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These are the best Samsung Galaxy S22 Ultra rugged cases to buy in 2022

These are the best Samsung Galaxy S22 Ultra rugged cases to buy in 2022

For 2022, Samsung has brought back the Galaxy Note design, now in the Galaxy S22 Ultra. The top-tier Galaxy S smartphone for the year has top-of-the-line specs and comes with a built-in S Pen. All of that comes at a cost, though, and it starts at $1,199.99, so it’s quite the investment. You’re going to want to protect something that expensive, and to give you the most protection possible, we’ve rounded up the best rugged cases for the Galaxy S22 Ultra.

Rugged cases are thick and bulky, but they’re one of the best ways to ensure your phone will survive all kinds of drops and bumps. Some of them might even include extra features like a kickstand. What they don’t always do is look good, so if you don’t think you need such hardcore protection, you might want to check out the best cases for the Galaxy S22 Ultra in general. For those that do need an extra-tough shield, though, this is the list for you.


    Built-in kickstand

    This tough case can keep your Galaxy S22 Ultra case from just about any drop or bump, plus it includes a built-in kickstand. It even comes in four colors and you get a screen protector included in the package.

    Full protection

    The Supcase UB Pro case gives you rugged protection on the front and back to make sure your phone can survive anything. It also has a kickstand you can use in portrait and landscape mode.


    Camera cover

    If you want even more protection, this Killkin case includes a slide cover for your camera setup so you don't have to worry about scratching the lenses. There's also a built-kickstand, and it comes in either black or blue to suit your preference.

    All-around shield

    This rugged case protects your phone, front and back, without being overly thick, plus it comes in two colors.


    Tough and colorful

    Lots of rugged cases are just black, but this case offers all the protection you could want and it comes in five whole color options to choose from. It also protects the screen.

    Clean look

    Tough protection doesn't have to come with an overly designed case. This case looks clean and sleek, but offers hardcore protection for the Galaxy S22 Ultra. There's also a purple version.

    Tough and functional

    This case offers rugged protection for your Galaxy S22 Ultra, but it also includes a kickstand that makes it easier to prop up your phone to watch videos easily.

    No microbes, please

    In addition to being a tough case to protect your Galaxy S22 Ultra, this case has an antimicrobial coating to prevent germs from growing on the case so you can stay safe, too.

    Rugged and clear

    This case offers rugged protection but it lets your phone's design shine through. It comes in three color options, too.


And those are some of the best rugged cases you can buy for the Samsung Galaxy S22 Ultra. If I were choosing one of these for myself, I would probably go with the Spigen Tough Armor for the built-in kickstand and relatively clean design. I would also love the Poetic Neon Series case for the different color options, though. While these give you the most protection in general, you might still want more protection for your screen. If your screen is usually exposed to more dangers, you might want to check out the best screen protectors for the Galaxy S22 Ultra to make sure it stays in one piece.

The S22 Ultra is potentially the best Ultra smartphone Samsung has made in the past couple of years, and infusing the Note design makes it far more unique than previous iterations. If your heart is set on buying one, you can use the link below or try to find the best deals on the Galaxy S22 Ultra.

    The Samsung Galaxy S22 Ultra is the reincarnation of the Galaxy Note series, featuring the same design language and a built-in S Pen. It also has high-end specs, a fantastic display, and great cameras.

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