stylish camouflage pattern on the back, giving it a durable yet stylish look.

    Unique look

    This soft-shell TPU case from VePret features a unique watercolor marble pattern on the back that will give your device a unique look.

These are some of the best cases for the Samsung Galaxy S22 Ultra across various categories. Pick the one that’s best suited for you based on whether you like a thin case, a rugged case, or a clear one to show off the back.

    The Galaxy S22 Ultra is the top-of-the-line flagship for 2022 with support for S Pen.

Which Galaxy S22 Ultra case did you like the best and which one are you getting? Let us know in the comments below!

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