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Here are all the Galaxy S22 Ultra official cases from Samsung

Here are all the Galaxy S22 Ultra official cases from Samsung

The Galaxy S22 series is finally here, following months of leaks and rumors. Just like last year, there are three models to choose from — the smallest Galaxy S22, the larger Galaxy S22 Plus, and the large stylus-equipped Galaxy S22 Ultra. The Ultra might be the most interesting of the bunch since it’s replacing the long-running Galaxy Note series. We have a hands-on of the Galaxy S22 Ultra, so you can check that out to know our thoughts on the device and how it carries the Note legacy forward.

If you’ve already snagged the Ultra, perhaps from our roundup of the best Galaxy S22 deals, you might also be interested in keeping your new expensive phone from cracking and breaking after a simple drop. Picking one of the best Galaxy S22 Ultra screen protectors is probably a good idea, and in this roundup, we’ll be looking at all the cases for the phone that Samsung itself is producing.


Samsung always releases a handful of cases and covers for all of its flagship phones, and the Galaxy S22 Ultra isn’t any different in that regard. Even though there will likely be hundreds (if not thousands) of alternatives from other companies, it’s a good idea to check out what Samsung itself offers. You can find every available option below.

    This cover case has a window in the front for an always-on clock or other functions. It's sold in Black, White, and Burgundy.

    This soft-touch silicone case has a strap on the back that you can slide your hand into, for a better grip (sort of like a pop socket).

    This simple soft-touch silicone case is available in four colors: Fresh Lavender, Black, Burgundy, and Olive Green. The Silicone Cover is a great option if you want to switch colors while making the phone a bit less slippery.

    This is probably the most durable case out of this list, with a rugged design and an adjustable kickstand. It's available in White and Navy.

    This is a bit like the S-View case, but with just an LED clock (and no noticable cutout) on the front instead of an interactive display. The cover is available in Black and Light Gray.

    This is your typical genuine leather case, and might be a good alternative to the Silicone Cover if you want a less-grabby texture. It's sold in three colors: Burgundy, Black, and Light Gray.

    If you just want a clear case for your Galaxy S22 Ultra that shows off the phone's own color, this is the one to get.

    This is just like the other clear case for the S22 Ultra, but this one has an adjustable kickstand. Handy.

If you’ve bought Samsung’s cases in recent years, nothing here will likely be surprising — most of these cases are minor revisions on what Samsung offered for the Galaxy S21 series last year. The S-View Flip Cover now has a small square-shaped cutout at the top right of the front display, while last year’s Galaxy S21 S-View Ultra Flip Cover had a much longer cutout that stretched to the bottom of the display. The Silicone Cover is also available in different colors compared to the same case for the Galaxy S21.

The only entirely-new addition is the Silicone Cover with Strap, available in either Navy (with an orange strap) or White (with a green strap). That design was previously only available in cases for the Galaxy Z Flip 3, which helped grip the smaller phone, but now it’s available for the Galaxy S22 series too.

    The Samsung Galaxy S22 Ultra is the top flagship for 2022, bringing over top of the line performance, display and camera capabilities alongside S Pen capabilities to deliver an ultra experience for power users.

Samsung did kill off the Silicone Cover with S Pen that was available for the Galaxy S21 Ultra last year, but now that the Ultra has a built-in slot for its S Pen, there’s not really a need for that case anymore. That case was also fairly bulky, so I don’t think too many people will miss it.

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