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These are the best Samsung Galaxy Tab S8 kickstand cases to buy in 2022

These are the best Samsung Galaxy Tab S8 kickstand cases to buy in 2022

Samsung has finally unveiled its latest series of flagship tablets — the Galaxy Tab S8, the Galaxy Tab S8 Plus, the Galaxy Tab S8 Ultra. Even the most affordable of the three packs a decent bang for your buck. While its screen is only 11 inches wide, it remains a functional device that you can use on the go. Speaking of using you Galaxy Tab S8 on the go, a very wise idea would be protecting it with a case. An accident is more likely to happen to it outdoors than indoors, and even a small drop could crack its shiny new screen.

Another wise idea would be getting a case that has a kickstand. This way — whether you’re out and about or at home — you can erect it on a straight surface and doodle, take notes, and attend online conferences more easily. Having to hold your Galaxy Tab S8 with one hand while you control it using the other is no way to operate a tablet in 2022. And don’t forget to stick a screen protector on its vivid LCD display — a single scratch could make it look worn out.



    This case from Spigen offers both a kickstand and rugged protection. It also supports the S Pen, so you don't have to carry it separately.

    Built-In Screen Protector

    This case offers 360º protection, thanks to its built-in screen protector. It has an S Pen holder as well, so you don't have to worry about that.


    Heavy Duty

    This heavily rugged case is available in Black, Blue, and Pink. It also has a built-in screen protector, making it ideal for rough environments.

    Auto Wake/Sleep

    This smart 360º case has a clear back and a front that is available in five different patterns to choose from. It supports display auto wake/sleep and has an S Pen holder.


    This formal case is made out of leather with three color options to choose from. It has an S Pen holder, supports display auto wake/sleep, and has multiple viewing angles.

    Clear Back

    This case has a transparent back and a colored front, offering 360º protection for your tablet. It additionally supports smart display auto wake/sleep and kickstand mode.

If I had to personally choose one of these kickstand cases for my brand new Samsung Galaxy Tab S8, I would most definitely go for the Spigen Rugged Armor Pro. It’s solid, functional, and worth every penny. Not everyone might agree with my taste, though. That’s why we’ve listed for you a collection of the best cases out there. The options are uncountable, and the possibilities are endless.

Buying a case isn’t strictly about protecting your device from potential damages. In this case, buying one is also adding more functionality, thanks to the kickstand. That’s not to mention being able to personalize your modern tablet based on your mood, outfit, and other factors — such as the phase of the moon.

    The Samsung Galaxy Tab S8 is the entry level tablet of the company's latest flagship lineup, featuring an 11-inch screen.

Which of these kickstand cases are you buying for your Samsung Galaxy Tab S8? Let us know in the comments section below.

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